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 24.7.2020   Martina Navrátilová
 23.7.2020   Věra Čáslavská
 22.7.2020   Marta Kubišová
 21.7.2020   Current Affairs
 20.7.2020   Madeleine Albright
 17.7.2020   Olga Havlová
 16.7.2020   Věra Chytilová
 15.7.2020   Dagmar Šimková
 14.7.2020   Adriena Šimotová
 13.7.2020   Soňa Červená
 10.7.2020   Dana Zátopková
 9.7.2020   Meda Mládková
 8.7.2020   Vítězslava Kaprálová
 7.7.2020   Božena Hauserová
 6.7.2020   Dagmar Skálová
 3.7.2020   Inka Bernášková
 2.7.2020   Hana Wichterlová
 1.7.2020   Grete Tugendhat
 30.6.2020   Toyen
 29.6.2020   Anny Ondra
 26.6.2020   Milada Horáková
 25.6.2020   Eliška Junková
 24.6.2020   Milena Jesenská
 23.6.2020   Lata Brandis
 22.6.2020   Marie Schmolková
 19.6.2020   Božena Laglerová
 18.6.2020   Božena Laglerová
 17.6.2020   Sidonie Nádherná
 16.6.2020   Hana Podolská
 15.6.2020   Alice Masaryková
 12.6.2020   Ema Destinnová
 12.6.2020   New exhibit shows the work of famous architect Adolf Loos in Moravia
 12.6.2020   Czech pensioner becomes the oldest person to ski to both Poles
 12.6.2020   “It strengthens social changes in America.” - Protestors on taking part in Prague’s George Floyd demonstration
 11.6.2020   Czech coalition agrees on lower 5% digital tax aimed at global online giants
 11.6.2020   Winners of design competition for Lety Memorial announced
 11.6.2020   Františka Plamínková
 10.6.2020   Updated travel restrictions valid as of June 15
 10.6.2020   Lidice: a Czech tragedy’s enduring legacy, as marked in Mexico and embodied in girls’ names
 10.6.2020   Gabriela Preissová
 9.6.2020   Senate speaker announces trip to Taiwan, potentially angering China
 9.6.2020   Hydrobiology expert: We could mitigate the damage from flash floods in ten years, but land owners lack motivation
 9.6.2020   Zdenka Braunerová
 8.6.2020   Doctors Without Borders to field test Czech researcher’s snakebite app
 8.6.2020   “What was crucial was the hidden conflict with Havel” – Civic Forum’s Jan Urban on 30th anniversary of 1990 elections
 8.6.2020   Charlotte Garrigue-Masaryková
 5.6.2020   Free movement between Czechia, Austria and Hungary restored
 5.6.2020   Marian column returns to Old Town Square after more than a century
 5.6.2020   Bertha von Suttner
 4.6.2020   Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra unveils plans for the upcoming season
 4.6.2020   Czech “Machu Picchu” becomes popular wedding location
 4.6.2020   Bank chief says Europe’s highest inflation rate no cause for concern
 4.6.2020   Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
 3.6.2020   I thought location made New Zealand safest place during crisis – but it’s also about people’s behaviour, says Czech
 3.6.2020   Economist Danuše Nerudová: coronavirus crisis has also brought opportunity for ‘smart’ reform
 3.6.2020   Božena Němcová
 2.6.2020   Czech restaurant in Washington reopens after two months of lockdown
 2.6.2020   Czech Republic ready to “normalize” travel with twenty European countries
 2.6.2020   Anna Náprstková
 1.6.2020   Compensation claims over Czech anti-coronavirus measures rise, along with frustration
 1.6.2020   Negrelli Viaduct — Prague’s second oldest bridge — re-opens after major renovation
 1.6.2020   Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová
 29.5.2020   “Tens of thousands of US soldiers are in the process of occupying Europe” – The coronavirus fake news in the Czech Republic
 29.5.2020   Czech PM slams EC recovery plan as overly generous and unfair
 29.5.2020   Maria Theresa
 28.5.2020   Czech government moves to granting medical marijuana production licences to multiple growers
 28.5.2020   Czech state to provide loan for nuclear unit due to launch in 2037
 28.5.2020   Polyxena of Pernstein and Lobkowitz
 27.5.2020   Czech experts recognised for water project aimed at returning landscape to mid-19th century
 27.5.2020   Official: Covid-19 not primary cause of death in 60 percent of those who have died with disease
 27.5.2020   Finance Ministry plans to hike cigarette taxes, revamp popular meal vouchers (stravenky) benefit scheme
 27.5.2020   Agnes of Bohemia
 26.5.2020   Czech government reopens borders sooner than planned, special regime with Slovakia
 26.5.2020   Exhibition of facemasks at Prague’s National Museum
 26.5.2020   Abbess Mlada
 25.5.2020   Princess Ludmila
 25.5.2020   In memoriam: Charter 77 spokeswoman, novelist and ‘enemy of the state’ Zdena Tominová
 25.5.2020   “Having 10 percent of guests does not even cover running costs” – Czech hotels face year of low demand
 24.5.2020   Czech heroines: prominent Czech women past and present
 22.5.2020   People in Need providing help amid coronavirus crisis
 22.5.2020   Darkov coal mine in spotlight amid sudden coronavirus outbreak
 21.5.2020   Božena Němcová’s home restored for bicentennial of “Babička” author’s birth
 21.5.2020   Website puts spotlight on waves of Czechoslovaks interned in notorious Soviet Gulag
 20.5.2020   Czech musicians among cultural sectors most affected by coronavirus measures, DAMU/VŠE says
 20.5.2020   Prague’s Loreto gets new bell chime for first time in more than century
 19.5.2020   First ever Indo-European settlement discovered on Czech Territory
 19.5.2020   Holiday destinations slowly taking shape as coronavirus epidemic declines in Europe
 18.5.2020   How can foreigners travel to Czech Republic at present – and what may future hold?
 18.5.2020   Czech Roma returning from Britain due to Covid-19 fears, bureaucratic delays
 15.5.2020   Czech women might finally be allowed to drop the suffix -ová
 15.5.2020   First ever fully virtual festival Animayo to feature leading Czech game developers
 15.5.2020   What is EU’s strategy for the Eastern Partnership and how will it be affected by coronavirus?
 14.5.2020   In Memoriam: Miloslav Stingl – Czech traveller, ethnographer and chief of Indian tribe
 14.5.2020   Czech medical students say giving a helping hand in COVID 19 crisis was“valuable experience”
 13.5.2020   Prague Masaryk train station project under fire by conservationists
 12.5.2020   “I always try to tell stories with the piano” – Ivo Kahánek and Bamberg Orchestra receive BBC Music Magazine’s annual Concerto Award
 12.5.2020   Czech Jewish foundation helps New York peers
 11.5.2020   “It means a lot – our ticket sales were zero for two months”: Operator welcomes reopening of cinemas
 11.5.2020   “Keep your fingers crossed” – Prague Spring to take place online for first time over Covid-19
 7.5.2020   New generation of movie buffs discovering ‘overlooked’ pioneering Czech director Karel Zeman
 7.5.2020   Czech researchers testing wastewater for new coronavirus
 6.5.2020   Save the Beer initiative rescues hectolitres of craft beer from destruction
 6.5.2020   Czech study shows extremely low level of collective immunity to COVID 19 virus
 5.5.2020   Archaeologists discover secret passage in Milevsko monastery
 5.5.2020   Czech foreign minister: investigation into alleged Russian poison plot, cyberattacks continues
 4.5.2020   Czechs mark 75th anniversary of Prague Uprising under shadow of coronavirus, alleged ‘assassination plot’
 4.5.2020   Czechs announce project to develop Covid-19 vaccine
 30.4.2020   Czech health officials: Coronavirus under control, focus now on targeted testing, smart quarantine
 30.4.2020   Czechs prepare to celebrate witch-burning night amid coronavirus restrictions
 29.4.2020   In memoriam: Philosopher and underground lecturer Ladislav Hejdánek who helped shape Charter 77
 29.4.2020   Czech territory facing worst drought in half millennium
 28.4.2020   Czech politicians get protection after reports they may become target of Kremlin hit
 28.4.2020   “It’s a tough decision”: 2020 Karlovy Vary film festival cancelled
 27.4.2020   Relief programmes under scrutiny as Czechs worry about COVID-19 economic fallout
 27.4.2020   Prague Zoo partly reopens, baby elephant, tapir among ‘star’ attractions
 24.4.2020   Coronavirus: Czechs queue for hours to be tested, join ‘collective immunity’ study
 24.4.2020   Government ends ban on free movement and leaving country, accelerates reopening of businesses
 24.4.2020   Overview of latest coronavirus measures in Czech Republic
 23.4.2020   Survival of the fittest: Can newcomer Brno best Prague in global City Nature Challenge?
 23.4.2020   Coronavirus data confirm epidemic in decline, life in Czech Republic can return to normal
 22.4.2020   Czech adventurers spend coronavirus lockdown in Caribbean
 22.4.2020   DAMU/VŠE research project maps impact of coronavirus measures on Czech cultural sector
 21.4.2020   Health Ministry unveils huge testing study to gauge real level of coronavirus infections in Czech Republic
 21.4.2020   Czech Holocaust victims remembered in online public reading
 21.4.2020   Czechs embrace the face mask as a fashion item
 20.4.2020   Czechs may be allowed to travel to Croatia and Slovakia this summer
 20.4.2020   Anti-coronavirus measures hit Czech drug addicts, hinder outreach efforts
 17.4.2020   Government advisor: Smart quarantine is pivotal – but don’t start lifting restrictions too fast
 17.4.2020   ‘Save the Pub!’ Thousands of Czechs buy vouchers to keep favourite haunts afloat
 16.4.2020   Coronavirus: Czech business group slams opaque, ‘discriminatory’ timetable for reopening shops, services
 16.4.2020   US-based screenwriter and teacher Milena Jelinek dies at 84
 15.4.2020   Food tour operator: Post-virus Prague will have less fine dining, more casual restaurants and delivery
 15.4.2020   Government unveils five-stage plan to reopen businesses
 14.4.2020   Govt. advisor: Pandemic has forced us to increase digitisation – let’s embrace it fully
 14.4.2020   “They were so desperate they were almost crying” – Volunteers supply face masks to Czech nursing homes
 10.4.2020   Easter: Pilsner for the Pope, green beer for Czechs
 9.4.2020   Czech hotels offer free accommodation to Covid-19 front-line workers
 9.4.2020   Kynžvart Chateau in West Bohemia awarded European Heritage Label
 8.4.2020   Czech Television preparing new sitcom about coronavirus lockdown
 7.4.2020   Czech government loosens restrictions ahead of Easter, but masses and caroling strictly banned
 7.4.2020   Mediaeval Prague’s Vyšehrad was once supposed to house largest West Slavic church
 6.4.2020   Country’s leading epidemiologist makes U-turn on strategy of herd immunity
 6.4.2020   Czech culture in the time of coronavirus: cathedral offers virtual reality tour, Prague Spring to air live
 3.4.2020   Czech farmers markets, fearing collapse of family-run businesses, petition to reopen
 3.4.2020   Non-existent festival to support struggling culture venues
 3.4.2020   The health risks of being in quarantine with an abuser
 2.4.2020   Czech Film Commissioner: foreign productions will return, development remains strong
 2.4.2020   “Paralysed” Radio Orchestra reaching audiences through streamed concerts
 1.4.2020   How is coronavirus affecting Prague’s real estate market?
 1.4.2020   Fall in coronavirus reproduction number shows efficacy of strict measures
 31.3.2020   Street people in focus as Czech cities and NGOs try to prevent coronavirus spreading
 31.3.2020   Special Chicago flight part of major Czech repatriation effort
 31.3.2020   Coronavirus: Czech hospitals soon to get free ventilators thanks to crowdsourced IT project ‘Covid19CZ’
 30.3.2020   Undersupplied and undermanned – are Czech nursing homes a ticking time bomb?
 30.3.2020   Artists That Never Give Up project part of new Czech Center New York online focus
 27.3.2020   Czech central banker: economic outlook ‘pessimistic’ but coronavirus impact can be mitigated
 27.3.2020   Prague Zoo announces birth of elephant calf
 26.3.2020   Prague’s public transport vehicles get anti-viral coating
 26.3.2020   Czech artists boost public morale during quarantine period
 25.3.2020   Why Chinese masks destined for Italy were seized (not ‘stolen’) by Czech authorities
 25.3.2020   March 25, 1945 – the day the Americans bombed Prague deliberately
 24.3.2020   The great air escape – how three former RAF pilots escaped communist Czechoslovakia by hijacking civilian planes
 24.3.2020   “The target is a good economy after the crisis” – Unions chief welcomes short-time work scheme
 24.3.2020   Health Ministry presents central information system as “brain centre“ to combat epidemic
 23.3.2020   Health officials and IT groups use big data to track spread of coronavirus
 23.3.2020   Education minister plots school exams but rules out shortening holidays
 23.3.2020   Czech researchers develop top-grade respirator for 3D printing
 20.3.2020   Dana Zatopkova – Olympic gold winner and national sweetheart
 20.3.2020   Coronavirus: Vietnamese businesses offer free food, drinks to first responders, facemasks to all
 19.3.2020   Coronavirus: Czech scientists focus on role proteins play in spreading COVID-19
 19.3.2020   Deputy health minister: We need to gain time and phase-out the epidemic
 18.3.2020   ‘Guardian of the Flooded Village’: centuries-old Czech pine voted European Tree of the Year
 18.3.2020   Vilém Spilka Quartet’s ‘Waiting for Tom’ named jazz album of the year
 18.3.2020   Community aid groups helping the elderly to survive period of self-isolation
 17.3.2020   Czechs resort to making DIY facemasks in face of their shortage
 17.3.2020   “Like waking up into a sci-fi movie” - Moravian districts quarantined from the world thanks to coronavirus
 16.3.2020   In Memoriam: Czech swing and jazz queen Eva Pilarová
 16.3.2020   Coronavirus: Czech TV to air ‘virtual classroom’ shows until schools reopen
 13.3.2020   Updated coronavirus measures in Czech Republic
 13.3.2020   Josef Gočár: pioneer of Czech Cubist, Rondocubist architecture, and designer extraordinaire
 12.3.2020   “We are trying to arrange situation from one day to another” – Parents facing challenge of looking after children following school closures
 11.3.2020   Replica of rare wooden church ready to be installed
 11.3.2020   An overview of current coronavirus countermeasures in Czech Republic
 10.3.2020   Vít Benešovský– The YouTuber who teaches foreigners Czech
 10.3.2020   Schools closing as Czech authorities report first coronavirus case with unknown source
 9.3.2020   Border checks and ban on inpatient visits – Czech authorities ramp up measures against coronavirus
 9.3.2020   “I simply felt, I have to make it” – Václav Marhoul’s Painted Bird cleans up at Czech Lions
 6.3.2020   Former Czech ambassador to NATO Jiří Šedivý elected European Defence Agency chief exec
 6.3.2020   “This is about me being Czech”: NY-based photographer Marie Tomanová on new Prague show
 5.3.2020   End of an era? Bell tolls for iconic Czech railway train jingles
 5.3.2020   Rare recording of President Masaryk’s 80th birthday speech comes to light
 4.3.2020   Archaeologists unearth massive Moravian castle walls under historic Přerov square
 4.3.2020   National Security Council announces “centralized action” on coronavirus health emergency
 3.3.2020   Opening of Pius XII archives could shed light on seminal period in Czechoslovak history
 3.3.2020   Collector donates valuable Japanese art to Prague’s National Gallery
 2.3.2020   Phone booths disappearing from Czech streets
 2.3.2020   Reality in CR shows flight restrictions can’t halt coronavirus, says Prague WHO boss
 28.2.2020   “Do not panic” – health minister tells Czechs as coronavirus spreads across Europe
 28.2.2020   Prague square and street named after slain Russian pro-democracy activists
 27.2.2020   NGO: “Czech Republic currently losing fight against statelessness”
 27.2.2020   Žatec: Czech town providing perfect location for major productions including JoJo Rabbit
 26.2.2020   26 Feb 1990: Soviet troops begin pulling out of Czechoslovakia, decades after a ‘temporary deployment’
 26.2.2020   David Černý’s “locomotive bridge” to connect two Prague buildings
 25.2.2020   Czech Republic’s first state of emergency exercise to focus on hybrid warfare threats
 25.2.2020   Czech biochemist involved in developing potential coronavirus treatment
 24.2.2020   “A puppet in some monstrous play” – Josef Toufar’s cruel fate recalled 70 years later
 24.2.2020   New Czech documentary shines light on online child abuse
 21.2.2020   Natural burials increasingly offering alternative to grim Czech funeral culture
 21.2.2020   1990: Mr Havel goes to Washington
 21.2.2020   Czechs and Brexit Britain: Part 2 – New business opportunities
 20.2.2020   Czech Holocaust survivor Lisa Miková, 98, awarded Germany’s highest honour
 20.2.2020   Financial expert on EU summit: The Czech Republic should have been prepared for a cut in funds
 20.2.2020   Czech prime minister ready to put up a fight for cohesion funds in Brussels
 19.2.2020   Enter the Dragon: Czech glass artworks master Lasvit installs ‘world’s biggest jewels’ in luxury Saipan hotel
 19.2.2020   Top court rejects challenge to conflict of interest law “targeting Babiš”
 18.2.2020   Czech filming subsidies bring in record profit from foreign productions
 18.2.2020   Assisted reproduction clinics under fire for putting business over ethics
 17.2.2020   Mayor joins activists in discussions on how to tackle Prague’s Airbnb problem
 17.2.2020   Czech scientists developing revolutionary microwavable, “smart” bioplastic bowl
 14.2.2020   Archaeologists unearth seven graves dating back to Great Moravian Empire
 14.2.2020   Valentine’s Day 1945 - When the Americans bombed Prague
 13.2.2020   Film about tragic fate of great Czech actress highlights communist atrocities in the 1950s
 13.2.2020   MPs vote to make divisive Křeček next Czech ombudsman
 12.2.2020   CoE urges Czechs to boost efforts to combat human trafficking for sexual, labour exploitation
 12.2.2020   Czech start-up developing application to help fight memory loss
 12.2.2020   Czechs and Brexit Britain: Part 1 – Caught up in the mess
 11.2.2020   Unique Celtic head sculpture goes on display in Olomouc
 11.2.2020   Safer Internet Day: Czech officials note rise in ‘moral’ cybercrime targeting children
 10.2.2020   “Never Forgotten” project helping reveal depth of Czech-British ties
 10.2.2020   Prague set to rename square outside Russian Embassy after slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov
 10.2.2020   “He was really an extraordinary figure” – Arts minister pays tribute to late Erazim Kohák
 7.2.2020   Foreign Minister Petříček meets Czech community leaders on visit to Manchester
 7.2.2020   Kladruby Abbey: a Czech architectural gem’s long and winding road to European (if not world) heritage site status
 6.2.2020   Ron Perlman among stars for inaugural Prague Comic-Con this weekend
 6.2.2020   YouTuber Janek Rubeš on currency exchange scams: Always read the small print
 5.2.2020   Precise dating shows Czech well is oldest wooden structure in the world
 5.2.2020   Climate experts: white winters in Czechia to become increasingly rare
 4.2.2020   Czech Eurovision entrant Benny Cristo: “It’s a challenge I am looking forward to”
 4.2.2020   Beer-loving nation challenged to abstain from alcohol throughout February
 3.2.2020   In memoriam: Ivan Král – Czech musician who worked with Patti Smith, Iggy Pop
 3.2.2020   Prague WHO chief: The worst aspect of the coronavirus? The panic surrounding it
 31.1.2020   Special screening to highlight Tatra expedition that left a communist state but returned to democracy – and little interest
 31.1.2020   Increasing numbers of British expats become Czech citizens in light of Brexit
 30.1.2020   Travel agencies cancel tours to China, Škoda keeping staff there for now
 30.1.2020   Czech company develops “revolutionary” facemask that could help limit spread of coronavirus
 30.1.2020   Journalist: All sides win under West Ham’s loan-to-buy deal for Czech Souček
 29.1.2020   The Czech Books You Must Read
 29.1.2020   Why the Czech town Litoměřice now boasts central Europe’s deepest (geothermal) borehole
 29.1.2020   Czech NGO to support teaching of science in Little Tibet
 28.1.2020   Czechs stocking up on facemasks and basic pharmaceuticals, but no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Czech Republic yet
 28.1.2020   Czech Centre New York to mark liberation of Pilsen by US troops
 27.1.2020   Holocaust Memorial Day: teaching a new generation, through the children’s opera Brundibár
 27.1.2020   Czech officials target air travellers in response to coronavirus
 24.1.2020   LGBTI rights: Two-thirds of Czechs now support same-sex marriage, poll shows
 24.1.2020   Olomouc University opens campus in Iraqi Kurdistan
 23.1.2020   Czech philanthropists donate record sum to science
 23.1.2020   Czech PM joins world leaders at Fifth World Holocaust Forum
 22.1.2020   Never Forgotten: Czech Embassy in UK honours WWII soldiers
 22.1.2020   Czechs to send relics of St. Clari – patron saint of spas and ‘hot healing’ – to Dubai expo
 21.1.2020   Prague City Hall moves to curb visual pollution
 21.1.2020   Czech IT specialists organize “hackathon” to give government online motorway vignette sales system for free
 20.1.2020   Expert: China “very disappointed” following Zeman U-turn in support
 20.1.2020   A look at Prague’s first traffic cops, automatic semaphores, a century on
 17.1.2020   Czech Army sets up special unmanned systems battalion, combat and reconnaissance drones to follow soon
 16.1.2020   Czechs pay homage to student martyr Jan Palach
 16.1.2020   Election of new Czech ombudsman mired in controversy
 16.1.2020   Czech and international experts looking to surrogacy to save virtually extinct northern white rhino
 15.1.2020   Czechs show solidarity as bushfires continue to ravage Australia
 15.1.2020   Academic Martin Hříbek: Czechia needs to build on traditional brands in India
 14.1.2020   FAMU student’s animated short secures Oscar nomination
 14.1.2020   Írán:ci Film Festival cofounder Kaveh Daneshmand on escape, boundaries and ‘Z-movies’
 13.1.2020   2020: the year of Czech lace?
 13.1.2020   “He was a storyteller”: Czech directing great Ivan Passer dies at 86
 10.1.2020   Human rights commissioner faces allegations of supporting the bullying of dissidents during communist era
 10.1.2020   Second bird census now taking place in Czechia: “We would never be able to collect so much data in such a short time”
 9.1.2020   130th anniversary of birth of great interwar writer Karel Čapek
 9.1.2020   Poultry farm inspections launched after Polish bird flu outbreak
 9.1.2020   Czech PM says no immediate plans for withdrawal of Czech soldiers from Iraq
 8.1.2020   Predecessor of US dollar minted 500 years ago in Jáchymov
 8.1.2020   “The only solution is political” – Organisers of major anti-government protests in Czechia announce plans for the future
 7.1.2020   Czech government approves legislation banning paramilitary groups
 7.1.2020   Czech foreign minister: Decisive word on NATO’s training mission in Iraq must come from country’s government
 6.1.2020   ‘The fat lady sings’: Prague’s State Opera marks restoration to former glory with gala concert
 6.1.2020   Poll: Most Czechs back change to single-day voting
 3.1.2020   Most Czechs think modern history being reinterpreted falsely, survey shows
 3.1.2020   SEFO: Olomouc’s long-awaited post-war Central European art museum
 2.1.2020   Tři králové: 20th annual ‘Three Kings’ collection for charity underway
 2.1.2020   In New Year’s pep talk, Czech PM tells nation to look to the future with optimism
 30.12.2019   Ex-central bank chief: Czechia had a good 2019 but needs to build infrastructure, housing
 30.12.2019   Doctors threaten to boycott new e-sicknote system due to admin burden
 28.12.2019   Most popular articles of 2019
 27.12.2019   Actress, politician and civic activist Táňa Fischerová dies at 72
 27.12.2019   President Zeman uses Christmas message to warn against green ‘false prophets’
 23.12.2019   Czech-born video art pioneer Woody Vašulka dies at 82
 23.12.2019   Vánočka – a Christmas Eve sweetbread steeped in symbolism
 20.12.2019   Prague will have its New Year’s fireworks show, but separate from City Hall’s official video mapping spectacle
 20.12.2019   Seven percent of Czechs go into debt to pay for Christmas, with a third taking high-risk loans
 19.12.2019   Advent in Prague or “Let there be (gas) light”
 19.12.2019   Czech foreign minister on relations with China: we need to carefully balance our values and business interests
 18.12.2019   “Responsibility, truth, love – these values are practically eternal”: Václav Havel remembered eight years after his death
 17.12.2019   Prague’s State Opera to reopen after three-year renovation
 17.12.2019   Government unveils CZK 8 trillion National Investment Plan to be fulfilled by 2050
 16.12.2019   Hometown backs family’s wish to return ashes of General František Moravec from US
 16.12.2019   Home Credit’s alleged promotion of Communist China may lead to commission on foreign influence
 13.12.2019   Czech PM claims success as EU states agree on plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2050
 13.12.2019   Czech leaders express regret over definitive Brexit, stress need to focus on future
 13.12.2019   The Žižkov TV tower –one of Prague’s main landmarks
 12.12.2019   Cyber-attack causes major disruptions to small-town Czech hospital
 12.12.2019   Czech firefighters being trained in extinguishing fires in electric-powered cars, as specialists work on new techniques
 11.12.2019   Řeporyje to build memorial honouring “Vlasov” troops who helped in liberation of Prague
 11.12.2019   Czech teenager builds second-largest ever Millennium Falcon LEGO model
 10.12.2019   Greenpeace activists urge PM Babiš to sign carbon neutrality agreement
 10.12.2019   Gunman kills six patients in Ostrava hospital, two more fighting for their lives
 9.12.2019   Expanded online archive offers information on Nazi victims – including many major Czech names
 9.12.2019   Challenging “elites” helps make Klaus Jr. party lower house contenders
 6.12.2019   Czech PM suffers a week of heavy blows as he is found in conflict of interest and criminal proceedings against him are restarted
 6.12.2019   One in four cars on Czech roads exceed emissions limits
 5.12.2019   Legendary Tatra 77 car showcased at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum
 5.12.2019   Recidivist large-scale marijuana grower, medical cannabis advocate Dušan Dvořák gets 3-year sentence
 4.12.2019   Language exams for foreigners seeking permanent residency permit to become tougher
 4.12.2019   Czechs mark 30th anniversary of true freedom to travel to the West
 3.12.2019   Veronika Čáslavová: sex trafficking still a taboo topic in Czechia
 3.12.2019   Milan Kundera’s Czech citizenship renewed
 3.12.2019   Embattled Czech PM blasts European Commission for interpreting Czech legislation
 2.12.2019   PM insists European Commission audit allegedly finding him in conflict of interest not final, despite Commission saying otherwise
 2.12.2019   Czech hometown of snubbed Holocaust survivor George Brady renames street in family’s honour
 29.11.2019   Charges dropped against soldiers suspected of inadequate investigation of alleged Afghan killer’s death
 29.11.2019   Over 1,000 skeletons discovered during renovation of Kutná Hora “bone church”
 29.11.2019   Why are Russian and Chinese spying activities in Czech Republic so intense and how exactly do they do it?
 28.11.2019   Mixed reactions from Czech MEPs as von der Leyen outlines far-reaching plans to fight climate change
 28.11.2019   Great-niece: If Jan Masaryk planned suicide, he would have done it elegantly
 27.11.2019   HistoryLab: Czech app aims to foster historical literacy among digital generation
 27.11.2019   “It’s still revolutionary”: Věra Chytilová’s Daisies comes sixth in BBC poll of films by women
 26.11.2019   Abortion rate drops as more Czechs plan parenthood
 26.11.2019   Venus of Dolní Věstonice, Czechia’s Stone-Age treasure, to be displayed for first time in five years
 25.11.2019   Czech troops wind up Bagram base security mission, will focus on supporting Afghan special forces instead
 25.11.2019   Pekarová Adamová elected head of TOP 09, becoming sole female leader in Parliament
 22.11.2019   “200 families ready to adopt” says initiative and calls on government to accept refugee minors stationed in Greek camps
 22.11.2019   The ideal Czech president? Experienced, assertive but diplomatic, and non-partisan
 21.11.2019   Animal shelters in Czech Republic filling up with hedgehogs
 21.11.2019   Top military brass, politicians stress need to modernise Czech Army
 20.11.2019   Czech prisons overcrowded with repeat offenders of petty crime
 20.11.2019   Prague police seek okay to test facial recognition camera system, raising privacy concerns
 19.11.2019   I’m happy I opened door for other European players, says new Hall of Fame inductee Václav Nedomanský
 19.11.2019   Deer Moat at Prague Castle opens to visitors within freedom celebrations
 19.11.2019   Czech government proposes levelling 7 percent tax on Internet giants
 18.11.2019   Minister bestows award for services to diplomacy on 12 people
 18.11.2019   Czechs mark Velvet Revolution anniversary with spectacular celebrations
 18.11.2019   What next for anti-Babiš group Million Moments for Democracy?
 17.11.2019   30 year anniversary of Velvet Revolution sees massive celebrations – and PM under spotlight
 16.11.2019   Hundreds of thousands again gather in Prague to voice their opposition to prime minister
 15.11.2019   Wide range of events in store for Czechs this weekend as 30-year anniversary of Velvet Revolution reaches climax
 15.11.2019   Places of the Velvet Revolution 5: Prague Castle
 14.11.2019   Parts of Jewish tombstones to gradually disappear from Prague’s cobbled streets
 14.11.2019   Places of the Velvet Revolution 4: Federal Assembly building
 13.11.2019   Russia places Czech NGO People in Need among list of “undesirables”
 13.11.2019   Places of the Velvet Revolution 3: Wenceslas Square and Letná plain
 12.11.2019   Places of the Velvet Revolution 2: Laterna Magika
 12.11.2019   Leading figures of 1989 discuss revolutions and their heritage in Central Europe at Czech Radio conference
 11.11.2019   Monday marks 80th anniversary of death of Jan Opletal, symbol of Czech resistance to Nazis
 11.11.2019   Saviour of Jewish refugees Marie Schmolka finally honoured in Prague
 11.11.2019   Places of the Velvet Revolution 1: Národní
 8.11.2019   Prague’s revamped Lennon Wall becomes open-air gallery
 8.11.2019   Wine and goose on offer as Czechs start celebrating St. Martin’s Day early
 7.11.2019   Čvančara Bros’ book chronicles Prague 3 ‘through the ages’ – from Celtic settlement and Royal Vineyard to ‘Red Žižkov’
 7.11.2019   Last Czechoslovak PM Jan Stráský dies at 78
 6.11.2019   Polná na Šumavě: independent life in a former Czech military zone
 6.11.2019   Czech experts join world scientists’ warning about climate change becoming an emergency
 5.11.2019   Same amount but more flexible - “Friends of Cohesion” agree on joint declaration on funding in future EU budget
 5.11.2019   Adapterra Awards acknowledge projects helping fight climate change
 4.11.2019   Headmasters at Czech schools most overburdened by administration in EU, study shows
 4.11.2019   Unions: Strike Wednesday will hit most Czech schools
 1.11.2019   Study: Czech children more active than their peers
 1.11.2019   Jan Masaryk’s great niece welcomes fresh investigation into foreign minister’s mysterious death
 31.10.2019   Czech Radio building among new national cultural monuments sites symbolising the struggle for freedom
 31.10.2019   Roma children’s choir Chavorenge and members of the Czech Philharmonic to perform in UK
 30.10.2019   Plamen issuing ‘Steel Strings and Iron Curtains’ album of Kryl, Nohavica tunes in English for Velvet anniversary
 30.10.2019   Communist party official shocks nation ahead of freedom celebrations
 29.10.2019   Prague’s legendary Semafor theatre celebrates 60 years
 29.10.2019   “All biggest players now have own media,” says press freedom advocate as Kellner buys Nova
 28.10.2019   Czechs celebrate Czechoslovak Independence Day on October 28
 25.10.2019   Prague’s UNESCO status questioned but authorities play down concerns
 25.10.2019   UK exhibition presents Czech innovations past and present
 24.10.2019   Velvet Revolution and East European docs focus of 23rd Jihlava festival
 24.10.2019   Cool new spaces aim to keep Prague embankments lively all year round
 23.10.2019   Forty percent of Czechs own dogs – and many allow them in bed
 23.10.2019   Petříček: EU should step up pressure on Turks if operation in Syria continues
 22.10.2019   More than a third of over 40s believes their lives were better under communism, study shows
 22.10.2019   Czech doctors perform first heart in a box transplant
 21.10.2019   Growing demand for Czech brew masters as the fame of Czech beer reaches Antarctica
 21.10.2019   Czech agencies smash spy ring operated by “very aggressive” Russians
 18.10.2019   Czech companies dominate Deloitte’s Central European tech ranking
 18.10.2019   Cudlín exhibition part of freedom celebrations in Chicago
 17.10.2019   Positive court ruling for last person to die in jail in communist Czechoslovakia
 17.10.2019   Rare Terezín concentration camp artefacts found in attic of private home
 16.10.2019   Century-old Prague meteorological column restored to former glory
 16.10.2019   Top court scraps controversial law on taxing church restitutions
 15.10.2019   New pipe organ for St Vitus Cathedral resounds for first time
 15.10.2019   Czech Republic suspends weapons exports to Turkey
 14.10.2019   Hitler no ‘gentleman’, but court rules Czech state need not apologize for president’s claim Ferdinand Peroutka said so
 12.10.2019   Czechs observe day of mourning for pop idol Karel Gott
 11.10.2019   Thousands pay tribute to deceased national pop icon Karel Gott
 11.10.2019   Bertha von Suttner – Prague-born peace campaigner whose ideas on cooperation and disarmament continue to have lasting effect
 11.10.2019   Syria, Kosovo and China in the spotlight as Czech top officials debate foreign policy line
 10.10.2019   Beijing ends agreement with Prague – but can spat harm Czech capital?
 10.10.2019   Planned Prague protest aims to “disrupt business as usual”, says Extinction Rebellion organiser
 9.10.2019   Jiřičná creating special installation for Signal light festival held amid Gott mourning
 9.10.2019   Foreigners at Czech universities at record high, topped by Slovaks and Americans
 8.10.2019   Report says 50 percent of Czechia’s forests are threatened by bark beetle
 8.10.2019   Czech nominee for EC post Věra Jourová wins approval in EP hearing
 7.10.2019   In memoriam: Actress, Charter 77 signatory Vlasta Chramostová
 7.10.2019   Analyst: Klaus Jr. may be “most trusted” politician but he is highly polarising figure
 4.10.2019   With reoffending rates among EU’s highest, Czech NGOs seek new solutions
 4.10.2019   New index puts Prague among the world’s top 20 smart cities
 3.10.2019   Karel Gott to get funeral with state honours as singer’s death is mourned at home and abroad
 3.10.2019   Prague exhibition highlights Kundera’s relationship to translations
 2.10.2019   Researcher files motion to reopen Jan Masaryk murder case based on police inspector’s secret tape
 2.10.2019   Cardinal Duka accused of covering up case of sexual abuse
 2.10.2019   Czech pop music legend Karel Gott dies at the age of 80
 1.10.2019   Pension tension: Czechs living longer, but not in good health
 1.10.2019   NYT chief Mark Thompson: Political pressure is causing some reversion to type in CEE public media
 30.9.2019   Plzeň (Bohemia) students celebrate Pilsen’s (Chicago) Czech – and Mexican – heritage
 30.9.2019   Central Bohemian regional council concludes PM does not have conflict of interest
 27.9.2019   Cleaner Jaroslava Dušková, a representative of Czechia’s impoverished class
 27.9.2019   Opposition bid to remove Czech president from office for “breach of constitution” fails
 26.9.2019   Czech festival honours ‘Good King’ Wenceslas, patron saint of beer (and Bohemia)
 26.9.2019   Babiš at UN: Jobs must be protected as states meet climate targets
 25.9.2019   Filip Šimandl, a representative of Czechia’s endangered class
 25.9.2019   Czech teachers threaten strike after pay talks fail
 25.9.2019   Czech high frequency laser could help space exploration
 24.9.2019   IT specialist Aleš Jeník: I have not had a holiday in ten years
 24.9.2019   Czech innovator receives Outstanding Young Person Award
 23.9.2019   Post-apocalyptic skyscraper, co-designed by David Černý, set to be country’s tallest building
 23.9.2019   Czech Radio survey: Meet a member of “the class of local ties”
 20.9.2019   President Zeman pledges to halt prosecution of PM Babiš over Stork’s Nest ‘if necessary’
 20.9.2019   Czech Radio survey: the life of the traditional working class
 19.9.2019   Czech Radio survey: The life of the wealthy upper middle class
 19.9.2019   King’s Singers launch annual music festival Lípa Musica
 18.9.2019   Divided by Freedom – Large-scale Czech Radio survey finds six social classes in Czech society
 18.9.2019   Prague (really) underground: A tour of Emperor Franz Josef’s favourite Bohemian sewer
 17.9.2019   Josef Becher – the man behind Czech Republic’s iconic liqueur
 17.9.2019   Hero-of-the-day: IT specialist takes the wheel of intercity bus, saving dozens of lives
 16.9.2019   PM says AI is “major opportunity” for Czech industry
 16.9.2019   Peter Sis: In September 1989 I led fleeing East Germans through Malá Strana
 13.9.2019   FAMU’s animated movie grabs student Oscar
 13.9.2019   Archaeologists discover graves of Roma persecuted during WWII in Lety camp
 13.9.2019   Prague’s divisive Konev statue set for removal after council vote
 13.9.2019   Fraud investigation into case involving Czech prime minister halted
 12.9.2019   Pristina shuns Prague summit as Czech President tells Serbia he seeks to revoke Kosovo recognition
 12.9.2019   New debate erupts over use of -ová suffix in Czech female surnames
 11.9.2019   EU nominee Věra Jourová: rule-of-law, values portfolios not ‘weak’, and neither am I
 11.9.2019   “One of a kind” day of events to draw fresh attention to marriage equality bill
 10.9.2019   Prague City Hall Council approves Museum of 20th Century Memory
 10.9.2019   Czech culture minister tells China it is damaging bilateral ties
 9.9.2019   Poll suggests Communists would not get into lower house for first time
 9.9.2019   Revolutionary year of 1989 focus of new Jan Šibík exhibition in Prague
 6.9.2019   Czech trolls tend to be individuals who act on a voluntary basis, says journalist who analysed scene
 6.9.2019   Mendel’s garden: Czech scientists play key role in global project mapping pea genome
 5.9.2019   Strike alert! Czech opera singers demand ‘auditions’ for top National Theatre posts
 5.9.2019   Pianist Pogorelich among stars of this year’s Dvořák Prague
 4.9.2019   World-renowned surrealist Jan Švankmajer turns 85
 4.9.2019   Václav Havel exhibition opens in New York
 3.9.2019   Orbis Pictus – Comenius’s groundbreaking book for children
 3.9.2019   Fear of EU directive makes Czechs hurry to secure building permits
 2.9.2019   Why are Czech students less happy to be back in school than their global peers?
 2.9.2019   Prosecutor drops fraud case against Czech PM – but story not over yet
 30.8.2019   Baritone Adam Plachetka launches new record – and sings to audience in bathtubs
 30.8.2019   Plans unveiled for renovation of Brutalist iconic Hotel Thermal at heart of Karlovy Vary film fest
 29.8.2019   Billion-dollar factory opens in Žatec as Nexen Tire launches production in Europe
 29.8.2019   Long-term vision seen as helping Slavia reach Champions League for only second time
 28.8.2019   The Painted Bird: first Czech film to vie for a Golden Lion at Venice in a quarter century
 28.8.2019   Irish minister in Prague: UK Brexit proposals “not even close” to replacing backstop
 27.8.2019   New culture minister Lubomír Zaorálek: Czech culture is our best ambassador abroad
 27.8.2019   Czech scholar helping throw more light on origin of Byzantine-era church in Ashdod-Yam
 26.8.2019   Previous term as commissioner seen as boosting Jourová’s chances of more important portfolio
 26.8.2019   Babiš highlights Czech achievements in address to ambassadors
 23.8.2019   ‘Red is beautiful’ says mayor of Prague 6 after refusing to remove paint from vandalised statue
 23.8.2019   Czech government plans major revision of visa schemes, annual quotas for foreign workers
 22.8.2019   Government crisis over as president accepts new nominee for culture minister
 22.8.2019   Czech University of Life Sciences warns of dire economic costs of prolonged drought
 21.8.2019   “I was here the whole time in ’68”: Radio’s role during invasion recalled at ceremony
 20.8.2019   August 1969: When a brutal crackdown on protests resulted in killings and a “baton law”
 20.8.2019   In memoriam: Vojmír Srdečný, last survivor of Czech students sent by Nazis to Sachsenhausen
 19.8.2019   Prague to send millions to African states to help prevent migration to EU
 19.8.2019   Hamáček: Zeman acting like coach when he should be referee
 16.8.2019   Prague Castle opens special exhibition on Wenceslas IV in light of 600 anniversary of ruler’s death
 16.8.2019   ‘Eternal Hope’ festival celebrates legacy of Czech-born composers at Nazis’ ‘model camp’ in Terezín
 15.8.2019   New foreigners’ law to change conditions for non-EU nationals
 15.8.2019   Zeman rejection of Šmarda puts coalition government under intense pressure
 14.8.2019   Czech foreign ministry reports record number of visa applications
 14.8.2019   Shortage of IT specialists leads to Czech firms looking at fresh starters, foreigners to fill positions
 13.8.2019   New index shows locations with best quality of life in Czech Republic
 13.8.2019   First Czech open prison reports record-low reoffending rate
 12.8.2019   Archaeologists unearth rare Renaissance-Baroque brew house in ‘Czech Paradise’
 12.8.2019   Krkonoše welcomes boy scouts and girl guides in Battle of the Bark Beetles
 9.8.2019   Environment Ministry warns highly toxic rodenticide will “harm all living things“
 9.8.2019   Skywalk over the Vltava to open Prague’s Letní Letná festival
 8.8.2019   Czech experts: UN climate change report calls on planet to eat less meat, implement sustainable land use
 8.8.2019   Czech National Library scrambles to save thousands of books at risk of decay
 7.8.2019   Study of Chinese CVs points at “deep and lasting relationship” between Huawei employees and the state
 7.8.2019   Czechs blaze barrier-free trails in the spectacular Krkonoše Mountains
 6.8.2019   New exhibition puts 1980s clandestine Prague gay scene in spotlight
 6.8.2019   First ten Czech Flexers head off for a year in the United States
 5.8.2019   Are Czech butterflies disappearing due to farming and forestry (mis)management or climate change?
 5.8.2019   Highest monthly number of Czech rail deaths in years recorded in July
 2.8.2019   Prague conference highlights importance of teaching Czech children abroad about their roots
 2.8.2019   Czech team developing pioneering device to create water from desert air
 1.8.2019   2019 World Scout Jamboree in US sees record Czech participation
 1.8.2019   Town Hall flying LGBT flag to be “very symbolic moment” for Prague Pride
 31.7.2019   Restorers use sugar to preserve 7000-year-old prehistoric well
 31.7.2019   Deputy to take interim charge of arts portfolio as Staněk finally goes
 30.7.2019   Study suggests animals don’t respond fast enough to changing climate
 30.7.2019   Czech PM names nominee for European commissioner, makes bid for more ambitious EC portfolio
 29.7.2019   Drahoš and ex-hockey star Hašek show early interest in running for presidency
 29.7.2019   Unauthorised removal of Charles Bridge graffiti criticised
 26.7.2019   Czechs are predominantly descendants of pre-Slavic populations, says archaeogenetics expert
 26.7.2019   Krajané: Draft law eases path to Czech citizenship for descendants of exiles, emigres stripped of it
 25.7.2019   Czechs can expect to live longer, but not in good health
 25.7.2019   Senators say Zeman violated constitution but legal move likely doomed
 24.7.2019   A legend set in stone: Šemík the talking horse, saviour of Sir Horymír
 24.7.2019   Prague exhibition captures full range of sculptor Giacometti’s oeuvre
 23.7.2019   More protection for Prague’s Lennon wall after tourist agencies organise spray painting
 23.7.2019   3D-generated replica of missing Masaryk statue to debut at Brno’s International Engineering Fair
 22.7.2019   Former Huawei employees say client information was discussed at Chinese embassy
 22.7.2019   Veteran wooden Ostrava tram being spruced up for its centenary
 19.7.2019   Prague’s Žižkov TV Tower set for videomapping of Apollo 11 moon launch, landing
 19.7.2019   Sinologist Filip Jirouš: China will keep pressuring Prague leadership, new agreement unlikely
 18.7.2019   Central Europe’s largest traditional dance festival kicks-off in Prague
 18.7.2019   Ostrava district officials, Food Not Bombs at odds over homeless outreach
 17.7.2019   Eclectic music festival Colours of Ostrava kicks off, The Cure among headliners
 17.7.2019   Ursula von der Leyen’s election greeted with mixed feelings
 16.7.2019   Translators from Europe and Asia gather in Czech Republic at 5th edition of annual Susanna Roth Award
 16.7.2019   Soc Dems set ultimatum to stay in govt, but no real deadline, in culture minister row
 15.7.2019   Strýcová wins Wimbledon doubles becoming world number one in category
 15.7.2019   Remnants of medieval wall dating back to 1041 unearthed in Břeclav
 12.7.2019   Love of Kafka unites artists in show marking 30th anniversary of Velvet Revolution
 12.7.2019   Slavia bookies' favourites as 2019–2020 football season begins
 11.7.2019   Number of animals killed on Czech roads shoots up in five years
 11.7.2019   ‘Red Paw’ – First Czech blood bank registry for dogs
 10.7.2019   Barbora Strýcová, 33, in “best form” ahead of Wimbledon semi-final against Serena Williams
 10.7.2019   Future of Antarctica discussed at important Prague conference
 9.7.2019   Beer, schnitzel and mushroom picking – unique set of emojis captures Czech soul
 9.7.2019   Measures taken as over 60 percent of Czech Republic hit by extreme drought
 8.7.2019   Czech guitar makers hope to expand business in US by setting up branch in Nashville
 8.7.2019   Karlovy Vary climaxes with top prize for The Father, honour for Patricia Clarkson
 4.7.2019   Top-level meeting on government crisis brings no result
 4.7.2019   Czechs, Germans hope to win UNESCO listing for Krušné hory–Erzgebirge mining sites
 4.7.2019   Former EP vice-president Libor Rouček: two Czech vice-presidents a success, obstructive tactics less so
 3.7.2019   Czech PM happy to have side-lined Spitzen candidates at EU summit, Czech MEPs say region lost out
 3.7.2019   Karlovy Vary – "The perfect place to present films by upcoming filmmakers from the region"
 2.7.2019   Best served old: Victims seek revenge for communist-era crimes in new Czech film
 2.7.2019   On third day of talks to name new EU leadership, V4 doubles down on opposition to Timmermans
 1.7.2019   Emergency talks expected to decide Czech government’s fate on Tuesday
 1.7.2019   Moore and Affleck bring star power to opening weekend of Karlovy Vary
 28.6.2019   Oldest cave paintings in Czech Republic discovered at Catherine Cave near Brno
 28.6.2019   Knights of the Heaven – Exhibit provides remarkable insight into lives of WWII Czechoslovak RAF pilots
 28.6.2019   Karlovy Vary film festival gets underway for 54th time
 27.6.2019   Embattled Czech PM survives second no-confidence vote in a year
 27.6.2019   A Few Sentences: “One of the most important steps before November 1989”
 26.6.2019   EU study shows dual food quality is issue – and not just in East
 26.6.2019   Wage increases and ministerial merry-go-round: first year of Babiš government assessed
 25.6.2019   Parliamentary commission reopens discussion on compensating women for forced sterilisation
 25.6.2019   Czech-bred rhinos acclimatising in Rwanda after long journey
 24.6.2019   New play among events celebrating 100th birthday of art patron Meda Mládková
 24.6.2019   Czech anti-govt protest urging PM Andrej Babiš to resign biggest since Velvet Revolution
 21.6.2019   Slovak president expresses understanding for protesters during first state visit to Prague
 21.6.2019   Number of weddings in Czech Republic highest in over decade
 20.6.2019   Black Hawk down? Communists could pull support for Babiš gov’t if Soviet Mi-24s are replaced
 20.6.2019   Babiš: Prague wants new EC chief who won’t reintroduce migrant quotas
 19.6.2019   Czech Republic among world’s largest unwitting sources of spam
 19.6.2019   New agency to take over sports funding in Czech Republic
 18.6.2019   Opposition seeks no-confidence vote in Babiš government next week
 18.6.2019   The Czech National Trust celebrates five years: “We just let people know we have volunteer work and they come”
 17.6.2019   New trial places Communist-era involuntary emigration campaign in spotlight
 14.6.2019   “These people work selflessly for the good name of our country”: 2019 Gratias Agit awards presented in Prague
 14.6.2019   Czechs get unique opportunity to carry out archaeological research in Syria
 14.6.2019   What lies in store for the Eastern Partnership 10 years after its establishment?
 13.6.2019   Sculptor continues with plans for Old Town Sq. column despite lacking permit
 13.6.2019   Call highlights fears over Czech public media’s continued independence
 12.6.2019   Czech brewery rolls out first wastewater beer
 12.6.2019   Organisers “over the moon” to secure Julianne Moore for Karlovy Vary
 11.6.2019   Prague’s Nude Mona Lisa sent to France
 11.6.2019   Better training for new drivers perceived as key to making Czech roads safer
 10.6.2019   Embattled Czech PM launches counter-offensive to win over public in Agrofert dispute
 10.6.2019   Lidice – the tragic fate of a village that became a powerful symbol
 7.6.2019   Everyone has a chance to be a record holder at the Pelhřimov Festival of Curiosities
 7.6.2019   Home-made methamphetamine remains most pressing problem in fight against drug abuse
 6.6.2019   Czech politicians condemn draft Russian bill as attempt to rewrite history
 6.6.2019   Czechs get the opportunity to name an exoplanet for the first time
 5.6.2019   New website makes history classes more attractive
 5.6.2019   Largest protest since 1989 on Prague’s Wenceslas square as battle rages on for the PM’s political future
 4.6.2019   Hopes for closer economic ties as Myanmar’s head of government visits Prague
 4.6.2019   Czech PM defiant in face of growing opposition
 3.6.2019   “I believe this is the last nail in the PM’s coffin”, says head of Czech Transparency International after EU Audit
 3.6.2019   Czech National Museum rejects allegedly opaque Chinese group’s gift ahead of Tiananmen anniversary
 31.5.2019   Czech PM angrily rejects preliminary EU report finding him in ‘conflict of interest’
 31.5.2019   Prague charity concert in aid of victims of Sri Lankan terrorist attacks
 30.5.2019   In memoriam: Czech writer, filmmaker and ex-political prisoner Jiří Stránský
 30.5.2019   “It’s about a very strong relationship with the filmmaker”: Programme chief Och on selecting films for Karlovy Vary
 29.5.2019   Two Roma activists to receive Charter 77’s František Kriegel Award
 29.5.2019   Outgoing culture minister caught up in political tug-of-war
 28.5.2019   “He’s in the all-time Czech top three”: Petr Čech prepares to call time on singularly successful career
 28.5.2019   Czech government proposes crackdown on conditions at “puppy farms”, animal cruelty
 27.5.2019   European elections: Did Babiš’s ANO really “win”? Depends on how you count
 27.5.2019   Euro elections: ANO wins despite anti-Babiš protests, opposition gains, Social Dems lose big
 24.5.2019   Czechs start voting in European Parliament elections
 24.5.2019   Lipník nad Bečvou – Where Game of Thrones got its ships
 23.5.2019   Monoxylon III: Czech archaeologists trace ancient sea routes in Neolithic dugout replica
 23.5.2019   Machu Picchu visit puts MPs’ travel expenses in spotlight
 22.5.2019   Over 1,600 sites take part in annual Night of Open Churches
 22.5.2019   Anti-Babiš protests reach fresh heights – but what real impact can they have?
 21.5.2019   NATO’s biggest long-term future threat is climate change, suggests expert
 21.5.2019   Czech divers first in Europe to make 3D model of flooded cave
 21.5.2019   Open House Prague festival highlights city’s architectural legacy
 17.5.2019   Quo vadis, EU? Czech politicians debate benefits, responsibilities, direction of Union after 15 years as members
 17.5.2019   Gloria Musaealis awards usher in nationwide Festival of Museum Nights
 16.5.2019   Czech TV productions receive five nominations at Monte Carlo Television Festival
 16.5.2019   Czech arts minister Staněk quits after mounting pressure
 15.5.2019   Rainbow Map of Europe shows relative position of sexual minorities worsening in Czechia
 15.5.2019   New chiefs take over at Czech Centres in London and New York
 14.5.2019   Study exposes complexity of Czech voter attitudes to EU
 14.5.2019   Surrogate pregnancies on rise in Czech Republic
 13.5.2019   “My Country”: Prague Spring kicks off with performance by German orchestra founded by WWII expellees
 10.5.2019   Czech hiking trails mark 130 years
 10.5.2019   EU’s laser scientists in Dolní Břežany working on their most powerful beam system yet
 9.5.2019   Czech PM: European Council, not EC, should play decisive role in EU decision-making
 9.5.2019   Cannes to honour Forman with Loves of a Blonde and new documentary
 7.5.2019   Memorial event puts Prague’s toppled Marian Column back in spotlight
 7.5.2019   Czech Republic least likely EU country to grant asylum, humanitarian protection
 6.5.2019   Three-day Liberation Festival culminates in Plzeň
 3.5.2019   Edvard Beneš’s personal items now part of National Museum’s collections
 3.5.2019   Prague conference seeks to find consensus on approaching 5G cyber threats
 2.5.2019   Police: Cultural gaps and language barrier make uncovering Vietnamese drug gangs hard
 2.5.2019   New Czech justice minister wants a three-tier court system
 30.4.2019   Little-known hero Doreen Warriner honoured in Prague: “She did something amazing, but she didn’t seek recognition”
 30.4.2019   Thousands of Czechs join in street protests for independent judiciary
 29.4.2019   Shooting begins on new film about legendary Czech runner Emil Zátopek
 29.4.2019   Czechs dealing with unexpected fall-out of Russian crude oil supplies
 26.4.2019   “Czexit” cheerleader Tomio Okamura rallies help of far-right leaders Le Pen, Wilders ahead of EU elections
 26.4.2019   Study shows major divide between Czech Republic’s depth of EU integration and public attitudes towards Europe
 25.4.2019   Czech President laments “stain” in Chinese cooperation ahead of Belt and Road summit
 25.4.2019   Czech Republic’s cultural heritage to go online
 24.4.2019   Villagers shocked to find their nurtured sea eagle nest was likely poisoned
 24.4.2019   Communists’ declare victory on “church restitution tax”, but Constitutional Court battle likely looms
 23.4.2019   More than 60 percent of Czechs believe joining EU was right move, survey shows
 23.4.2019   Justice minister‘s resignation raises concerns about possible political pressure on judiciary
 18.4.2019   RSF: Czech oligarchs, nation’s president and PM continue to undermine press freedom
 18.4.2019   Czech prime minister says efforts to bring him to court are “political plot”
 17.4.2019   Children’s publishing house Albatros marks 70th anniversary with special collection
 17.4.2019   Operators: Millions spent every year on fire safety at Prague’s St. Vitus Cathedral
 16.4.2019   Festival showcases Czech films around US and Canada
 16.4.2019   Czechs offer restoration experts to help France rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral
 15.4.2019   Czech “breastfeeding guerrilla” mums stage “feed-ins” over incident at Austrian bank
 12.4.2019   Prague’s DOX to commemorate Tiananmen Sq. massacre with unveiling of Liu bust
 12.4.2019   Czech President: I warned ex-Justice Minister about illegality of alleged Russian hacker Yevgeniy Nikulin’s extradition to US
 11.4.2019   Political analyst: Ministers who do not score points for ANO have to go
 11.4.2019   Czechs win regional round of Startup World Cup, ‘green’ Swede takes top European prize
 10.4.2019   The Czech “koruna” celebrates 100th birthday
 10.4.2019   Klauses plot return with new party – but what will its prospects be?
 9.4.2019   Czech students design hemp-fibre housing construction for Mars
 9.4.2019   Embattled transport minister announces decision to step down
 8.4.2019   Radio Prague alumna Pavla Horáková wins Magnesia Litera award for novel ‘A Theory of Strangeness’
 5.4.2019   Opposition party proposes drivers be allowed to have a beer
 5.4.2019   Czech archaeologists reveal identity of ancient Egyptian Queen
 4.4.2019   Mayor Hřib: ‘Big Brother’ won’t be watching vacant Prague property owners’ electricity meters
 4.4.2019   Pressure mounts for Czech trade minister to resign over China-Taiwan diplomatic incident
 4.4.2019   As NATO marks 70 years, Jens Stoltenberg discusses main challenges facing alliance
 3.4.2019   CZK 50 million foreign investment scheme opens up to Czech businesses
 3.4.2019   Real-life ‘Iron Man’ flies over Vltava River
 2.4.2019   Czech mental health care to undergo major reform
 2.4.2019   Bio-waste recycling to be made easier
 1.4.2019   Czech politicians broadly positive on Čaputová’s election as Slovak president
 29.3.2019   Acclaimed Czech-born author and essayist Milan Kundera, still an enigma at 90
 29.3.2019   Czech traveller hitchhikes across the Atlantic
 28.3.2019   How Czechoslovakia’s ‘moral victory’ on ice triggered the Hockey Riots, onset of ‘Normalisation’
 28.3.2019   Five hundred new e-bikes to appear in Prague next week
 27.3.2019   Defence Ministry opens multi-billion crown tender for Infantry Fighting Vehicles
 27.3.2019   Czechs lose 3:1 to Brazil in home friendly
 26.3.2019   Prague to exhume remains of communism victim Zdena Mašínová from Ďáblice mass grave
 26.3.2019   Granddaughter loses right to license Little Mole products in latest legal twist
 25.3.2019   Omerzu’s Winter Flies cleans up at 2019 Czech Lions
 22.3.2019   Environmentalist: Every day we send billions of plastic particles to Germany and North Sea
 22.3.2019   Czech ornithologists: first storks came early, spring migration and nesting patterns changing
 21.3.2019   Ikarie XB 1: New release for Czech sci-fi classic that foreshadowed Star Trek and 2001: A Space Odyssey
 21.3.2019   In memoriam: Gen. Milan Píka, son of war hero and first victim of judicial murder in Communist Czechoslovakia
 20.3.2019   Prague’s Febiofest movie showcase “for everybody” gets underway
 20.3.2019   Scientists reconstruct the face of St. John of Nepomuk
 19.3.2019   Prague’s Lennon Wall gets new face as 30 Years of Freedom celebrations slowly get underway
 19.3.2019   Czech Republic to be guest of honour at Leipzig Book Fair
 18.3.2019   Respekt: Czech intelligence uncovered Russian hackers using IT company front
 15.3.2019   National parks re-drawing their conservation zones under close scrutiny from locals
 15.3.2019   Legendary pianist Alfred Brendel to visit Prague
 14.3.2019   Fridays for Future organisers hope to see thousands of Czech teenagers protesting climate change in action
 14.3.2019   Prague tops post-communist capitals in Mercer quality of living survey
 13.3.2019   Foreign minister hands out medals of merit to those who assisted Czech entry to NATO
 13.3.2019   Czech singer Věra Bílá, dubbed the Ella Fitzgerald of Gypsy music, dies days before her comeback tour
 12.3.2019   Czech leaders highlight range of threats on anniversary of NATO accession
 12.3.2019   One in six Czech 30-somethings likely to remain childless
 12.3.2019   Czech Army organizes military equipment display
 11.3.2019   Czech Republic marks 20 years as NATO member, assesses new threats
 8.3.2019   Onion patch yields unexpected treasure
 8.3.2019   Czech PM tells President Trump he wants to “make the Czech Republic great again“
 7.3.2019   Czech university team develop world’s first bionic 3D-printed scooter
 7.3.2019   Czech PM says meeting with President Trump is a “restart” in bilateral relations
 6.3.2019   Train wreck: Czech Railways calls emergency meeting after spate of accidents, ‘incidents’
 6.3.2019   Tibetan government leader in exile in Prague
 5.3.2019   Russia accused of shady practices in Prague by renting out Czech owned flats to third parties
 5.3.2019   Exhibition maps Bartered Bride’s foreign productions
 4.3.2019   Social Democrats add fresh faces to leadership line-up, but is the orange party really getting redder?
 1.3.2019   European turtle dove named Bird of the Year
 28.2.2019   Senate rejects bill to tax church restitutions as “unconstitutional“
 28.2.2019   Inside the atelier of twin sister ‘Dames of Czech Culture’ Jitka and Květa Válová
 27.2.2019   Czechia returns to Milan Triennial after fifty-year break
 27.2.2019   A look back at six decades of VOA broadcasting in Czech
 26.2.2019   Czech foreign minister: Civil society is key to human rights
 26.2.2019   Man who received 10-year jail sentence proves his innocence
 25.2.2019   Jan Zajíc – the story of “human torch number two”
 22.2.2019   Guess who’s coming to dinner? LGBTQ couple could win Christian Democrats’ marriage contest
 21.2.2019   Commentator: tariffs and threat of trade war likely todominate Czech-US talks in Washington
 21.2.2019   Czech PM to meet with President Trump in March
 21.2.2019   Czech colleague: Slovakia “going in right direction” year after Kuciak’s murder
 20.2.2019   City Hall plans its own Covent Garden near Wenceslas Square
 20.2.2019   New mobile phone app to help drug users and homeless
 19.2.2019   Banned 1954 documentary on Tibet returns to cinemas
 19.2.2019   Czech PM: Israel is our strategic partner in the Middle-East
 18.2.2019   Quo vadis, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš? For everyone, to Europe.
 15.2.2019   Facebook takes main Big Brother award in Czech Republic
 14.2.2019   Venezuelans in Czechia look with concern and hope to their homeland
 14.2.2019   “When we returned we were amazed how popular we were”: Legendary traveller Miroslav Zikmund turns 100
 13.2.2019   New media freedom watchdog established in Czech Republic
 13.2.2019   Czech cardinal Dominik Duka agrees to meet victims of sexual abuse by priests
 12.2.2019   Mobile teams and new medication helping take Czech psychiatric care out of institutions
 12.2.2019   Underwater remains of Prague’s first bridge explored by researchers
 11.2.2019   Minister has plan to stop doctors exodus – but young practitioners are unconvinced
 8.2.2019   Czech Foreign Minister says Huawei, overdue White House visit on his Washington agenda
 7.2.2019   Ministers announce steps to combat drought
 7.2.2019   Game over: Czechia no longer the ‘casino of Europe’, slot machine bars disappearing
 6.2.2019   Czech Red Cross marks centenary – but history dates back even further
 6.2.2019   Will Czech voters opt for new Voice in European elections?
 5.2.2019   New Jerusalem exhibition to spotlight Czech glass design
 5.2.2019   Czech government recognizes Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s legitimate leader
 4.2.2019   First Czech newspaper recalled on 300th anniversary of launch
 1.2.2019   Could the Czech Republic soon profit from a “state-wide metro system”?
 1.2.2019   Cardinal slams “black comedy” of Communists’ compensation taxation move
 31.1.2019   Massive queues as eager collectors wait to pick up jubilee currency
 31.1.2019   ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ raises profile of Czech AIDS project co-founded by Freddie Mercury's friend
 30.1.2019   Lake Malawi frontman honoured to represent Czechia at Eurovision
 30.1.2019   Criminal offences down overall by 5 percent but rising in cyberspace, say police
 29.1.2019   Foreign Minister Petříček reassures Ukraine of Czech support on two-day visit
 29.1.2019   Officials approve return of trams running up Wenceslas Square
 28.1.2019   Adventurer Pavel Sehnal - first Czech to reach both poles in gruelling Last Degree expeditions
 25.1.2019   Justice Minister: President Zeman may have “committed” a crime relating to judicial independence
 25.1.2019   Bizarre real-life story focus of award-winning graphic novel
 24.1.2019   Czech mountaineer Radek Jaroš close to completing Crown of the World
 24.1.2019   Petra Kvitová reaches Australian Open final two years after nearly losing her fingers
 23.1.2019   Twenty years after his death Jaroslav Foglar’s books are as popular as ever
 23.1.2019   Lower house passes amendment taxing church restitutions
 22.1.2019   Researchers study impact of air quality on human health
 22.1.2019   Prague gets its first nightlife mayor
 21.1.2019   Bill legalising gay marriage to be debated this week
 18.1.2019   Populist media boss forms new political movement
 18.1.2019   Czech president slams spy chief, education minister for discussing “Soviet” bias in school curriculum
 17.1.2019   Czech brewers big and small turn to craft beers to offset drop in consumption at pubs
 17.1.2019   Czech officials push ahead with bill to protect rights of British nationals in event of no-deal Brexit
 16.1.2019   Exhibition organiser: Anniversary shows interest in Jan Palach is huge
 16.1.2019   Czech prime minister seeks closer trade ties with South Asia
 15.1.2019   British Embassy remembers Jan Palach with 1969 UK painting
 15.1.2019   Watchdogs slam pace of Czech motorway construction, as bookies take bets on transport minister’s ousting
 14.1.2019   Pensioner jailed on terror charge over fake “jihadist” attacks
 11.1.2019   Foreigners make up 11 percent of Czech workforce – and employers are calling out for more
 11.1.2019   President slams security agencies over “campaign” against Huawei
 10.1.2019   President’s chancellor under fire for alleged attempts to influence judiciary
 10.1.2019   Government agrees in principle on extending free school lunches, but not on definition of “needy” families
 9.1.2019   Home of Jan Palach to become permanent memorial
 9.1.2019   Key organisations to carry out Huawei products risk analysis over security fears
 8.1.2019   Czechs charge foreign “universities” over scam targeting students from India, Bangladesh, Nepal
 8.1.2019   Government agrees “Lex Brexit” extending EU rights to UK nationals until end of 2020
 7.1.2019   Report: One in six Czech state attorneys were in pre-1989 Communist Party
 7.1.2019   Prague hopes to turn ex-hospital where Jan Palach died into ‘Museum of Totalitarianism’
 4.1.2019   Government slow on upholding anti-corruption policy, say watchdogs
 4.1.2019   First ever public bird census in Czech Republic now underway
 3.1.2019   West Nile Fever in Czechia? EU’s East StratCom Task Force issues “top absurd” fake news list for 2018
 3.1.2019   Court rules large supermarkets must provide unsold items to food banks
 2.1.2019   Study: Climate change replaces terror attacks as Czechs’ biggest fear
 2.1.2019   Czech parliamentary leaders use New Year’s Day addresses to call for greater civility
 28.12.2018   New book places Biblical stories in contemporary Czechia
 27.12.2018   Victims of Czech mining tragedy and Indonesian tsunami in people’s minds and prayers
 21.12.2018   Collection for huge new St. Vitus Cathedral organ close to target
 21.12.2018   Methane explosion in Karviná mine kills 13 miners and injures 10
 20.12.2018   Golden treasure from Thirty Years’ War discovered in Pardubice region
 20.12.2018   Czechs top toy exporters in Europe, thanks to LEGO
 19.12.2018   Legendary Czech comics Rapid Arrows celebrates 80th anniversary
 19.12.2018   Cyber security centre warns against use of Huawei devices in critical state infrastructure
 18.12.2018   Readings and ‘big heart’ rally commemorate seven years since death of Václav Havel
 18.12.2018   Under fire from Brussels, Czech PM resigns from government council for EU funds
 17.12.2018   New scheme aims to help Czech veterans re-enter workforce
 14.12.2018   Igloos and thick socks: novel ideas help keep Czech homeless warm
 14.12.2018   Charles University vice rector stepping down amid plagiarism charges filed by PhD students
 13.12.2018   Subsidies to Agrofert suspended after Babiš conflict of interest vote in Brussels
 13.12.2018   Vrba again keeping Plzeň in European football’s spring phase “something special” in Czech game
 12.12.2018   Czech students create award-winning chatbot
 12.12.2018   How would a “hard” Brexit impact the Czech Republic?
 11.12.2018   Book on Czechoslovak spy to be adopted by Hollywood
 11.12.2018   Reliance on coal makes Czechs Europe’s fifth biggest CO2 polluters
 10.12.2018   Why did Communists allow first public demonstration on December 10, 1988?
 7.12.2018   The Scala – Škoda’s new hatchback seeks to impress with emotive design and hi-tech interior
 7.12.2018   Minister for regional development hit by corruption scandal
 6.12.2018   Czech foreign minister says US stand on INF treaty perfectly understandable
 6.12.2018   Some 10,000 Czech businesses fronted by homeless “white horses”
 5.12.2018   Czech children receive visit from St Nicholas and his companions
 5.12.2018   Centre Combatting Organized Crime warns of sham marriages and “uncontrolled entry” of Muslims
 4.12.2018   Analyst: Czech intelligence report notable for direct accusations against Russian, Chinese actors
 4.12.2018   Locals and mayor fight to halt destruction of historic villa in protected area
 3.12.2018   Leaked legal opinion confirms Czech PM Babiš’s “conflict of interest” over EU subsidies
 30.11.2018   Viktor Orbán and Andrej Babiš praise friendship in Prague
 30.11.2018   Is trdelník traditional? Tourists say: who cares?
 29.11.2018   Hlávka and Libeň: Troubled bridges over Prague waters
 29.11.2018   Old Town Hall tower vantage point for biggest ever photograph of Prague
 28.11.2018   Prague Christmas markets expected to attract thousands of tourists
 28.11.2018   Decline in HIV positive cases ascribed to new medicines and earlier treatment
 27.11.2018   RAF pilot given honorary citizenship in Teplice
 27.11.2018   Czech president calls for greater solidarity with Israel in Knesset address
 26.11.2018   Czech MPs call for tough moves against Russia following clash with Ukraine
 23.11.2018   Czech government survives no-confidence vote
 23.11.2018   Timothy Snyder: Significant figures in Czech history didn’t just want to change Czech society but Europe or larger world
 23.11.2018   Digitisation on agenda as prime minister of pioneering Estonia visits Prague
 22.11.2018   Prague to recreate 1988 Mitterrand breakfast in human rights gesture
 22.11.2018   Social Democrats to foil opposition attempt to bring down the government
 21.11.2018   Roma social worker from Ostrava listed on BBC 100 Women list
 21.11.2018   Jágr chosen as the face of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games hockey tournament
 20.11.2018   Concrete administration building wins Czech architecture prize
 20.11.2018   Government report highlights alarming state of Czech forests
 19.11.2018   Affair unlikely to disappear any time soon, says analyst ahead of key test for PM Babiš
 17.11.2018   Freedom and democracy anniversary marked by political discontent
 16.11.2018   This year’s Festival of Freedom seeks to tackle polarisation in society
 16.11.2018   StB officer who tortured to death ‘Číhošť miracle’ priest Josef Toufar dies a free man
 15.11.2018   ING economist: Czechia can absorb Brexit’s impact, but regions will suffer huge loss of EU funds
 15.11.2018   Czech MEP helps bring about Europe-wide mobile disaster alerts
 14.11.2018   Health ministry proposes options to ease access to medical marihuana
 14.11.2018   Embattled Czech prime minister fighting for his political future
 13.11.2018   Future Prague mayor speaks out against ‘mono-thematic’ government district
 13.11.2018   Czech PM at centre of new scandal over his son’s shocking revelations
 12.11.2018   Interior Ministry opens Prague “CenZA” store selling seized goods
 9.11.2018   Planner: Prague centre population fell way before Airbnb
 9.11.2018   Czech Space Week strives to bring a bit of space to everyone
 8.11.2018   Ministry of Culture nominates candidates for UNESCO list
 8.11.2018   Czech Women’s Lobby: societal view on rape underscores importance of “Istanbul Convention”
 7.11.2018   Czech company to manufacture and test parts of the Ariane 6 space rocket
 7.11.2018   Czech foreign minister: US mid-term results may benefit transatlantic ties
 6.11.2018   New game teaches students how to identify disinformation
 6.11.2018   Czech-Chinese talks focus on business as well as human rights issues
 5.11.2018   Czech folk artist’s award from Vladimir Putin sparks controversy
 2.11.2018   Major honour for Czech-American businessman Fred Malek
 2.11.2018   “It was a time full of emotions” – demolition of Marian column recalled 100 years later
 2.11.2018   Babiš signals Czech intention to quit UN migration agreement
 1.11.2018   ‘Bohemian Real Lager’ project showcasing lesser-known Czech brews in British pubs
 1.11.2018   Czech PM at security conference: We need to speak more about Schengen, less about the euro
 31.10.2018   Prague ranks as second most sustainable city in Central and Eastern Europe
 31.10.2018   Government may postpone decision on building new nuclear reactors
 30.10.2018   Exhibition highlights the best of Czech toy design
 30.10.2018   Food Film Festival gives Prague moviegoers a taste of science
 29.10.2018   Displays of fireworks, firepower cap Czechoslovak centenary celebrations
 28.10.2018   President Zeman to hand out state decorations on Czechoslovak Independence Day
 26.10.2018   Zdeněk Hřib from the Pirate Party will be Prague’s new mayor
 26.10.2018   Masaryk’s great-granddaughter: His moral imperative applies to any time – hopefully we will return to it
 25.10.2018   Presidential vote and Czechoslovak past among themes at 22nd Jihlava documentary festival
 25.10.2018   Babiš on Brexit: 'Hard' or 'Soft', rights of Czechs in Britain must be protected
 24.10.2018   Czechoslovak centenary celebrations held the world over
 24.10.2018   Věra Čáslavská’s silent protest at 1968 Olympics recalled
 23.10.2018   Bill seeks to ban wild animals from Czech circuses
 23.10.2018   Further attack in Afghanistan leaves one Czech soldier dead and two injured
 22.10.2018   Prague gears up for weekend of major centenary celebrations
 19.10.2018   Djokovic and Agassi among stars to attend Štěpánek farewell in Prague
 19.10.2018   PM Andrej Babiš halts work on promised Code of Ethics
 18.10.2018   First official visit to Russia by Czech MPs in over a decade aims to reestablish ‘standard relations’
 18.10.2018   New film recreates encounter between Masaryk and Karel Čapek
 17.10.2018   New electric scooters invade Prague’s pavements
 17.10.2018   Ten academics rewarded for research and popularisation of science
 16.10.2018   Annual drumming session recalls first Jewish transports from Prague
 16.10.2018   Tomáš Petříček officially named foreign minister
 15.10.2018   Analyst: Poor ANO showing reflects Senate’s counterweight role – and Babiš’s lack of respect for chamber
 12.10.2018   Bear's quest for honey scares locals in Beskydy mountains
 12.10.2018   Why are there so few Roma politicians?
 11.10.2018   Prague Signal Festival looks into the future
 11.10.2018   Impact of EU emissions cut target on Czech carmakers ‘mitigated’ by incentives
 10.10.2018   Friends of Tibet group established in Czech Parliament
 10.10.2018   Skripal suspects believed to have followed him in Czechia long before attempted poisoning
 9.10.2018   Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ to open Strings of Autumn festival
 9.10.2018   Czech counterintelligence helps uncover Hezbollah hacking scheme
 8.10.2018   Political scientist Jiří Pehe: Babiš must be feeling he has hit his limits
 7.10.2018   Ano wins elections in all regional capitals except Prague and Liberec
 5.10.2018   Ballot boxes open up across Czech Republic as communal and senatorial elections commence
 5.10.2018   First abdication of Edvard Beneš recalled on 80th anniversary
 4.10.2018   Foreigners can vote in Czech local elections, but show little interest
 4.10.2018   Green mamba scare in Prague
 3.10.2018   Czech archaeologists discover tomb of important Egyptian dignitary
 3.10.2018   Czech Republic to apply “reverse charge” VAT mechanism as broadly as possible
 2.10.2018   Czechs gear up for 100th birthday bash
 2.10.2018   ČTK photographs in centre of Prague tell story of Czech century
 1.10.2018   Minister at UN: Chicago connections were key to foundation of Czechoslovakia
 27.9.2018   New centre to oversee landscape management
 27.9.2018   Epic silent-film era biopic “Saint Wenceslas” screening with long lost musical score
 26.9.2018   Czech secondary school students vote in mock-local elections
 26.9.2018   Czechs living in US call for introduction of postal vote
 25.9.2018   Supreme Court: wiretapping of journalist investigating military tender 'illegal'
 25.9.2018   Albright to unveil bust during NY festival honouring Havel
 24.9.2018   Famous Cold War spy Ladislav Bittman dies aged 87
 21.9.2018   Ministry of Justice announces release of long awaited ankle bracelets for prisoners
 21.9.2018   Czech PM faces storm at home over child migrants
 20.9.2018   Czechs place second among new EU member states in Social Progress Index
 20.9.2018   Peak season ahead for mushroom-hunters reeling from dry spell
 19.9.2018   Prague Orloj to reopen soon
 19.9.2018   Social Democrats present new nominee for foreign minister
 18.9.2018   Sculptor discovers monument by National Museum was actually dedicated to Jan Palach
 18.9.2018   Czech and Slovak prime ministers criticize plans to upgrade Frontex
 17.9.2018   PM Andrej Babiš: ‘Why should we be caring for Syrian orphans?’
 14.9.2018   Czech Republic misses deadline for implementing EU directive on arms control
 14.9.2018   Prague exhibition highlights interwar functional design by top artists
 13.9.2018   Dog discovers Bronze Age treasure in Kostelec
 13.9.2018   Police launch investigation after synthetic drug kills one and leaves several poisoned
 12.9.2018   Church in Prague receives relic of Czech Marco Polo
 12.9.2018   Petr Hájek named Architect of the Year
 11.9.2018   Labour minister proposes 15 measures to tackle poverty trade
 11.9.2018   Czech birds are threatened by deadly African disease
 10.9.2018   Czech health unions insist on 10-percent blanket pay rise
 10.9.2018   Sensors tested by Czech Technical University could prevent bridge collapse
 7.9.2018   State visit by Indian President seeks to expand ties with Czech businesses
 7.9.2018   Kupka exhibition opens at Prague’s National Gallery
 6.9.2018   Futurologists flock to Prague as Future Port Prague opens up
 6.9.2018   Masaryk returning to Kostelec, hat not in hand
 5.9.2018   New website documents communist-era anti-Semitism
 5.9.2018   Overcrowded Czech prisons spur renewed calls for alternative sentencing
 4.9.2018   Prague 1 fights back against Airbnb-type services
 3.9.2018   With poll placing them second on 15%, what are Pirates doing right?
 3.9.2018   Security expert: Paramilitary groups “reason for concern”
 31.8.2018   Schools note serious shortage of maths, physics and IT teachers
 31.8.2018   Excitement as Plzeň draw mighty Real in Champions League
 30.8.2018   Photo exhibition maps century since 1918 via country’s presidents
 30.8.2018   Drought exposes ancient “hunger stones”, Communist-era water mismanagment
 29.8.2018   Government agrees on public sector salary increases, cut in support for NGOs
 29.8.2018   State to make major investment in rental flats
 28.8.2018   Protesters call for Sentsov’s release outside Russian embassy in Prague
 28.8.2018   PM Andrej Babiš says Czechs ready to prepare plan to halt illegal migration to EU
 27.8.2018   Czech PM: Czexit would threaten country’s future
 24.8.2018   Winemaker of the Year prize goes to white wine producer from Mikulov
 24.8.2018   New Czech plant identification software claims to be best in the world
 23.8.2018   Police crack down on drug traffic ahead of Hip Hop Kemp festival
 23.8.2018   New tourist trail in Krkonoše marks clandestine dissident meetings
 22.8.2018   Jan Palach’s act was in part directed at future generations, says director of new film
 22.8.2018   A Prayer for Marta crowns huge concert marking invasion anniversary
 21.8.2018   Czech Radio 1968 memorial partly overshadowed by anti-Babiš protest
 21.8.2018   “Planes were landing every 50 seconds”: The Finnish friends who got caught up in the 1968 invasion
 20.8.2018   Virtual reality to simulate first-hand experience of invasion
 20.8.2018   Czech Radio recreates dramatic night of invasion with 13-hour broadcast
 17.8.2018   Events around country to recall crushing of hope of Prague Spring
 17.8.2018   Architect: Restorers have failed to properly preserve bullet holes on National Museum
 16.8.2018   Increasing number of municipalities limit tap water use
 16.8.2018   Anniversary of 1968 invasion spotlights present-day concerns about domestic, foreign policy
 15.8.2018   Artist teams up with Doctors Without Borders to take on demon diseases
 15.8.2018   Czech Air Force and British RAF celebrate centenary together, recall the ties that bind them
 14.8.2018   Czech NGO comes out in support of jailed Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov
 14.8.2018   Rare stamps to go on display in Prague
 13.8.2018   Young Russians in Prague find that 1968 Russian-led invasion casts long shadow
 10.8.2018   For Slavonic Studies Students, School is in Session
 10.8.2018   Czech diplomats negotiate release of humanitarian workers in Syria
 9.8.2018   Continuing heatwave forces Czech farmers to slaughter their livestock early
 9.8.2018   Storm brewing over plan to cut state funds to NGOs
 8.8.2018   Country pays homage to fallen Czech servicemen
 8.8.2018   Tragic incident highlights care for war veterans
 7.8.2018   Mezipatra celebrates pride with “Identity in the City” series
 7.8.2018   Prague exhibition brings August 1968 invasion to life
 6.8.2018   Czech soldiers serving in Afghanistan killed by suicide bomber
 3.8.2018   Hitler’s ugly mug: police deem sale of Nazi leader’s image on t-shirts, coffee cups lawful
 2.8.2018   Precious Renaissance shield looted by Nazis to return to Czech Republic from US
 2.8.2018   5G network auction moving ahead, but “affordable” unlimited data still far off
 1.8.2018   Heatwave continues to put pressure on businesses, individuals alike
 1.8.2018   Head of Supreme Court believes state should compensate H-System victims
 31.7.2018   Tougher legislation will seek to crackdown on rogue animal breeders
 31.7.2018   Chamber of Commerce seeks another doubling of quota for Ukrainian workers
 30.7.2018   Despite the heat, ukulele enthusiasts strum on
 30.7.2018   Czech, Slovak presidents mark anniversary of common statehood by vintage train ride
 27.7.2018   Uherské Hradiště summer film school fest kicks off with Ecstasy, auteur Mike Leigh
 27.7.2018   Court overturns ban on cycling in central Prague
 26.7.2018   Czech pilot celebrates centenary of Czechoslovakia by undertaking round-the-world flight
 26.7.2018   Poll shows most Czechs know little about their country's modern history
 25.7.2018   Families given month to quit homes after losing legal battle
 25.7.2018   “Hex” author Thomas Olde Heuvelt wraps up world horror book tour in Prague
 24.7.2018   Ex-foreign minister: Drastic measures were needed to block inflow of Vietnamese gangs
 24.7.2018   Turkish Supreme Court upholds six year verdict imposed on two Czechs
 23.7.2018   Record low Czech unemployment rate attracting foreign graduates
 20.7.2018   Czech scouts to highlight dangers of totalitarianism at World Jamboree
 20.7.2018   Melting Pot discussion forum brings world of ideas to Colours of Ostrava
 19.7.2018   Police crack down on illegal tiger trade
 19.7.2018   Thousands throng Ostrava post-industrial site for 2018 Colours
 18.7.2018   Filmed in Prague: the Instagram capturing the Czech Republic’s cinema city
 18.7.2018   Second minister resigns over allegations of plagiarism
 17.7.2018   Czech scientists urge politicians to take action against drought
 17.7.2018   Political analyst says Trump-Putin summit signals trying times for Europe
 16.7.2018   Czech PM says accepting more migrants is “road to hell” for Europe
 13.7.2018   Czech response mixed to Trump call for accelerated defence spending
 13.7.2018   Why are over half of Czech bachelor students not completing their degrees?
 12.7.2018   Analyst: Babiš’s coalition government “more stable than it seems”
 12.7.2018   Is the brown bear back in the Krkonoše after two centuries?
 11.7.2018   On a little square near Kampa, a French market enjoys big success
 11.7.2018   Minority coalition set to win vote of confidence
 10.7.2018   PM Babiš nominates constitutional law professor to replace suspected plagiarist as justice minister
 10.7.2018   For Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, a long weekend of camaraderie
 9.7.2018   Romania’s “Barbarians” takes top prize at Karlovy Vary
 6.7.2018   Czechs celebrate legacy of reformer priest Jan Hus
 5.7.2018   Photogallery of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
 5.7.2018   Czechs celebrate legacy of Saints Cyril and Methodius
 4.7.2018   The Rolling Stones rock Prague again
 4.7.2018   Karlovy Vary: Offering essential support to ex-East Bloc cinema
 3.7.2018   World's “most intense” laser system launches outside of Prague
 3.7.2018   Turning grenades into wheels: ‘80s Czech scene focus of Karlovy Vary doc King Skate
 2.7.2018   Tim Robbins: Festivals like Karlovy Vary among last mainstays of unfiltered expression
 2.7.2018   Ostrava and its Jews: 'Now No-One Sings You Lullabies'
 29.6.2018   Czech prime minister says EU migration agreement “huge success” for Visegrad Group
 29.6.2018   2018 Karlovy Vary gets underway with tribute to late Miloš Forman
 29.6.2018   Newcomers to the list of Czech Cultural Monuments
 28.6.2018   Czechs increasingly satisfied with life but also less tolerant towards minorities
 28.6.2018   Programme chief Och shares tips for 53rd Karlovy Vary
 27.6.2018   Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra receives warm welcome in Japan
 27.6.2018   New government sworn in but doubts remain over its viability
 26.6.2018   Czech ice hockey fans cry foul over new national team jersey design, players slowly warm to it
 26.6.2018   Government moves to give intelligence services increased powers
 25.6.2018   Government backs same-sex marriage bill, but decisive battle looms in Parliament
 22.6.2018   Metronome festival promises top international acts and local faves
 22.6.2018   Retailers promise halt of caged hen eggs following shocking video
 21.6.2018   Landscape Festival seeks to reignite neglected areas of Prague
 21.6.2018   Merkel calls Sudeten German expulsion “immoral”, drawing Czech ire
 20.6.2018   Attention centres on Zeman-Poche meeting as coalition saga drags on
 20.6.2018   Czech gender equality NGOs fear loss of European funding
 19.6.2018   Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra embarks on Japanese tour
 19.6.2018   Activist and ex-presidential candidate Dr Marek Hilšer announces run for the Senate
 18.6.2018   Czech President, Communist Party leader openly reject foreign minister nomination
 15.6.2018   Prague Castle festival offers best of craft beer
 15.6.2018   Social Democrats remove last hurdle on road to new government
 14.6.2018   Expert on extremism: Intolerance is seeping into mainstream parties across the political spectrum
 13.6.2018   Top architects and planners to share insights with Prague public
 13.6.2018   Critics warn housing benefit cuts could hit huge number of vulnerable
 12.6.2018   Restoration work on Prague’s Astronomical Clock reveals hidden secrets
 12.6.2018   Age of Aquarius: EU needs “more than a few boats” to fight human trafficking, Czech PM says
 11.6.2018   Authorities shut “mothership” of shady Prague exchange offices
 8.6.2018   Controversial Czech-Russian Forum in Prague examines academic, archival access issues
 8.6.2018   Foreign Ministry hands out annual Gratias Agit awards
 7.6.2018   Karlštejn castle marks 670 years since its foundation
 7.6.2018   PM Babiš claims 'political bias' in Brussels behind fraud charges against him
 6.6.2018   ANO leader Andrej Babiš gets second chance to form government
 6.6.2018   Ministry aggro over Kaufland’s 1-crown milk offer sparks pricing investigation
 5.6.2018   Document creating Kings of Bohemia goes on show in Prague
 5.6.2018   Czech PM rebuffs Merkel’s “compensation” mechanism for refugees
 4.6.2018   Communists flex their muscles as coalition talks near conclusion
 1.6.2018   Czech President to name Andrej Babiš as prime minister. Again.
 1.6.2018   Czech steelmakers to be hit by US duties, wider trade war is bigger concern
 31.5.2018   Czech farm ministry sparks protests over reforestation proposal
 31.5.2018   Watchdog sounds alarm at ‘purges’ in Czech civil service and state administration
 30.5.2018   Czechs and Slovaks mark 100th anniversary of ‘Pittsburgh Agreement’ leading to statehood
 30.5.2018   Czech highlights at Karlovy Vary 2018 to include radical drama, presidential election coverage – and pre-1989 skateboarders
 29.5.2018   Multiple criminal complaints filed over “Our Violence” play in Brno
 29.5.2018   Czech Republic to get PM by mid-June, government less certain
 28.5.2018   The Defenestration of Prague 400 years on
 25.5.2018   Owners of Czech historic buildings open doors
 25.5.2018   Czech Radio saves audio material from Communist era Slánský show trial
 24.5.2018   More than 1,300 sites take part in 10th Church Night
 24.5.2018   Many questions left unanswered, as Czech firms and institutions scramble to meet GDPR norms
 23.5.2018   Philip Roth’s crusade to help Czechoslovak dissident writers under Communism
 23.5.2018   Several hundred people join silent protest against Czech prime minister
 22.5.2018   Czech Foreign Ministry on Venezuela: political pressure from outside is essential
 22.5.2018   National Gallery’s app reveals hidden medieval secrets
 21.5.2018   Outcome unclear as Social Democrats vote on whether to enter coalition with ANO
 18.5.2018   Czech group ousts Chinese flagship investor, CEFC, from control of local empire
 18.5.2018   Czech scientists say Europe heading in different directions over droughts
 17.5.2018   Listening sessions at a Prague cinema: Czech Radio’s first broadcasts recalled, 95 years later
 17.5.2018   Czech PM faces ministerial haemorrhage from ANO veterans
 16.5.2018   Prague National Theatre marks 150th anniversary of foundation
 16.5.2018   Czech economy still booming but how long can growth be sustained?
 15.5.2018   Prague boosts Venice connection for Baroque water festival
 15.5.2018   Head of Military Research Institute sacked
 14.5.2018   Czech communists warn will withdraw government support over stepped up foreign missions
 11.5.2018   Prague book fair puts spotlight on comics, Israeli authors
 11.5.2018   Czech power giant bolsters arguments for 60 year lifespan of nuclear plants
 10.5.2018   2018 Prague Spring promises “feast of stars” and celebration of Czechoslovakia centenary
 10.5.2018   Czech Republic backs EU stance on nuclear weapons agreement with Iran, despite reservations
 9.5.2018   Czech singer, songwriter defies fate to reach Eurovision finals
 9.5.2018   Czechs showcase destruction and conservation of Syrian heritage during civil war
 7.5.2018   Czech court clears accused over OKD sale, controversy set to continue
 4.5.2018   NATO General Petr Pavel: Czechs underestimate the danger of Russian disinformation campaigns
 4.5.2018   Czechs seek to end medal drought at ice hockey worlds
 3.5.2018   Prague archaeologists shed light on medieval city
 3.5.2018   Head of Czech Syndicate of Journalists: Changing structure of media ownership undermining press freedom
 2.5.2018   Czech outdoors see explosion of pine and spruce pollen
 2.5.2018   Czechs seen wary of radical EU budget reform
 30.4.2018   Czech theatre revolution, Laterna Magika, seeks innovation after 60 years
 30.4.2018   Corruption watchdog sounds alarm over fast track Prague metro JV decision
 30.4.2018   Czechs mark witch-burning night around country
 27.4.2018   Dutch nationals face charge of grievous bodily harm in attack on Czech waiter
 27.4.2018   Legendary Czech children’s comics and novels make comeback
 26.4.2018   Dissident group that aided political prisoners recalled, 40 years later
 26.4.2018   Stumbling blocks emerge in Czech government talks
 25.4.2018   Prague cyclists seek brake on city centre ban
 25.4.2018   Czech Republic plummets on media freedom index
 24.4.2018   Prague executive committee backs demolition of Libeň Bridge
 24.4.2018   Tribute to reflect Miloš Forman’s “close friendship” with Karlovy Vary
 23.4.2018   Czech ANO-Social Democrat coalition deal seen within fortnight
 20.4.2018   Czech Cardinal’s last wish to be respected after almost 50 years
 20.4.2018   Czech energy billionaire raises questions with French media spree
 19.4.2018   Picturesque South Bohemian border town lands national award
 19.4.2018   Olympic competitor Koukalová done with biathlon as she focusses on helping others with eating disorders
 18.4.2018   Sculpture of Saint Vojtěch, fellow saints, installed in St. Vitus Cathedral
 18.4.2018   Czech government concerned about future of Ostrava steelmaker
 17.4.2018   Proposed new Prague development framework sets urban targets for future decades
 17.4.2018   Social Democrats tight-lipped after talks on renewing negotiations with ANO
 16.4.2018   Czech political scene divided over air strikes on Syria
 13.4.2018   ANO about turn opens door to Social Democrat coalition
 13.4.2018   Iconic Czech steelworks goes under the hammer with Poldi prospects unclear
 12.4.2018   Czech-US team wins massive funding for promising cancer killing process
 12.4.2018   Slovak PM in Prague: greater respect for national interests would help prevent EU divides
 11.4.2018   New European directive aims to end practice of dual quality of foods and other products
 11.4.2018   Czech president advises talks with anti-EU, anti-immigrant SPD as government solution
 10.4.2018   Health data show smoking ban is effective
 10.4.2018   Thousands call for prime minister’s resignation
 9.4.2018   Czech Social Democrats signal tougher line after collapse of coalition talks
 6.4.2018   Political scientist: Early elections most likely option following collapse of coalition talks
 6.4.2018   Czech UNESCO listed documentary treasures go on show
 5.4.2018   Non-fiction examination of Czech society’s ills lands literary prize
 5.4.2018   Czech government pledges law on class actions as insurance clients seek justice
 4.4.2018   Metallica surprise Czech fans with cult song Jožin z bažin
 4.4.2018   With their wishes ignored, why would Communists support ANO-led coalition?
 3.4.2018   Russia slams Czech Republic for extradition of suspected hacker to US
 3.4.2018   Czech coalition government breakthrough awaited in final talks
 29.3.2018   Czechs mark anniversary of revival of scouting movement during Prague Spring
 29.3.2018   Artist Kateřina Šedá aims to restore regular life to tourist hotspot Český Krumlov
 28.3.2018   Overhaul of national anthem proposed – but will new versions prove too monumental for Czechs?
 28.3.2018   Paul Ryan to Czech lawmakers: “Russia does not share our interests or our values”
 27.3.2018   Czech president at centre of fresh controversy over nerve agent row with Russia
 27.3.2018   Promise of major increase in Chinese investment in Czechia rings hollow two years on
 26.3.2018   US House Speaker Paul Ryan’s visit to Prague seen as impulse for Czech-American relations
 23.3.2018   Actress Catherine Deneuve receives Kristián Award for contribution to world cinematography
 23.3.2018   Czech PM: Prague likely to expel number of Russian diplomats over nerve agent incident
 22.3.2018   Restoring rediscovered film of Czechoslovak communist show trial to take years
 22.3.2018   “Permanent traveller” Koudelka returns to Prague with major exhibition
 21.3.2018   Czech Little Mole faces space challenge on Soyuz launch
 21.3.2018   RAF veteran Zbyšek Nečas-Pemberton dies at 97
 20.3.2018   Prague ham makes EU list of traditional specialities
 20.3.2018   Dvůr Kralové Zoo mourns death of last male northern white rhino on Earth, but retains hopes of saving breed
 19.3.2018   Political scientist: Prague has become a hub for Russian operations in broader Central Europe
 16.3.2018   Czech church seeks to realise tourism potential
 16.3.2018   Czech school pupils in nationwide support of constitution and democratic values
 15.3.2018   Visit by Britain’s Brexit minister to Prague overshadowed by unfolding nerve gas row
 15.3.2018   2018 Febiofest promises emerging filmmakers, director profiles and much more
 14.3.2018   New Merkel mandate seen as best scenario for Czech Republic
 14.3.2018   Radio Prague launches on voice-activated smart device Alexa
 13.3.2018   Czech scientists appeal against exemptions to EU emission norms
 13.3.2018   Growing concern over plight of leading Chinese investor in the Czech Republic
 12.3.2018   Ice Mother is story of revolt, says maker of Czech Lion-winning film
 9.3.2018   Czech president sparks protests with divisive address
 9.3.2018   Uber agrees to operating licensed service in Czech Republic
 8.3.2018   Mixed expectations for Czech president’s second term
 8.3.2018   Portraits highlight Czech resistance stories
 7.3.2018   Sparta Prague’s bid for success with foreign football manager explodes
 7.3.2018   Communist Party MP to step down from key post but calls right-wing parties a “democratic cesspool”
 6.3.2018   Czech One World festival focuses on information overload and fake news
 6.3.2018   National Museum discovers fake gems in its collection
 5.3.2018   Divisive Ondráček set for swift exit as committee chair after ANO U-turn
 2.3.2018   Brno’s Festival of Taste
 2.3.2018   Czechia helping in Kosovo with waste water treatment
 2.3.2018   Only Czech in space Remek recalls historic flight, 40 years on
 1.3.2018   Massive Attack among legendary performers coming to Prague
 1.3.2018   Communist Party wins new allies in quest to see church restitutions taxed
 28.2.2018   Fight brewing over pressure by PM for head of GIBS to step down
 28.2.2018   Muslim’s release sparks diplomatic row between Prague and Ankara
 27.2.2018   Olympic medallists welcomed by thousands at the Old Town Square
 27.2.2018   Murder of Slovak journalist shocks Czechs, highlights position of journalists in this country
 26.2.2018   Prague in diplomatic tug-of-war following arrest of former PYD leader Saleh Muslim
 23.2.2018   Acclaimed Czech film director Jiří Menzel turns 80
 23.2.2018   Czech nuclear regulator warns of European pressure to close reactors early
 22.2.2018   Czechs improve perceived corruption performance but ambitions should be higher
 22.2.2018   Eight Chinese Christians granted asylum in Czech Republic, dozens more turned away
 21.2.2018   Czechs edge USA to advance to Olympic hockey semi-finals
 21.2.2018   Czech EU support most lukewarm in Central Europe
 20.2.2018   Exhibition 'Residence: Prefab Estate'
 20.2.2018   WWII RAF fighter pilot Miroslav Liškutín dies at 98
 20.2.2018   Health ministry to subsidize dental practices in remote areas
 19.2.2018   Newly-elected Social Democrat leader expected to bring breakthrough in government talks
 16.2.2018   Ladislav Sitenský photos of WWII squadron finally see publication, 70 years later
 16.2.2018   Czech Social Democrats seek new direction after electoral debacle
 15.2.2018   Promise of changes cools taxi drivers’ Uber ire
 15.2.2018   Prague dolls’ house exhibition opens door on 300 years of history
 14.2.2018   Menzel star turn and Slovak militia doc among Czech highlights at Berlinale
 14.2.2018   Czech defence minister battles to make best use of boosted budget
 13.2.2018   Czech computer games firm hopes for deliverance from medieval project
 13.2.2018   Czech Catholics call for top archbishop to stand down
 12.2.2018   Czechs mark marriage week as divorce rate slides
 12.2.2018   Marathon Czech international legal battle takes new turn with billion dollar claim
 9.2.2018   Ornithology society names endangered Little Owl “Bird of the Year”
 9.2.2018   Czech PM and president reassert EU and NATO membership commitment
 8.2.2018   Sole Czech employee at SpaceX describes goosebumps during Falcon Heavy launch
 8.2.2018   Flag-bearer Samková among Czech Olympic hopefuls
 7.2.2018   Parties a step closer to agreeing bill on general referendums
 7.2.2018   Jágr: Czechs among favourites for ice hockey gold in Pyeongchang
 6.2.2018   Justice minister calls on Okamura to stop “polemicizing” about Lety
 6.2.2018   Czech retail sector shops for new ideas
 5.2.2018   Outgoing Czech PM not ruling out early elections
 2.2.2018   Fathers now able to take one week of paid leave to be with their newborn
 2.2.2018   Hungarian foreign minister on Visegrad Group: We strengthen each other
 1.2.2018   Jágr discusses injury and plans in first public appearance since return
 1.2.2018   Czech Republic to open up to more foreign workers
 31.1.2018   Arguments re-erupt over Czech lithium reserves
 31.1.2018   Renovation of Wenceslas Square to begin next week
 30.1.2018   Jágr headed for hometown Kladno from Calgary Flames
 30.1.2018   Commentator: Rather than forming party, Drahoš should consider Senate run or existing grouping
 29.1.2018   Czech president set to broker new government, alter political landscape
 27.1.2018   Analyst: Presidential election may have been won by incumbent but new political potential was harnessed
 26.1.2018   Czechs go to the polls in second round to decide who will be president
 26.1.2018   PM Babiš in Davos: The EU needs to build on what it has achieved
 25.1.2018   Presidential contest engages Czechs abroad
 25.1.2018   ANO leader gets second chance to form a government
 24.1.2018   New doc uncovers mission that saved scores of Jewish children
 24.1.2018   No knockout blows in first presidential duel
 23.1.2018   Czech video game relives drama following Heydrich assassination
 23.1.2018   Zeman will give ANO leader second attempt at forming gov’t regardless of presidential result
 22.1.2018   Investigators working to determine cause of deadly fire
 19.1.2018   Criminal prosecution of Czech PM approved after heated parliamentary debate
 19.1.2018   Prague takes emergency measures after warnings over Vltava bridge
 18.1.2018   Health state of Russian hacking suspect Nikulin in dispute
 18.1.2018   Zeman loss could lead to Babiš “playing Kaczynski role”
 17.1.2018   Škoda Auto breaks sales records in 2017, strong performance seen continuing this year
 17.1.2018   Pressure mounts on ANO leader facing challenge to form new government
 16.1.2018   Sean Hanley: Unless something major happens, TV debates unlikely to save Zeman
 16.1.2018   Embattled Czech PM ready to face allegations of fraud in top post
 15.1.2018   Televised debates between Zeman and Drahoš could decide presidential race
 12.1.2018   Czech family excited about presidential poll
 12.1.2018   Czechs vote in first round of presidential election
 11.1.2018   Highly valuable artefacts relating to Czech statehood now on show
 11.1.2018   Prague’s University of Life Sciences unveils lab studying human reactions using VR technology
 10.1.2018   Czechs pay tribute to photographic great Josef Koudelka
 10.1.2018   Czech prime ministerial and presidential double act appeal for support
 9.1.2018   2018 Iranian film fest highlights shorts by upcoming directors
 9.1.2018   Andrej Babiš government finalises policy programme ahead of confidence vote
 8.1.2018   Astronomical clock to regain some, but not all, original parts
 8.1.2018   Watchdog monitors uneven openness in Czech presidential campaign
 5.1.2018   Czech ministry releases short conclusion of Stork’s Nest fraud report
 5.1.2018   Fifty years since Alexander Dubček took over at top of Czechoslovak communist party
 4.1.2018   Czech Antarctic scientists research climate, test underwear and shoes
 4.1.2018   Prague loses distinctive diplomat with departure of UK’s Jan Thompson
 3.1.2018   Czech bank governor lands top European award
 3.1.2018   Driver shortage leads to public transport restrictions in Prague
 2.1.2018   Czech prisons filled up to overcapacity after respite
 2.1.2018   Terrorism, migration, weakening of Christian values top concerns for Czechs in 2018
 29.12.2017   Death of defendant brings 1950s kulak expulsion case to close
 29.12.2017   Pressure builds for release of EU fraud investigation report into Czech PM
 28.12.2017   Poll: Most Czechs want easing of smoking ban
 28.12.2017   Prague at Christmas: traditional markets and historic sites but also attractive venues in increasingly hip neighbourhoods
 27.12.2017   Czech president of Liberland outlines expansion plans in Africa, Central America
 27.12.2017   President Zeman rules out early elections in Christmas message to nation
 22.12.2017   Czech ombudswoman takes up case of Chinese Christians seeking asylum
 21.12.2017   Fresh release for “chilling” classic The Cremator
 21.12.2017   Tomáš Rosický seeks new role after calling time on playing career
 20.12.2017   Polar Bear Club welcomes new members
 20.12.2017   Lawmakers pass draft state budget for 2018
 19.12.2017   President Havel remembered with nostalgia as Czechs reflect on present-day morals
 19.12.2017   PM unveils policy program in face of visible lack of support for his government
 18.12.2017   Anti-immigration parties booed in Prague
 15.12.2017   Financial pledge from Visegrad Group fails to bring compromise on migrant quotas
 15.12.2017   Eurostat: Czech Republic sixth among EU countries in ski and snowboard exports
 14.12.2017   Biggest Josef Lada exhibition in years now on in Prague
 14.12.2017   New Czech PM chooses Brussels and crunch EU Council for first foreign trip
 13.12.2017   New Czech government, headed by Andrej Babiš, sworn in at Prague Castle
 13.12.2017   Czechs and Germans submit joint UNESCO bid for Ore mountains
 12.12.2017   Architects of Czechoslovak divorce say 25 years on that it was inevitable
 12.12.2017   Prague tops survey for best place to live in the Czech Republic
 11.12.2017   Newly-appointed Czech prime minister ready to do battle over migrant quotas in Brussels
 8.12.2017   Czech president back US stand on Jerusalem
 8.12.2017   Czech Republic sticking to its guns on migrant quotas in face of EC lawsuit
 7.12.2017   Czech PM Andrej Babiš playing long game over confidence votes: analyst
 7.12.2017   Czech Catholic church seeks return of Cardinal Beran’s remains for 2018
 6.12.2017   ANO leader Andrej Babiš appointed Czech prime minister
 6.12.2017   New location gives London Czech Centre space for exhibitions
 5.12.2017   Czech TV to air ambitious miniseries about Empress Maria Theresa
 5.12.2017   2018 budget to be “load test” for newly-elected lower house of parliament
 4.12.2017   Collapse of Prague footbridge raises concerns regarding state of other bridges
 1.12.2017   Number of Czechs infected with HIV virus on rise
 1.12.2017   Crowdfunding helps Czech author tell Gnome story
 30.11.2017   No major improvement in Czech environment
 30.11.2017   Charity Advent Market brings Christmas spirit to Prague
 29.11.2017   What is the legacy of the Sobotka government?
 29.11.2017   Incoming Czech PM presents Cabinet team to president
 28.11.2017   Czech Republic seeks more Chinese investments and trade opportunities at 16+1 summit
 28.11.2017   Unique Czech underground museum wins architectural award
 27.11.2017   MEP Pospíšil elected new chairman of TOP 09
 24.11.2017   Council of Europe commissioner welcomes Lety pig farm deal
 24.11.2017   London Czech Embassy celebrates reopening with massive event
 23.11.2017   Guilty verdict in case that brought down Nečas government
 23.11.2017   London launch for new Petra Hůlová translation
 22.11.2017   Cell phone picture wins Czech Press Photo competition
 22.11.2017   Czech president calls author of Zvezda article a madman and demands apology
 21.11.2017   Czech police submit fresh immunity request over alleged Babiš fraud
 21.11.2017   President Zeman undertakes five-day Russia trip
 20.11.2017   Tensions high as lower house meets for constituting session
 16.11.2017   Czech president heads major business delegation to Russia
 16.11.2017   Honour for cremator’s son who helped preserve dignity of executed
 15.11.2017   International dimension to Czech freedom and democracy awards
 15.11.2017   Czech tennis star Štěpánek calls time on glittering court career
 14.11.2017   More than 20 European Union countries, including Czechia, back European defence plan
 14.11.2017   New plaque honours Czechoslovaks in RAF
 13.11.2017   Class photo in Teplice daily sparks hate speech on social networks
 10.11.2017   Alarm called over endangered Moravian Amazon
 10.11.2017   Czech energy giant boosts nuclear output but big questions remain
 9.11.2017   Ashes of first Czech Oscar winner interred at Vyšehrad
 9.11.2017   ANO leader Andrej Babiš tells CNN his strategy in politics is common sense and problem solving
 8.11.2017   Future of robotics and artificial intelligence debated at Prague conference
 8.11.2017   Prague Writers’ Festival focuses on ‘The Fire Next Time’
 7.11.2017   Presidential race kicks off in earnest
 6.11.2017   Former prime minister Topolánek to run for president
 3.11.2017   Prague Castle opens state rooms, renovated over the summer, to the public
 3.11.2017   Kundera’s Book of Laughter and Forgetting finally published in Czech Republic
 3.11.2017   Masaryk exhibition highlights Czechoslovakia’s contribution to creation of State of Israel
 2.11.2017   Milada Horáková’s daughter explains role in new feature film about mother
 2.11.2017   US publication gives Prague top marks as Christmastime destination
 1.11.2017   Singer Kubišová to make final public performance in hometown České Budějovice
 1.11.2017   Czech president clears way for minority Andrej Babiš government
 31.10.2017   Czech president uses farmyard analogy to plot political course
 31.10.2017   Boris Nemtsov’s daughter: Putin may be undermining EU but politicians must offer solutions
 30.10.2017   Jihlava winner explores working lives of poorest
 30.10.2017   Czech election winner forming minority government
 28.10.2017   Czechs commemorate 99th anniversary of founding of Czechoslovakia
 27.10.2017   ANO seen disappointed by rebuffs over creation of new government
 27.10.2017   Plácido Domingo prepares to conduct anniversary Don Giovanni performance in Prague
 26.10.2017   A century of Czech history “beneath Stalin”
 26.10.2017   Designblok exhibition opens in Prague
 25.10.2017   Jihlava documentary festival opens with film about Vladimir Mečiar
 25.10.2017   Czech counterintelligence highlights stepped up Russian, Chinese activity
 24.10.2017   Christian Democrats headed for the opposition
 24.10.2017   #MeToo campaign resonates among Czech women
 23.10.2017   Political scientist: President’s reaction may be decisive factor in post-election talks
 22.10.2017   ANO begin meeting other parties but way forward unclear
 21.10.2017   Political scientist: It is difficult to imagine a prime minister who faces criminal charges
 21.10.2017   2017 elections spell shake-up for Czech politics
 20.10.2017   Czechs voting home and abroad in general elections
 20.10.2017   Czech PM at EU summit: consensus decision making should be applied wherever possible
 19.10.2017   Crown strengthening but no immediate boon for consumers
 19.10.2017   Atwood: Misogyny toward Hillary right out of witch trials
 18.10.2017   Czech Little Mole at centre of marketing rights battle
 18.10.2017   Prague Castle treasures and relics to be exhibited in Moscow
 17.10.2017   Renovation of Baroque gem underway in Stromovka Park
 17.10.2017   Lithium mining and Czech national interests take centre stage in run-up to general elections
 16.10.2017   Semyon Bychkov appointed Czech Philharmonic chief
 16.10.2017   Czech ministry mulls massive recruitment of foreign workers to fill jobs
 13.10.2017   Exhibition focuses on story of Prague pre-fab six
 13.10.2017   Video report: Fifth edition of Signal now underway
 13.10.2017   Communist era past catches up with Czech ANO leader ahead of polls
 12.10.2017   Prague pays homage to UNESCO listed Tugendhat Villa
 12.10.2017   Concrete barriers at historic sites a ‘necessary eyesore’ – for now
 11.10.2017   President’s comments over Russia sanctions draw sharp response
 11.10.2017   Greenpeace calls for hike in Czech lithium mining royalties as row continues
 10.10.2017   Czech President Zeman addresses Council of Europe
 10.10.2017   Prague prepares for launch of annual light show
 9.10.2017   Resisters of communist regime honoured in Prague
 6.10.2017   Škoda Auto bosses seek to defuse fears over production transfer
 6.10.2017   New report documents alarming rise of problem gambling among Czechs
 5.10.2017   Festival of Democracy, the associated program of Forum 2000, gets underway
 5.10.2017   Jaromír Jágr gets NHL lifeline with Calgary Flames
 4.10.2017   Rare coin treasure troves headed for Czech museum
 4.10.2017   Top level meeting convened to tackle Prague taxi crisis
 3.10.2017   Žižkov Tower babies come down for renovation
 3.10.2017   Czech Potato Research Institute cultivates new blue potato variety
 2.10.2017   British artist buries MiG 21 fighter jet to symbolize the end of an era
 2.10.2017   Czech politicians denounce use of violence against voters in Catalonia’s independence referendum
 29.9.2017   British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson for Czech Radio: We will make sure our friends and partners in the EU are not left in the lurch
 29.9.2017   Czech researchers gain access to Soviet World War II prisoner of war records
 29.9.2017   Czech PM sees stronger and clearer EU stance
 27.9.2017   Azerbaijan video raises concerns over arms sales
 27.9.2017   Czech brewers seek to reclaim pub drinkers
 26.9.2017   Czech doctors perform eye-surgery on Syrian refugees in Jordan
 26.9.2017   Boris Johnson in Prague: rights of Czech citizens will be assured after Brexit
 25.9.2017   Screen and stage great Jan Tříska dies at 80
 25.9.2017   German election results evoke mixed reactions in Prague
 22.9.2017   Nigel Farage tells Czechs to get behind Brexit trade deal
 22.9.2017   Analyst: German election results unlikely to alter relations with Czech Republic
 21.9.2017   Czech farm minister defends domestic rum
 21.9.2017   Kubišová returns to studio with A Prayer for Marta
 20.9.2017   President Zeman focuses on terrorism and migration in UN address
 20.9.2017   Prestigious science prizes awarded to three Czechs
 19.9.2017   Federer arrives in Prague ahead of first Laver Cup
 19.9.2017   Czech suicide hot spots to be surveyed
 18.9.2017   Author whose work sparked hit movies remembered
 15.9.2017   Senator to take strict new foreigners’ law to court
 15.9.2017   Czech YouTuber among those selected to interview EU Commission president
 14.9.2017   Czechia faces shortage of doctors in outpatient care
 14.9.2017   Restorer: Black Peter was funnier with every viewing
 13.9.2017   Uncovering the speedy secrets of the ground spider
 13.9.2017   Czech PM welcomes Juncker food equality call
 12.9.2017   President Steinmeier stresses pressing need for EU unity in Prague
 12.9.2017   At last! City approves plans for revitalisation of Wenceslas Square
 11.9.2017   Interior minister defends Prague on migrant quotas
 8.9.2017   50 years of the D1, the country’s oldest motorway
 8.9.2017   EU proposes to enlarge list of invasive species
 7.9.2017   Prague says top EU court verdict will not change country’s stand on migrant quotas
 7.9.2017   Kintera: I like when visitors are part of the game
 6.9.2017   Met stars to launch Dvořák Prague music festival
 6.9.2017   Public sector workers on strike alert over low wages
 5.9.2017   Adam Ondra sets new benchmark on world’s toughest cliff at Flatanger, Norway
 5.9.2017   “Radical change” needed after World Cup failure
 4.9.2017   Czech officials denounce North Korean nuclear test
 1.9.2017   Could Czech drug help fight obesity?
 1.9.2017   Czech company puts mobile container brewery on the market
 31.8.2017   Unions issue public sector pay protests warning
 31.8.2017   Embattled ANO leader comes closer to facing charges of EU subsidy fraud
 30.8.2017   Ombudswoman says detainees’ rights are being violated
 30.8.2017   Czech football prodigy Schick signs with Roma
 29.8.2017   New scandal threatens former finance minister Babiš
 29.8.2017   Czechs seek to gain observer status at Eurozone meetings
 28.8.2017   Prague steps up humanitarian aid to Iraq
 25.8.2017   Bill Clinton: Today Václav Havel’s ideas are more relevant than ever
 25.8.2017   Light at end of tunnel for Czech miner OKD
 24.8.2017   Czechs cautiously back French ‘posted workers’ reform
 24.8.2017   Ledecká preparing for Olympic fight on two fronts
 23.8.2017   Shapely Czech Venus reveals secrets
 23.8.2017   Early date set for Czech presidential poll
 22.8.2017   Highway from Prague to Hradec Králové completed in record 38 years
 22.8.2017   New campaign cries foul on corruption in sport
 21.8.2017   Then Czechoslovak Radio boss recalls August 1968
 21.8.2017   Rare photos of 1968 invasion discovered
 18.8.2017   Czech Republic condemns terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils
 18.8.2017   Historians pin down number of 1968 invasion victims
 17.8.2017   2017 Letní Letná festival of new circus kicks off
 17.8.2017   Strong Czech economic growth surprises experts
 16.8.2017   PM, high state prosecutor, testify before parliamentary commission
 16.8.2017   Memories sought to give personal perspective on Czech history
 15.8.2017   Activists pour blood-red substance in Vltava to protest alleged ‘misuse’ of Mánes art gallery
 15.8.2017   Prague exhibition spotlights iconic shoes of Manolo Blahnik
 14.8.2017   Jubilant return of Czechoslovak RAF men commemorated 72 years on
 14.8.2017   Czech president boosts ANO leader’s hopes of premiership
 11.8.2017   Police ask lower house to waive immunity for ANO leader Babiš and fellow MP
 11.8.2017   Lukáš Houdek on life in the Czech Republic for the LGBTQ community
 10.8.2017   Czech Doctors Without Borders chief explains rejection of Italian migrant rescue proposal
 10.8.2017   Czech Republic takes legal action over EU firearms directive
 9.8.2017   Senate commission rejects Srp nomination over membership in Czechoslovakia’s communist party
 9.8.2017   Javelin thrower Barbora Špotáková wins gold at the World Athletics Championships
 8.8.2017   Knitted toy octopuses, donated for premature babies to cuddle, catch on
 8.8.2017   Czechoslovak paratrooper Jaroslav Klemeš dies at the age of 95
 7.8.2017   Public in shock over destruction of rare 16th century wooden church
 4.8.2017   Sparta crash out of Europa League
 4.8.2017   Czechs get interest rate hikes in early to brake booming economy
 3.8.2017   Czech scientific team prepares for most demanding total eclipse of the sun
 3.8.2017   “Very safe” Prague draws thousands from Eastern states to annual Pride festival, says organiser
 2.8.2017   Turkish court sentences Czechs to more than six years in prison
 2.8.2017   Špotáková hoping for return to top at World Athletics Championships in London
 1.8.2017   Use-It map highlights alternatives to classic tourist sites
 1.8.2017   Culture minister: sale of Lety pig farm is “done deal”
 31.7.2017   Czech smokers taking stock of heat-not-burn tobacco products as smoking ban starts to bite
 28.7.2017   Przewalski horses to get new grazing grounds, paddock, at Dívčí hrady
 28.7.2017   Three former Communist secret police officers charged for their role in infamous Asanace campaign
 27.7.2017   What’s behind summer of unprecedented spending in Czech soccer?
 27.7.2017   Czech auto production sets new records as boom continues
 26.7.2017   Culture Minister says buyout of controversial pig farm at Lety only weeks away
 26.7.2017   STAN party to go it alone in autumn elections
 25.7.2017   Prague and London swop notes on Brexit priorities
 25.7.2017   Chomutov railway depository shows off collection to public
 24.7.2017   Polish judicial reforms come under fire in Czech Republic
 21.7.2017   Jackals make new home in Czech Republic
 21.7.2017   Animal rights activists celebrate as bill banning fur farming passes through Senate
 20.7.2017   Prague investigates making Vltava a working waterway again
 20.7.2017   Israeli PM Netanyahu slams EU at Visegrad summit for “crazy” approach to his country
 19.7.2017   Popular festival Colours of Ostrava returns
 19.7.2017   Christian Democrat and STAN coalition proves short-lived
 18.7.2017   Minister sees long road to combat food product double standards
 18.7.2017   Mushroom app appeals to those in the dark
 17.7.2017   Street magazine Nový Prostor publishes ‘milestone’ 500th issue
 14.7.2017   Czech authorities take special measures to contain deadly African swine fever
 14.7.2017   New bill on conserving historic buildings collapses amid wave of criticism
 13.7.2017   Czechs say Italy and Greece failed to allow them to carry out full background checks on refugees
 13.7.2017   Archaeologists map out precise contours of Nazi-era Lety concentration camp
 12.7.2017   Czech Republic moves to fulfil international climate change pledge
 12.7.2017   Czech Karolína Plíšková reaches number one in tennis world rankings
 11.7.2017   Waiting for Winton: rail station pays tribute to British hero
 11.7.2017   Czechs mark 20 years since worst floods in human memory
 10.7.2017   Little Crusader becomes first Czech Karlovy Vary winner since 2002
 10.7.2017   Czech Lower House embarks on fresh attempt to ratify Paris Climate Agreement
 7.7.2017   Jeremy Renner and Václav Vorlíček to be honoured at Karlovy Vary closing
 7.7.2017   Czechs largely sidelined in Polish-led South Seas Initiative
 4.7.2017   Jaromír Jágr’s future on ice after Panthers’ rejection
 4.7.2017   “Beautifully restored” The Shop on Main Street premieres at Karlovy Vary
 3.7.2017   Czech Republic still seeking justice for Czech killed in London
 3.7.2017   Uma Thurman at KVIFF: Kill Bill hit a nerve of female empowerment
 30.6.2017   Czech business calls for electoral traction for high speed rail plans
 30.6.2017   Stars Uma Thurman and Casey Affleck to help raise curtain on 52nd Karlovy Vary IFF
 29.6.2017   Czech music strikes chord in Japan during prime minister’s business-oriented visit
 29.6.2017   A Ghost Story set to be one of highlights of 2017 KVIFF, says programme chief Och
 28.6.2017   Renowned Danish architects present new vision for Prague’s divisive central highway
 28.6.2017   Czech diplomacy chief sets out priorities for chairmanship of Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers
 27.6.2017   “Last Address” project commemorates victims who were executed or whose deaths were hastened by Communist regime
 27.6.2017   Political scientist: Czechs‘ failure to improve road and rail links with Austria is hurting business
 26.6.2017   Slovak Volkswagen strike settlement seen providing Czech inspiration
 26.6.2017   Activists meet at Lety to keep pressure on government to remove controversial pig farm
 23.6.2017   Foreign Ministry awards people for promoting good name of Czech Republic
 23.6.2017   EU summit opens with spat between President Macron and Visegrad Group
 22.6.2017   Czech police force goes on social networks to improve communication with public
 22.6.2017   Czech Republic sends mixed signals on euro adoption
 21.6.2017   Czech government appoints top European policy coordinator
 21.6.2017   Sting: My father and grandfather had to point rifles at Germans – thanks to the EU I’ve never had to
 20.6.2017   Film music in the spotlight at Prague Proms festival
 20.6.2017   Siemens outlines massive investment plans for Czech Republic
 19.6.2017   Political scientist: Social Democrats’ election program not realizable without major election victory
 16.6.2017   Acclaimed Czech sculptor Olbram Zoubek dies at 91
 16.6.2017   Czechs take alarm that cohesion funds could be chopped in re-shaped EU
 15.6.2017   Forman brothers go West with new show
 15.6.2017   Social Democrats opt for “double leadership” strategy – but what impact will it have?
 14.6.2017   Work by Turner prize winner highlighted at Sculpture Line festival
 14.6.2017   Analyst: Migrant quota row will leave the Czech Republic on the periphery outside the EU core
 13.6.2017   Are the PM’s days as Social Democratic Party leader numbered?
 13.6.2017   Exhibition seeks to counter Prague’s role as animal smuggling hub
 12.6.2017   Prague’s central district warns of Airbnb ghost town scenario
 9.6.2017   Prague conference seeks to boost EU common security
 9.6.2017   Czechs left bemused by British elections
 8.6.2017   UK group Lidice Lives taking part in 75th anniversary commemorations
 8.6.2017   Ambitious Karel Gott exhibition launches on the Vltava river
 7.6.2017   Analyst: Sobotka may be replaced as Social Democrats chief even before elections if polling numbers stay low
 7.6.2017   Barking up the right tree: dogs used to detect bark beetle
 6.6.2017   Czechs seek to boost proportion of female IT students
 6.6.2017   Czech government slams door on additional refugees
 5.6.2017   Deputy PM Bělobrádek emphasises friendly relations during Sudeten congress visit
 2.6.2017   PM Sobotka joins global chorus of condemnation against Trump climate agreement withdrawal
 2.6.2017   Action plan finalised to help put underdeveloped Czech regions on new course
 1.6.2017   Steamboats celebrate 200 years on Prague’s Vltava
 1.6.2017   Conductor Jiří Bělohlávek dies aged 71
 31.5.2017   Mixed emotions as smoking stubbed out in Czech pubs and restaurants
 31.5.2017   Potential threats to Czech press freedom debated in Brussels
 30.5.2017   Revolt at detention centre for migrants caused by misunderstanding due to language barrier
 30.5.2017   Curtain call on smoking in Czech pubs and restaurants
 29.5.2017   Christian Democrats aiming high in the autumn general elections
 29.5.2017   Petra Kvitová makes emotional return to tennis with French Open win
 26.5.2017   Political scientist: Trump has widened the gap in perceptions as to what purpose NATO should serve
 26.5.2017   Czech historians race to record recollections of anti-Communist resistance
 25.5.2017   Czech Republic sends second innovation diplomat to US
 25.5.2017   European nuclear industry ponders problems in Prague
 24.5.2017   Country’s most notorious criminal released after 23 years
 24.5.2017   Prague SVU honours Pomahač, Passer and seven others for promotion of Czech science and culture
 23.5.2017   Young singer Lenny wins big at Anděl Awards
 23.5.2017   Czech student at Manchester concert: We were afraid there was more to come
 22.5.2017   France and Belgium commemorate fallen Czechoslovak soldiers in siege of Dunkerque and liberation of De Panne
 19.5.2017   Republican businessman apparent nominee for next US ambassador to Prague
 19.5.2017   Quarter of the country’s fruit production damaged by severe frost
 19.5.2017   Czech scientists develop effective new antibiotic
 18.5.2017   Russians flock back to Prague
 18.5.2017   Czech secret service report: money was sent from Czech Republic to IS terror group
 17.5.2017   Czech designed ‘cactus’ watchtower to be constructed in Jerusalem
 17.5.2017   Newly-issued stamp marks 75th anniversary of Operation Anthropoid
 16.5.2017   Czech heritage jewel wins prestigious European prize
 16.5.2017   Prague Airport launches random checks for trace elements of explosives
 15.5.2017   Czech president sparks outrage with comments about journalists
 12.5.2017   Vienna Philharmonic stars at 72nd Prague Spring festival
 12.5.2017   Czech president sparks controversy with pardon for country’s most famous prisoner
 11.5.2017   Book World Prague 2017 promises fresh venues and marked international dimension
 11.5.2017   Czech finance minister defiant in face of growing public and political pressure for his demise
 10.5.2017   Czech scout says Facebook threats after viral photo are proof of intolerance
 10.5.2017   Senate move signals legal battle over president’s authority
 9.5.2017   Will Martina Bárta’s “My Turn” take Czech Republic to final of Eurovision Song Contest?
 9.5.2017   Fate of Czech government hangs in the balance over finance minister’s political future
 8.5.2017   Sobotka: France has rejected populism, nationalism and isolation
 5.5.2017   Czechs set Council of Europe priorities
 5.5.2017   Czech leaders remember Prague uprising at end of WWII
 5.5.2017   Embattled Czech PM drops plan to resign, proposes dismissal of finance minister instead
 4.5.2017   Czech soccer rocked by arrest of FA chief on corruption allegations
 4.5.2017   PM Bohuslav Sobotka seeks more time to solve government crisis
 3.5.2017   Unexpected cabinet resignation announcement throws political scene into disarray
 3.5.2017   Analyst: Control of Finance Ministry central to ongoing political battle
 2.5.2017   In surprise move, PM Sobotka announces resignation of Czech government
 2.5.2017   Czech Wikipedia celebrates success after cautious start
 2.5.2017   Czech defense minister in first meeting with US counterpart
 1.5.2017   Parties, extremists, students and pranksters mark May Day
 29.4.2017   Czech PM Sobotka: Rapid approval of Brexit talks guidelines shows unity of EU leaders
 28.4.2017   Zaorálek denies Czech embassy in Syria at odds with NATO allies over conflict
 28.4.2017   Czechs and rest of EU seek to set Brexit tactics at extraordinary summit
 27.4.2017   Czech lawmakers reject proposal to enable unmarried women to undergo artificial fertilization
 27.4.2017   Conservative homosexuals should have same right to marriage as conservative straights, argue equality campaigners
 26.4.2017   Ken Loach one of the main guests at this year’s Karlovy Vary film festival
 26.4.2017   Lawmakers pass bill shortening studies for nurses
 25.4.2017   Czech army cleared to get first woman general
 25.4.2017   St. Vitus Cathedral to get new pipe organ from renowned Spanish organ maker
 24.4.2017   Czech politicians welcome Macron’s first round victory as “good news for Europe“
 21.4.2017   Jičín says historic town title is reward to long term care and conception
 21.4.2017   Foreign Minister highlights “Czech Republic on the Way” project ahead of 2018
 20.4.2017   Security expert: Soft targets need better protection, but the manpower available is not overwhelming
 20.4.2017   Kometa Brno ends long wait to win ice hockey championship title
 19.4.2017   PM targets foreign companies over low Czech wages
 19.4.2017   Uber planning to contest Brno ban
 18.4.2017   Political scientist: The EU needs to establish a new relationship with Turkey
 13.4.2017   Czech grandmother-of-three to be among believers baptised by Pope Francis on Holy Saturday
 13.4.2017   Czech UK residency rejection highlights foreigners’ fears in Britain
 13.4.2017   The day on which the golden brew turns green
 12.4.2017   Health Ministry outlines long-term plans to localise psychiatric care
 12.4.2017   Czech football’s top flight set for revolutionary changes from 2018–2019
 11.4.2017   Acquisition fund to help galleries & museums to fill gap in key contemporary artwork from last 50 years
 11.4.2017   Romany rapper Radek Banga to receive František Kriegel Award for civic courage
 10.4.2017   Employers question bill tightening restrictions on foreigners
 7.4.2017   Record participation seen in Czech ‘Spring clean’
 7.4.2017   Weak crown ends with strong Czech currency seen on the horizon
 6.4.2017   Deadly gas attack in Syria fuels debate regarding Czech embassy in Damascus
 6.4.2017   Czech plane maker Aero Vodochody mulls restart of L-159 series production
 5.4.2017   Sport and healthier lifestyles important for every third Czech, poll suggests
 5.4.2017   Minister queries UK court’s acceptance of self-defence plea in case involving death of Czech
 4.4.2017   Czech and Slovak leaders present common views on “migration solidarity” in Berlin
 4.4.2017   Prague airport looks back on massive transformation over 80 years
 3.4.2017   Lviv consulate ‘swamped’ by applications from Ukrainians seeking employment in Czech Republic
 31.3.2017   Czech conductor makes dream come true with appointment at London Philharmonia Orchestra
 31.3.2017   Central bank reaffirms plan to end currency intervention – but precise date still unknown
 30.3.2017   Poll results shatter initial optimism about new-formed coalition between Christian Democrats and Mayors and Independents
 30.3.2017   PM Sobotka vows active Czech role in Brexit negotiations
 29.3.2017   Czech and Slovaks combine to celebrate creation of homeland
 29.3.2017   Scientist Jiří Drahoš announces candidacy for Czech president
 29.3.2017   British ambassador says Czechs’ rights in UK will be high priority in Brexit negotiations
 28.3.2017   Is it game over for “cursed genius” Rosický after latest operation?
 28.3.2017   Study finds Czechs’ trust in media has fallen sharply
 27.3.2017   PM Sobotka touts benefits of European integration project during Rome “unity” summit
 24.3.2017   Czech stand ‘confused’ going into Rome informal summit says analyst
 24.3.2017   Twenty years since Kolya won Best Foreign Language Film Oscar
 23.3.2017   Brian Eno presents “first three-dimensional song” in Prague installation
 23.3.2017   Czech political leaders react to London terrorist attack
 22.3.2017   Footballer Pavel Nedvěd stamps mark on Czech coins
 22.3.2017   Febiofest: Prague’s biggest film festival aims to satisfy both cineastes and mainstream audiences
 21.3.2017   Prague Jewish community celebrates new Torah scrolls
 21.3.2017   Czech foreign minister says some restraints on labour mobility may prove inevitable to protect the EU
 20.3.2017   Czechs mourn Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, a symbol of courage and unwavering faith
 17.3.2017   Czech senators challenge smoking ban
 17.3.2017   Caritas Czech Republic steps up humanitarian aid to the people of Mosul
 16.3.2017   Ignoring refugee plight “tragedy and crime”, says Ai Weiwei ahead of opening of huge new work in Prague
 16.3.2017   New head of Czech science takes helm as problems pumping funds highlighted
 15.3.2017   Extensive renovation of Prague State Opera set to begin
 15.3.2017   Czech lawmakers get fired up after approval for new European gun rules
 14.3.2017   Philosopher Jan Patočka, co-founder of Charter 77, remembered
 14.3.2017   Rights groups raise alarm over proposed changes to immigration rules
 13.3.2017   Social Democrat leader Sobotka aims to win autumn elections despite polls placing ANO ahead
 10.3.2017   President Zeman to run for second term in office
 10.3.2017   Political scientist: Some people support Zeman because they see no alternative
 9.3.2017   Food critic: Eska deserves Michelin Bib – but so do several other Prague restaurants
 9.3.2017   Social Democrats gear up for congress amid poor polling and pressure on Sobotka
 8.3.2017   Alphonse Mucha’s Slav Epic goes on display in Japan
 8.3.2017   Czech feminists back pay gap “strike” on International Women’s Day
 7.3.2017   New survey highlights reason majority of graduates who studied to be teachers move on to other fields
 7.3.2017   Political scientist: A multi-speed Europe would see the Czech Republic locked permanently in the Visegrad Four group
 6.3.2017   A Prominent Patient needed to break myths surrounding Jan Masaryk, says director of Czech Lions’ big winner
 3.3.2017   News ambassador to Washington says flurry of visits by Czech officials will precede visit by head of state
 3.3.2017   Visegrad Four states protest against double standard in quality of food products sold around EU
 2.3.2017   Migrants’ new lives in Europe set for spotlight at 19th One World
 2.3.2017   Battle rages over future of Czech national parks
 1.3.2017   Dutch show of support for Czech dissidents in 1977 commemorated in Prague
 1.3.2017   Czech dancer wins place in Rio carnival parade competition at the Sambódromo
 28.2.2017   Interior minister: Czech Republic would file lawsuit against tightened EU firearms directive
 28.2.2017   Hope versus dictatorship & the power of the word among themes highlighted at 11th Mene Tekel festival
 27.2.2017   Diplomatic triumph releases Czech Christian from Sudan ordeal
 24.2.2017   PM Bohuslav Sobotka steps into breach as stop gap industry minister
 24.2.2017   VOA: 75 years of station many Czechs tuned into across Iron Curtain
 23.2.2017   UK village to finally get monument to Anthropoid heroes
 23.2.2017   Publishing house sparks outrage by selling mugs with Hitler’s portrait
 22.2.2017   Czech PM forges common party line over Brexit
 22.2.2017   Many gems of early 20th century Czech architecture among buildings newly listed as cultural monuments
 21.2.2017   Industry minister sacked over mobile data tariffs
 21.2.2017   Federer: “The Laver Cup will be a tough tournament, with tough matches, where the better player wins”
 20.2.2017   Czech research station in Antarctica celebrates ten years
 17.2.2017   Communists being courted in political battle ahead of autumn general elections
 17.2.2017   Czech government and Škoda Auto outline electric dreams
 16.2.2017   Environmentalist: Beijing-like levels are thing of past but more must still be done to combat smog
 16.2.2017   Could dancing help prevent Alzheimer’s disease?
 15.2.2017   Hockey legend Jaromír Jágr turns 45
 15.2.2017   Cool reception for Social Democrats’ bank tax proposal
 14.2.2017   Bestselling guidebook maps some of Prague’s quirkiest sites
 14.2.2017   Czech citizenship claims increase in wake of legal overhaul
 13.2.2017   Czech Radio stresses public service role on World Radio Day
 10.2.2017   New documentary celebrates Czechoslovak war hero, RAF pilot Emil Boček
 10.2.2017   Prague declaration seeks to safeguard media freedom
 9.2.2017   Agencies abuse Czech visa system in Ukraine to fuel booming illegal business
 8.2.2017   One in 10 top sportspeople face serious consequences warns Czech survey
 8.2.2017   Czechs today need cosmopolitan model, says author of novel exploring J. A. Baťa’s exile in Brazil
 7.2.2017   HateFree Culture project likely to be scrapped amidst questions over financing
 7.2.2017   Last chance to see ‘Czechoslovak’ comet
 6.2.2017   Analyst: Christian Democrats could be better match for Mayors group than previous partners TOP 09
 3.2.2017   Czechs pay homage to 20th century great Bohumil Hrabal
 3.2.2017   Babiš draws fire after calling parliamentary commission into police reforms “a farce”
 2.2.2017   President echoes Babiš call for other leaders to have finances audited
 2.2.2017   Czech Republic increasingly popular as study abroad destination with US students
 1.2.2017   “Golden-donut” gallery for Slav Epic sparks emotions
 1.2.2017   Security expert: State must learn from email hack – future cyber-attacks could hit infrastructure
 31.1.2017   Czech Internet firms warn proposed powers boost for military intelligence will make them a sitting target
 31.1.2017   Placido Domingo to conduct Don Giovanni 230 years after its world premiere in Prague
 30.1.2017   Foreign Ministry to try and secure release of Czech missionary sentenced to 20 years in jail in Sudan
 27.1.2017   Journalists failing in refugee coverage according to Prague conference
 27.1.2017   Czech Holocaust hero Antonín Kalina remembered in home town
 26.1.2017   Germany’s planned highway toll may see legal action from Prague
 26.1.2017   European Figure Skating Championships launched in Ostrava
 25.1.2017   Czech Republic slips in corruption perception rankings
 25.1.2017   Prague’s #Donateacoat project offers novel way to help the needy
 24.1.2017   Czech diplomats negotiate release of Polish national held in Syria
 24.1.2017   Expert says smog set to remain as Czech problem
 23.1.2017   Czech minister breaks ranks over Brexit talks
 20.1.2017   Czech connection and Zeman support could smooth early interaction with Trump presidency: Hynek Kmoníček
 20.1.2017   Trump’s ‘Czech kids’ could be an asset in relations with US, say Czech supporters
 19.1.2017   Departing US ambassador Schapiro: If you’re afraid to say things some don’t want to hear, you’ll never accomplish anything
 19.1.2017   Czech official on Czech-German relations : we are not just neigbours, we are willing partners who are coming to understand each other’s sense of humor
 18.1.2017   Czech govt. official: UK must “very quickly” say how it will deal with EU residents
 18.1.2017   Swedish director Ninja Thyberg’s works among films showcased at Prague Short Film Festival
 17.1.2017   Political scientist: At least security-wise, Trump’s presidency will consolidate the EU
 17.1.2017   Last man on the moon Eugene Cernan remembered
 16.1.2017   Czechs marking Palach anniversary with chain hunger strike, debates and remembrance acts
 13.1.2017   Number of foreigners in Czech Republic rises to record levels
 13.1.2017   Czech scientists make cover of Science with nanocrystals research
 12.1.2017   Researchers welcome ruling protecting access to historical archives
 12.1.2017   Zuzana Růžičková at 90: Other music was exciting, Bach was almost deja vu
 11.1.2017   Remembering Clare Hollingworth, the war correspondent who saved thousands of Czechoslovaks from the Nazis
 11.1.2017   WWII US bomber highlights threat of treasure hunters to Czech heritage
 10.1.2017   Czech arms industry exports up for fourth straight year
 10.1.2017   Exmoor ponies to find new home in South Moravia
 9.1.2017   Blast of Arctic weather sees charities scrambling to help homeless
 6.1.2017   Astronomers want government to introduce measures limiting light pollution
 6.1.2017   Children at the forefront of country’s most successful fund-raiser
 5.1.2017   Police welcome club’s reward to find Petra Kvitová’s attacker
 5.1.2017   “Absolutely marvellous” lost Havel text set for release on 40th anniversary of Charter 77
 4.1.2017   Embryo mix-up at Czech fertility clinic sparks concern over procedures
 4.1.2017   State scrambles to deal with bird flu outbreaks
 3.1.2017   Interior Ministry wants to give Czech firearms holders the right to use their weapon against terrorists
 3.1.2017   First Czech hockey league game held 80 years ago
 2.1.2017   Czechs prepare to mark the 40th anniversary of Charter 77
 30.12.2016   Heightened security measures in Prague to last through New Year’s celebrations
 30.12.2016   Czech web television hit Kancelář Blaník begins fifth season
 29.12.2016   Interior ministry-run anti-disinformation unit operational by January
 29.12.2016   NGO challenges Czechs to dig into their family roots
 28.12.2016   Czech woman arrested in Cambodia for involvement in alleged drug gang
 28.12.2016   Foreign Ministry launches video to showcase the “marvellous people of Czechia”
 27.12.2016   Czech humanitarian organization loses another Syrian worker, aid to Aleppo continues
 27.12.2016   Survey finds most Czechs unenthused about European Parliament
 23.12.2016   Czech national among victims of Berlin terror attack
 23.12.2016   Jakub Jan Ryba’s Czech Christmas Mass staged in Tokyo
 22.12.2016   Prague gets to grips with Donald Trump presidential enigma
 22.12.2016   End of chapter for legendary Prague bookstore
 21.12.2016   Doctors cautiously optimistic that Petra Kvitová, injured in knife attack, will play tennis again
 21.12.2016   Three Wishes for Cinderella: Beloved Czech film fairytale gets new international release
 20.12.2016   Czech Republic offers condolences in wake of terrorist attack in Berlin
 20.12.2016   Conflict of interest bill faces fresh hurdles after president’s veto
 19.12.2016   Red umbrella march highlights violence in sex trade
 16.12.2016   Commemorations mark fifth anniversary of Václav Havel’s death
 16.12.2016   More than half of Segway rental sites in Prague close doors since ban introduced
 15.12.2016   Senators to challenge public holiday closure law
 15.12.2016   Czech scientists discover world’s highest sited plant
 14.12.2016   Foreign minister cautiously optimistic about fate of two Czechs detained in Turkey
 14.12.2016   Sís tapestry stops off in Prague ahead of installment at new Havel building in Strasbourg
 13.12.2016   Biggest Czech brewer heading again into Japanese hands
 13.12.2016   Magdalena Kožená in fray for Grammy awards
 12.12.2016   Lawmakers in lower house approve anti-smoking bill
 9.12.2016   Czech Republic seeks to pave way for ten-fold trade increase with Iran
 9.12.2016   Study finds poor air quality in Moravian-Silesion region harming young children
 8.12.2016   Government budget for 2017 draws fire from both sides of opposition
 8.12.2016   CzechTourism agency preparing to spotlight the country’s Baroque legacy
 7.12.2016   Miloš Zeman accepts invitation to visit Trump at White House
 7.12.2016   Legendary band Pražský výběr to play their biggest ever concert
 6.12.2016   Trust in president falls amid series of scandals
 6.12.2016   Team of Czech surgeons head to Iraq to support coalition forces
 5.12.2016   Czech music world mourns loss of rock guitarist Radim Hladík
 2.12.2016   Pilot project aims to make companies come clean over public contracts
 2.12.2016   Czechoslovak secret police files reveal interest in Trump couple
 1.12.2016   Finance minister’s flagship measure against Czech tax dodgers takes effect
 1.12.2016   French president stresses unity during Czech visit
 30.11.2016   Rich Czechs seek safety in underground bunkers
 30.11.2016   Parliament approves tough new conflict of interest legislation
 29.11.2016   Czechs take part in Giving Tuesday
 29.11.2016   Brussels officials stage Dvořák’s Rusalka
 28.11.2016   Czech NGO denied access to eastern Ukraine
 25.11.2016   Heavy drug use drops in Czech Republic
 25.11.2016   Football club Sparta Prague down Southampton, advance in Europa League
 24.11.2016   Anti-Babiš media ownership law back in spotlight
 24.11.2016   Secrets recounted of STASI operations in former Czechoslovakia
 23.11.2016   Czech government report highlights alarming aspects of economy
 23.11.2016   On the up-and-up: Czech rock climber sets new record scaling Dawn Wall
 22.11.2016   Picture of skirmish between human rights demonstrators and pro- Xi Jinping supporters wins Czech Press Photo
 22.11.2016   Czech Republic looks to Norway for inspiration in building “humane“ prison
 21.11.2016   Online gambling spreading like wildfire among Czech teenagers
 18.11.2016   Czech couple involved with Kurdish group facing terror charges in Turkey
 18.11.2016   Documentary film takes Polish perspective on legendary Czech songwriter and singer Karel Kryl
 17.11.2016   Biggest turnout in years for democracy celebrations on November 17
 16.11.2016   Proposal to make defamation of president criminal offense stirs memories of communist repression
 16.11.2016   Czech government seeks to ease residency for foreign investors
 15.11.2016   Czech foreign minister: EU needs to be active in opening communication channels with new US administration
 15.11.2016   Czechoslovak diplomat recognised as “Righteous among the Nations”
 14.11.2016   Health and human rights ministers sacked in cabinet shake-up
 11.11.2016   Czech women’s tennis team hoping to clinch fifth Fed Cup title in six years
 11.11.2016   St. Martin‘s wine est arrivé!
 10.11.2016   Czech Republic learns anti-corruption lessons over EU funds
 10.11.2016   Unlikely friendship between policewoman and gang boss centre of new Czech doc
 9.11.2016   Most Czech politicians react cautiously to Donald Trump triumph
 9.11.2016   Analyst: Prague hoping Trump’s NATO comments just campaign rhetoric
 8.11.2016   Culture minister: Important hurdle falls on the way to a buyout of the pig-farm at Lety
 8.11.2016   Czechs ‘fired up’ over WW II-era bunkers
 7.11.2016   Political analyst: Social Democrats losing out to coalition “rival” through poor PR strategy
 4.11.2016   Michal Horáček seeks to be a hit in Czech presidential contest
 4.11.2016   Sparta hit form on pitch but face problems in stands
 3.11.2016   Kremlin mulling creation of centre which would provide Russians with “correct” interpretation of history
 3.11.2016   Czech museum scores with unique opera diva collection
 2.11.2016   Beijing cancels Czech minister’s visit as Dalai Lama visit fallout continues
 2.11.2016   Trekkies sell out Prague’s Rudolfinum concert hall
 1.11.2016   Electronic Cash register system begins trial run
 1.11.2016   Czech ski resorts bet on artificial snow after several warm winters
 31.10.2016   “Gentleman’s agreement” with China at center of political scandal in Prague
 27.10.2016   Holocaust survivor George Brady honoured by the PM and Parliament
 27.10.2016   George Brady: A story of tragedy and survival
 26.10.2016   To boycott or not to boycott: Politicians split over whether to attend Castle event
 26.10.2016   Czech Republic to have highest budget surplus in modern history, but opposition says not due to good management
 25.10.2016   President tries to defuse situation ahead of upcoming state awards
 25.10.2016   Government approves bill on adoption of biological children in same-sex couples
 24.10.2016   Awards-scandal threatens to blight official celebrations of Czechoslovak Independence Day
 21.10.2016   Czechs face superpower tug of war over Russian ‘hacker’
 21.10.2016   Biopic captures troubled times of diplomat and president’s son, Jan Masaryk
 20.10.2016   Dalai Lama’s visit to Prague surrounded by controversy
 20.10.2016   Czech Republic sees new GE aircraft engine investment as signpost for future
 19.10.2016   Zeman and Babiš push Senate abolition – but could it happen?
 19.10.2016   New book by astronaut who shot first pics of Great Wall of China from Space launched in Prague
 18.10.2016   President’s spokesman lashes out at culture minister for meeting with Dalai Lama
 18.10.2016   Social Democrats mulling reconciliation with president in wake of election defeat
 17.10.2016   Christian Democrats celebrate election victory as stronger coalition partners digest defeat
 14.10.2016   Senate could play a stronger role but not without changes, says political analyst Pehe
 13.10.2016   Would-be Czech Islamic State soldier testifies to police
 13.10.2016   New staging of Katya Kabanova one of highlights at Janáček - Brno 2016
 12.10.2016   Interior minister surprises by pledging early support for Zeman second-term
 12.10.2016   Huge Signal festival to light up Prague for fourth time from Thursday
 11.10.2016   Uncertainty as Klinika “cultural centre” site sold to Railway Administration
 11.10.2016   Hundreds of recordings by famous Karel Vlach Orchestra compiled in new release
 10.10.2016   Can ANO’s success in regions carry over to general elections?
 7.10.2016   Czechs vote in regional and Senate elections
 7.10.2016   Grandi Stazioni loses 30-year lease of Main Railway Station due to renovation delays
 6.10.2016   Czech PM suggests conditions for communists to come out of the cold
 6.10.2016   Chuck Palahniuk headlining Prague Writers’ Festival
 5.10.2016   Government agrees on minimum wage of 11,000 crowns
 5.10.2016   Marriages to foreigners increasing with Czech women preferring Westerners
 4.10.2016   Greenpeace activists stage protest at Czech coal plant
 4.10.2016   National Theatre honours Havel at 80, kicking off festival putting focus on human rights
 3.10.2016   New agreement to facilitate Czech-German cross-border police operations
 30.9.2016   Prime minister appeals to UK’s Theresa May to take action in face of attacks on foreigners
 30.9.2016   Joshua Bell helps Czech Philharmonic launch 121st season
 29.9.2016   Opinion divided over Zeman and Klaus attending “pro-Putin” conference
 29.9.2016   Cyberattacks in Czech Republic on rise
 27.9.2016   Twenty-three years after their Velvet Divorce Czechs and Slovaks are "closer than ever"
 27.9.2016   Week-long festival celebrates Czech beer
 26.9.2016   Winton children plan to honour their parents’ courage
 23.9.2016   Castle refuses apology in Peroutka case citing fear of flood of lawsuits
 22.9.2016   President Zeman calls for military strike against “nerve centre” of terrorism
 22.9.2016   Hokovský: Migration and security remain top issues for electorate even on regional level
 21.9.2016   Government approves draft state budget for 2017
 21.9.2016   Reconciliation project organiser: Sudetens returning impossible so why not try friendship?
 20.9.2016   Czech foreign minister says more effort needed to tackle root causes of uncontrolled migration
 20.9.2016   Russian street-art activist and critic of Putin regime detained in Prague
 19.9.2016   Political analyst: Visegrad policy in the EU could backfire
 16.9.2016   Czech foreign minister seeks investment drive to bridge EU divide
 16.9.2016   Prague arts venue Akropolis celebrating double anniversary
 15.9.2016   Czech government sets target to join world e-government elite
 15.9.2016   London show aims to further boost growing reputation of Czech glass
 14.9.2016   “Anti-Babiš” law to bar government members from media ownership – but will it work?
 14.9.2016   Ivan Klíma’s work marked by “empathy”, says translator as author turns 85
 13.9.2016   Czechs take stance on European future ahead of Bratislava summit
 13.9.2016   Special circumstances could have resulted in first successful C-section in medieval Prague
 12.9.2016   Warm tributes paid to Věra Čáslavská at National Theatre memorial
 9.9.2016   Guilty verdicts in Prague Opencard case
 9.9.2016   Air pollution bill targeting waste burning in homes stirs controversy
 8.9.2016   Czech foreign minister: One cannot draw a parallel between terrorists and democratically elected politicians
 8.9.2016   Karolína Plíšková playing for spot in US Open singles final
 7.9.2016   V4 bloc seeks united front ahead of EU summit
 7.9.2016   Václav Havel’s image showcased at international caricature exhibition
 6.9.2016   Average wages rise by 3.9 percent
 6.9.2016   Czech musicians bring classical music concerts to cafés
 5.9.2016   ANO leader promises money for dignified memorial after insulting Roma Holocaust victims
 2.9.2016   Czech counter espionage service highlights potential terrorist threat and stepped up activities by Russia and China
 2.9.2016   Czech Foreign Ministry vows to close “representative centre” of Donetsk separatists
 2.9.2016   Peroutka’s granddaughter wins apology from president, but fails to clear grandfather’s name
 1.9.2016   New school year brings better pay for teachers, equal opportunities for children with disabilities
 1.9.2016   Czech Republic falls into line and sets maximum retirement age at 65
 31.8.2016   Olympic star and 1968 invasion protestor Věra Čáslavská dies
 31.8.2016   European Heritage Days to open hundreds of cultural and historical sites
 30.8.2016   TV blockbuster setback following Barrandov fire
 30.8.2016   Czech energy regulator seeks to spark fall in gas prices for households
 29.8.2016   Former Czechoslovak communist leaders sued in Germany for Iron Curtain deaths
 26.8.2016   Merkel, Sobotka find common ground on numerous issues with notable exception of migrant quotas
 26.8.2016   Jihlava welcomes back Olympic champion
 25.8.2016   Return of ambassador to Havana reflects Czech change of tack on Cuba
 25.8.2016   Nine Gates festival highlights Shanghai’s role in Jewish history
 24.8.2016   Prague Castle security further intensified with walk-through metal detectors
 24.8.2016   New ‘blue zones’ spell end of free parking in parts of Prague 5 & 6
 23.8.2016   Prime Minister Sobotka calls for creation of EU army to complement NATO
 23.8.2016   American comedian Louis C.K. to perform at Rudolfinum
 22.8.2016   Populist politician stages “Islamic State invasion” in Old Town Square
 19.8.2016   Václav Havel fundraiser sends bells around the world on a journey of remembrance and gratitude
 19.8.2016   Moravian Bzenec chateaux claims Czech Winegrower of the Year crown
 18.8.2016   Czechs kidnapped in Lebanon sue state over “blunders”
 18.8.2016   Priceless artefact undergoes scanning
 17.8.2016   Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes prepares to launch new educative website
 17.8.2016   Pandas would boost Prague zoo’s prestige and attendance, says director
 16.8.2016   Municipalities up in arms over prospect of costlier ground water
 16.8.2016   Inhabitants of Uhříněves protest against marked increase in traffic
 15.8.2016   Tourists brave new security measures at Prague Castle
 12.8.2016   Krpálek clinches Olympic gold in judo competition
 12.8.2016   Prague districts offer possible sites for Slav Epic
 11.8.2016   Muslims attend Catholic mass in show of solidarity
 11.8.2016   Czech sales of Sistine Chapel copies to set record
 10.8.2016   Interior Ministry announces tender for drone-killer system
 10.8.2016   Czech competitors court success, but there’s mixed news away from the Olympic stadium
 9.8.2016   Unemployment rate goes up for the first time since February
 9.8.2016   Philharmonic offers life chance to deprived Roma children
 8.8.2016   2016 Prague Pride highlights the right to love
 5.8.2016   Germany to pay compensation to remaining victims of Roma Holocaust
 5.8.2016   Barbora Špotáková seen as prime Czech hope for Rio Olympics medal
 4.8.2016   Criticism from EU commissioner sparks fresh debate on migrant quotas in Prague
 4.8.2016   Czech journalist gets Russia ban in apparent tit-for-tat move
 3.8.2016   More Czechs choosing domestic summer vacations over travelling abroad
 3.8.2016   Sixty Chinese Christians apply for asylum in Czech Republic
 2.8.2016   Czech Republic sees highest mid-year budget surplus in its modern history
 2.8.2016   Obtaining a taxi driver’s licence in Prague likely to be more difficult
 1.8.2016   Police reform on the roll, despite continuing controversy
 29.7.2016   Last ditch moves are aimed at halting auction of Prague Invalidovna complex
 29.7.2016   Tradespeople up in arms over booming Jack-of-all-trades phenomenon
 28.7.2016   Czech police to boost protection at “soft” terrorism targets
 28.7.2016   New plan for Czech ghettos aims to combat dodgy landlords
 27.7.2016   Deputy prime minister opposes Czech Republic taking in 81 Syrian refugees
 27.7.2016   New mobile app brings modern Czech history to life
 26.7.2016   Czechs training Iraqi pilots to be deployed in fight against ISIL
 26.7.2016   Tripartite fails to reach consensus on minimum monthly wage
 25.7.2016   Scientists warn that Šumava could lose introduced lynx population
 22.7.2016   Trump’s words on conditional defense shock NATO allies
 22.7.2016   Czech WW II veteran fulfils dream with Spitfire flight
 21.7.2016   Rail crossings set for repair as anniversary of Studénka tragedy approaches
 21.7.2016   Czech organist makes mark at prestigious Bach competition
 20.7.2016   Extradited US citizen given life by Czech court for brutal murders
 20.7.2016   Government split over proposal to tax churches’ restitution money
 19.7.2016   Czech politicians deeply concerned over developments in Turkey
 19.7.2016   Prague Wheel backers seek to calm fears
 18.7.2016   Officials call for continued caution on part of Czechs in Turkey
 15.7.2016   Czech nuclear waste deep storage will only be sited where there is local support says ministry
 15.7.2016   Juan Diego Flórez stars at Český Krumlov international music festival
 14.7.2016   Working group to define Czech priorities for Brexit talks
 14.7.2016   Rubik’s Cube competitors square up in Prague for European Championships
 13.7.2016   Environment group challenges ministry moves to tackle air pollution in Ostrava
 13.7.2016   Smallest ever Czech team set for Rio Olympics
 12.7.2016   Controversial truck tolling system likely to remain in place until 2019
 12.7.2016   New waterway rules make waves
 11.7.2016   Labour Ministry unveils plan to promote gender equality in salaries
 8.7.2016   Single Czech stand at Warsaw NATO summit seen under strain
 8.7.2016   ‘The Teacher’ tipped for Karlovy Vary film festival award winners
 7.7.2016   Ministry of Culture called on to stop Slav Epic tour of Asia
 7.7.2016   Threatened Czech mining village focus of ambitious Wasteland series
 4.7.2016   Anthropoid story close to our hearts, says star Jamie Dornan
 1.7.2016   Anthropoid set to steal show at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
 1.7.2016   Guard changes at Czech National Bank with new governor
 30.6.2016   Debate begins on ‘new’ reformed EU
 30.6.2016   KVIFF programme chief’s tips: Swiss Army Man, People Next Door section and restored Intimate Lighting
 29.6.2016   Same sex couples win court battle over child adoption discrimination
 29.6.2016   Major transport projects set for green light as EC agrees exemptions
 28.6.2016   Anti-smoking legislation to again be debated in Parliament
 28.6.2016   Underpant art activists flag up worries over state control
 27.6.2016   UK exit must not halt EU progress, says Zaorálek after Prague “V4+” meeting
 24.6.2016   Czech politicians agree that EU needs to reform in wake of Brexit
 24.6.2016   State Secretary for European Affairs Tomáš Prouza: The EU will rally
 23.6.2016   Government signals end of free plastic bags – but will move make much difference to customers?
 23.6.2016   Unknown diaries kept by Václav Havel to be published
 22.6.2016   ‘Brexit’ vote divides Czechs over EU future
 22.6.2016   Football journalist: Czechs paid for excessive respect for big-name opponents at Euros
 21.6.2016   Reorganization unleashes open war inside police force
 21.6.2016   National register to make it easier to combat diabetes
 20.6.2016   Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka plays to Czech strengths over sports and business
 17.6.2016   Czech scientists on track for drug against Zika virus
 17.6.2016   Czech customers are ready for wonky carrots and less than perfect potatoes says initiative for combatting food waste
 16.6.2016   Government crisis over, but problems with police reform remain
 16.6.2016   Philosophy night kicks off in Prague
 15.6.2016   Prime Minister says there is no reason for coalition to collapse
 15.6.2016   Czech university pioneers chemical warfare detection device
 14.6.2016   New York to mark late president's 80th birthday with "Václav Havel Day"
 14.6.2016   Piqué sinks Czechs with late goal in squad’s Euro 2016 opener
 13.6.2016   Battle continues over planned reform of police force
 10.6.2016   Police reform threatens future of Czech government
 10.6.2016   Can the Czechs surprise at Euro 2016?
 9.6.2016   Visegrad Four leaders see strength in adversity
 9.6.2016   Spiritual tram features among attractions during Night of Open Churches
 8.6.2016   Motion over status of Soviet 1968 invaders part of broader trend in Russia says historian
 8.6.2016   Czech artist to revive ancient UK “clipping the church” custom in Birmingham
 7.6.2016   First ‘candidates’ mull presidential bids
 7.6.2016   Jackal comes out of hiding near Prague
 6.6.2016   Plan to boost gender equality set to go before cabinet
 3.6.2016   Czech town of Hodonín seeks to put itself on global map as international transport hub
 3.6.2016   Sáblíková’s Olympic hopes punctured
 2.6.2016   Minister: Pay rise for teachers a “priority”
 2.6.2016   Nine-year-old boy from Chicago admitted to select club of Czech literature lovers
 1.6.2016   Recording shows Prima ordered journalists to report negatively on refugees
 1.6.2016   Czech mountaineer scales Denali in bid for Crown of the World
 31.5.2016   City councillors signal end of the line for Segways in Prague city centre
 31.5.2016   Czech pianist scores with prestigious prize
 30.5.2016   Czechs, Germans and Austrians take part in reconciliation march commemorating violent post-war expulsions
 27.5.2016   Surveys consistently reveal most Czechs favour ban on smoking in pubs and restaurants
 27.5.2016   Jerusalem Days organisers’ say festival is bridge between cultures
 26.5.2016   Failure of smoking ban bill sparks coalition war of words
 26.5.2016   Prague Fringe Festival launches with ‘cream of the crop’
 25.5.2016   Rusnok named new governor of Czech National Bank
 25.5.2016   Monitoring team created in response to perceived growth in Russian web presence
 24.5.2016   Joint police and military patrols called off
 24.5.2016   Olomouc to host El Greco masterpiece from New York
 23.5.2016   Popular Czech children’s author Adolf Born dies aged 85
 20.5.2016   London tributes paid to late Sir Nicholas Winton
 20.5.2016   Czechs bow out of ice hockey World Championship with firmer hopes for future
 19.5.2016   Debate on Islam reveals strong emotions, less knowledge
 19.5.2016   Czech football manager names provisional squad for Euro 2016 finals
 18.5.2016   Czech government calls for better protection of Schengen border as alternate migrant routes revived
 18.5.2016   Teplice issues guidelines for Muslim visitors
 17.5.2016   Czech celebrities appeal for British to remain in EU
 17.5.2016   Stalin to return (temporarily) to Letná Park
 16.5.2016   Czech culture minister at Sudeten-German Landsmannschaft: It is time for reconciliation
 16.5.2016   Czech ministry counts cost of China market economy status
 13.5.2016   Charles IV birthday celebrations to peak at the weekend
 13.5.2016   Czech president attacks public television broadcaster, calls for debate over its future
 12.5.2016   Nigeria interested in Czech power technology and know-how
 12.5.2016   Reaching first final “already major improvement” for Czechs at Eurovision
 11.5.2016   Famous Prague gardens face early and expensive reconstruction
 11.5.2016   Czech and British companies join forces to develop VR headset
 10.5.2016   Prague district to fight back against widespread graffiti
 10.5.2016   New graphic novel gives story of Charles IV as a young man a Batman-like ‘sheen’
 9.5.2016   Czech extremists swap traditional topics for migrant issue
 6.5.2016   Government upbeat on salvaging key transport projects
 6.5.2016   Czechs face off against Russia at Ice Hockey World Championships
 5.5.2016   Visegrad group states reject EC proposal on redistribution of migrants
 5.5.2016   Prague Uprising recalled on 71st anniversary at radio building
 4.5.2016   Prague against dropping of visa requirement for Turkey unless all criteria met
 4.5.2016   Czech exiles showcased at Anifilm
 3.5.2016   Czech foreign minister: Thaw in relations with Cuba does not mean Prague will abandon human rights agenda
 3.5.2016   Military airbase opens child group for employees with children
 2.5.2016   Populist leader announces plans to create Czech version of Germany’s AfD
 29.4.2016   Czech Republic takes stand on drugs policy at UN conference
 29.4.2016   Czech Republic sees record rise in number of HIV cases
 28.4.2016   Zeman farm visit seen as sign of closer ties with Babiš
 28.4.2016   Admission of “quota” refugees off to slow start in the Czech Republic
 27.4.2016   Endgame plays out over fate of OKD mining company
 27.4.2016   Constitutional Court rules fathers should not have to pay to be present at birth of their child
 26.4.2016   Czech PM makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan
 26.4.2016   Prague shows solidarity with hate attack victims
 25.4.2016   Czech ministry seeks to highlight domestic benefits of TTIP deal
 25.4.2016   Czech police officers to help enforce EU-Turkey agreement in Greece
 22.4.2016   Czech Republic playing crucial role in Syria, says deputy foreign minister
 22.4.2016   Nearly 500 tombstones restored at Prague’s New Jewish Cemetery
 21.4.2016   School pupils back Muslim classmate targeted over headscarf
 21.4.2016   Tomáš Bata’s town wants to revive the art of traditional shoemaking
 20.4.2016   Security Council rebuffs Brussels’ stricter gun control plans
 20.4.2016   Příbor named Historic Town of the Year 2016
 19.4.2016   Foreign workers still face widespread abuse on the labour market
 19.4.2016   New documentary recounts story of Czechoslovak Jewish children saved from Holocaust
 18.4.2016   Defence Ministry planning sustained involvement in foreign missions
 15.4.2016   Czechia wins top backing but opposition voiced to shortened name for Czech Republic
 15.4.2016   New English language production of Cimrman play staged in Prague
 14.4.2016   Russian journalists denied accreditation, Moscow threatens retaliatory action
 14.4.2016   Police officer causes more than two million crowns in damage in car-slamming spree
 13.4.2016   Czechia front runner as shortened name for Czech Republic
 13.4.2016   Radio Wave planning public party to launch “street” studio
 12.4.2016   Government sidesteps unified position on proposal to tax church compensation
 12.4.2016   Police president apologises for Tibetan flag incident at Prague Film Academy
 11.4.2016   Foreign relations expert: Prague and Vienna are now focusing on positive issues
 8.4.2016   ‘Closer’ project brings high school kids to Lety to learn about Romany culture but also history of WWII internment camp
 8.4.2016   Czech scientists breed “better carp”
 7.4.2016   Proposed new asylum rules elicit swift negative response from Prague
 7.4.2016   Chernobyl impact study suggests Czech Republic was worse hit by nuclear disaster
 6.4.2016   Foreign minister visit focusses on deepening cooperation with Israel, Palestinian territories
 6.4.2016   US boss says Czech Republic should take centre stage as film location
 5.4.2016   Czech PM calls for probe into activities of Czechs on Panama Papers files
 5.4.2016   Prague Zoo celebrates birth of first ‘100% Prague-bred’ elephant
 4.4.2016   Relocation programme for Christian refugees from Iraq in jeopardy after large group moves to Germany
 1.4.2016   Austria angered at approval for continued operation of Dukovany nuclear reactor
 1.4.2016   Much-loved Czech ‘handymen’ Pat and Mat star in new feature film
 31.3.2016   Chapel for MPs opens at lower house of Parliament
 31.3.2016   Study: Czech incidence of hepatitis C eight times higher than previously believed
 30.3.2016   Second day of Chinese president’s visit sees signing of strategic partnership but also protests
 30.3.2016   Czech NGOs unite to highlight human rights situation in China
 29.3.2016   Chinese president’s lavish reception in Prague sparks controversy
 29.3.2016   Bilateral agreements aim to pave business boom between Czech Republic and China
 24.3.2016   Czech finance minister fails to dispel suspicion of subsidy-fraud as country awaits outcome of EU investigation
 24.3.2016   Thousands of police to monitor Czech roads over Easter holidays in effort to discourage drink driving
 23.3.2016   Czech Republic on security alert following Brussels attacks
 23.3.2016   General Petr Pavel: Military only “part of a broader toolbox” in fight against terrorism
 22.3.2016   “Lex Babiš” threatens to topple ruling coalition
 22.3.2016   Researchers from Masaryk University uncover new evidence of how some cancer cells survive aggressive chemotherapy
 21.3.2016   Alfons Mucha’s Slav Epic set for legal tug of war between Prague and painter’s descendants
 18.3.2016   Opposition parties warn they will call vote of no-confidence over Stork’s Nest
 18.3.2016   Sparta Prague continue dream run into final eight of Europa League
 17.3.2016   Febiofest offers big picture on refugee crisis
 17.3.2016   Czech Senate calls for end to “open-door” migrant policy ahead of EU-Turkey summit
 16.3.2016   Trabant adventure film hits Czech cinemas
 16.3.2016   Czech ministry pushes fertility treatment for single women
 15.3.2016   A Syrian Love Story wins main award at One World
 15.3.2016   Czech Medical Chamber says foreign doctors are not enough to stave off westward brain drain
 14.3.2016   Czech coalition unsettled as questions hover over Stork’s Nest
 11.3.2016   President Zeman backs referendum law in address to parliament
 11.3.2016   One World doc Russian Woodpecker explores possible links between Chernobyl and nearby Soviet radar
 10.3.2016   Prague City Hall defends absence from “Flag for Tibet” campaign
 10.3.2016   Are the proposed new health food norms for school cafeterias over the top?
 9.3.2016   Czech politicians express solidarity with imprisoned Ukrainian pilot
 9.3.2016   Like it or not, migrants are coming, says maker of One World film No Man is an Island
 8.3.2016   Czech PM welcomes EU deal with Turkey
 8.3.2016   Number of MPs aim to weaken anti-smoking legislation in name of smokers’ rights
 7.3.2016   Slovakia’s fragmented post-election scene raises concerns in Prague
 4.3.2016   Group of Czech lawmakers calls for ban of fur farms
 4.3.2016   Senate asks president to show more restraint in his statements and actions
 3.3.2016   Politicians clash over move to re-name November 17 holiday
 3.3.2016   Prague district explores concrete steps to independence
 2.3.2016   Bill that could hurt Babiš sparks coalition spat
 2.3.2016   Renowned Czech opera singer backs ‘professional’ arts education for schoolchildren
 1.3.2016   Prague begins issuing ‘Lítačka’ transit card
 1.3.2016   Inspectors report increase in food safety violations
 29.2.2016   Armchair used by President Masaryk sold at auction for 1.1 million crowns
 26.2.2016   Campaign highlights plight of present-day refugees by recalling dramatic communist-era escapes
 26.2.2016   Prague votes for controversial partnership agreement with Beijing
 25.2.2016   Czech health minister gives assurances, advice, after first Zika cases
 25.2.2016   Migrants’ tough journeys and arrivals among key focuses of One World 2016
 24.2.2016   Amnesty highlights Czech treatment of refugees in latest annual report
 24.2.2016   Low key commemorations as Czechs hope to have learnt lessons from shooting spree
 23.2.2016   Czech crusader against solar subsidies sentenced over suspect licenses
 23.2.2016   Czech research team measures record high temperature in the Antarctic
 22.2.2016   Czech Republic could send up to 100 soldiers to serve with eastern members of NATO alliance
 22.2.2016   Post office unions deliver protest message to management
 19.2.2016   Moravian village unsettled by arrival of Iraqi refugees
 19.2.2016   Czech-German fuel tussle breakthrough creates new problems
 18.2.2016   Czech environment minister given some assurance on Polish mining plans near border
 18.2.2016   Czech government ends talks with OKD mining company
 17.2.2016   What do V4 objections mean for deal aimed at keeping UK in EU?
 17.2.2016   Death of bullied teacher puts spotlight on poor training
 16.2.2016   Visegrad leaders debate back-up plan for migrant crisis
 16.2.2016   Czech auction market strengthens in 2015 with surge in sales set to continue
 15.2.2016   Foreign relations expert: Visegrad is at a crossroads
 12.2.2016   National Museum says contractors liable for blaze damages
 12.2.2016   Czech cyber security preparedness still lacking
 11.2.2016   Opposition parties threaten Constitutional Court challenge over electronic cash register legislation
 11.2.2016   Czech foreign minister offers Macedonia help in tackling migrant crisis
 10.2.2016   First Iraqi pilots complete training on L-159 fighter jets
 10.2.2016   Rare U.S. coin makes brief stop at Czech National Museum
 9.2.2016   Czech exports reach all-time high
 9.2.2016   Alternative fuel cars gain in popularity among Czech motorists
 8.2.2016   “Symbol of help for refugees” attacked in Prague
 5.2.2016   US shocked by release of terrorist suspects, as Czech government brings home missing Czechs
 5.2.2016   Czech steelmakers fear flood of Chinese imports
 4.2.2016   Zodiac Heads “appetiser” for larger Ai Weiwei project in 2017, says NG chief
 4.2.2016   Former communist-era top official not to be charged with Iron Curtain deaths
 3.2.2016   Prague aims to participate in Michalák hearing in Norway – but will it be allowed?
 3.2.2016   Tsunami of VAT proposals flood Czech political scene
 2.2.2016   Czechs abducted in Lebanon freed
 2.2.2016   Archaeologists unearth ancient boat in Egyptian necropolis
 1.2.2016   Czech delegation aims to further economic, cultural ties with Egypt
 29.1.2016   ANO chief Babiš ruffles feathers with lower beer tax pledge
 29.1.2016   Czech composer Srnka reaches career milestone with Munich premiere
 28.1.2016   Expert: Spike in extremist events likely to be repeated this year
 28.1.2016   Czech Republic seen in top 20 of most competitive global manufacturing locations
 27.1.2016   Zeman’s “Kalashnikov” comment: Harmless quip or dangerous populism?
 27.1.2016   Report says Czech Republic makes breakthrough in fight against corruption
 26.1.2016   Czech defense and security specialist elected dean of NATO Defense College
 26.1.2016   Schools material over immigrants sparks row
 25.1.2016   Christian refugees from Iraq find new home in Czech Republic
 22.1.2016   British PM David Cameron sounds out Czechs on EU reform package
 22.1.2016   Chess champion Garry Kasparov reacts to Litvinenko verdict during Prague trip
 21.1.2016   Court undermines mandatory Czech vaccination regime
 21.1.2016   Brno’s Masaryk University develops shoes for pregnant women that make walking a breeze
 20.1.2016   V4 call for hotspots to have detention capacity as Czech PM proposes moving Schengen border
 20.1.2016   Winner of Velká pardubická steeplechase faces disqualification
 19.1.2016   Czech government backs commission’s border protection plans
 19.1.2016   Václav Havel airport flies high with record passenger figures
 18.1.2016   Czech trade delegation paves way for Iran contracts
 18.1.2016   Czechs honour Jan Palach’s memory
 15.1.2016   Czech writers show support for sentenced Palestinian poet
 15.1.2016   Czech enthusiasts launch clean water project in Guinea
 14.1.2016   Czech Embassy in Damascus may become sole distributor of EU aid to Syria
 14.1.2016   Historians excited by Czech coin find of the century
 13.1.2016   British PM to push EU reform goals on Prague trip
 13.1.2016   “Birthday” station Wave expecting street level studio to boost visibility
 12.1.2016   EU foreign affairs chief praises Czechs for focus on EU unity
 12.1.2016   Czechs seek common ground with new Polish government
 11.1.2016   Czech unemployment edges up but downward trend seen continuing and could translate into lowest jobless rate in Europe
 11.1.2016   Documentary film puts spotlight on turbulent life of Czech actress Lída Baarová
 8.1.2016   Czech auto sector sees 2015 surge in production and sales
 8.1.2016   Václav Havel commemorations shape up for 2016
 7.1.2016   Communist MP who shocked nation with outrageous statements need not apologize
 7.1.2016   Czech police ordered to revive investigation into exploited foreign workers
 6.1.2016   Prime minister’s e-mails hacked
 6.1.2016   Czech women turned off scientific careers: sociologist
 5.1.2016   Czech Republic sending relief aid to help Greece deal with migrant influx
 5.1.2016   Czech Philharmonic commemorates 120th anniversary, recreating historic first concert
 4.1.2016   Will the low crown go down in 2016?
 30.12.2015   Brdy readies for opening as nature reserve
 30.12.2015   Tributes paid to former Czech and Newcastle United goalkeeper Pavel Srníček
 29.12.2015   Czech government seeks to reduce number of children in institutional care
 29.12.2015   Personalized car license plates to be available soon
 28.12.2015   Czech president uses Christmas message to warn of migrant "invasion"
 23.12.2015   Hotel gets huge response to offer of free Christmas stays
 23.12.2015   Activists call for end to Christmas carp sales
 22.12.2015   Government approves plan for future Czech army role
 22.12.2015   Hejnová named top sports personality of 2015
 21.12.2015   Brno cathedral marks conclusion of research phase for beatification of martyred priests
 18.12.2015   Czech PM seeks to hold Visegrad line at Brussels summit
 18.12.2015   Václav Havel remembered for ideals but also humour on fourth anniversary of his death
 17.12.2015   Czech PM defends need to preserve Schengen open space
 17.12.2015   Czech army reserve to expand and be available for foreign missions
 16.12.2015   Anti-smoking bill passes in first reading
 16.12.2015   Czech environment fosters cannabis institute
 15.12.2015   Government rejects another bailout package for OKD mining company
 15.12.2015   Sponsor of Iraqi refugees says most could be self sufficient within a year
 14.12.2015   Radio announcer Vladimír Fišer “the voice of 1968” dies at 81
 11.12.2015   Military Intelligence to invest hundreds of millions in cyber-defence
 11.12.2015   Unique Neolithic sculpture found at Czech site
 10.12.2015   Amnesty Czech Republic launches letter-writing campaign on World Human Rights Day
 10.12.2015   Czech designers set out stall at annual showcase event
 9.12.2015   Interior ministry proposes new anti-terrorism measures
 9.12.2015   National Theatre façade restored
 8.12.2015   Communist party stands by embattled Euro MP Ransdorf
 8.12.2015   Wild animals contribute to conservation at former military base
 7.12.2015   Czech government approves tougher firearms rules in wake of Uherský brod tragedy
 4.12.2015   Problems in the pipeline for Prague over Nord Stream II
 4.12.2015   Advent Appeal calls on Czechs not to give in to hate and intolerance
 3.12.2015   Czech-South Korean business talks shift relations into higher gear
 3.12.2015   Top Czech politicians to discuss shutdown and failures at Dukovany nuclear plant
 2.12.2015   What next for Czech port lot after Hamburg’s rejection of Olympics?
 2.12.2015   Czech study highlights closed doors after parental leave
 1.12.2015   Police operation will make crooked cabbies think twice about ripping customers off, says undercover journalist
 1.12.2015   Police officers patrolling border face rough conditions after losing many old “footholds”
 30.11.2015   Czech prime minister joins world leaders at climate change conference in Paris
 27.11.2015   Czech Republic and China ink investment boosting memorandum
 26.11.2015   Czech top officials in war of words over migrant crisis
 26.11.2015   Great Czech photographer Eva Fuková dies at 88
 25.11.2015   Bloc Against Islam leader charged with hate speech
 25.11.2015   Putting the bowl out for charity
 24.11.2015   Think before you troll: Campaign shows real victims of hate comments
 24.11.2015   ‘Last post’ for Prague newspaper legend
 23.11.2015   Czech authorities to introduce security threat scale
 20.11.2015   Where would mooted “mini-Schengen” leave states like Czech Republic?
 20.11.2015   Corruption watchdog says anti-fraud flagship proposal has been gutted
 19.11.2015   Czech Republic ready to do more in war against ISIS
 19.11.2015   Prague flagship antique fairs starts with local and foreign buyers boosting market
 18.11.2015   Does appearance with anti-Islam group signal new departure for Zeman?
 18.11.2015   Academics denounce ‘hijacked’ anniversary as students barred from Albertov site
 17.11.2015   Czechs mark 26 years of freedom and democracy
 16.11.2015   Czech prime minister says Paris attacks are wake-up call for Europe
 13.11.2015   Prague-based Burma expert says victorious NLD must still do deal with military
 13.11.2015   Music awards hit controversial note with Ortel entry
 12.11.2015   Hunger strikers at Drahonice detention centre holding out for release
 12.11.2015   Czechs aiming for fourth Fed Cup title in five years in front of home fans
 11.11.2015   Coalition at Prague City Hall collapses
 11.11.2015   Czech energy regulator reportedly at risk in spat over renewables support
 10.11.2015   Pehe: Czech government has taken somewhat ‘alibistic’ stance on refugees
 10.11.2015   Foreign visitors flock to Czech Republic
 9.11.2015   A fifth of Czechs consider bribes to be a normal part of life
 6.11.2015   Conditions improve at criticised migrant detention centre
 6.11.2015   Unique Lichtenstein mausoleum reopens near Brno
 5.11.2015   Czech Foreign Ministry not revising its travel advice for Egypt, but advising heightened caution
 5.11.2015   Will Škoda Auto take hit from Volkswagen emissions scandal?
 4.11.2015   Czech Republic targets skilled Ukrainian labour
 4.11.2015   Czech project offers sex services for disabled
 3.11.2015   Government agrees on additional aid for refugees
 3.11.2015   Closely observed wolves in Šumava
 2.11.2015   Czech pavilion wins architectural prize at Milan expo
 30.10.2015   Czech helper says refugees face desperate situation on Croatia border
 29.10.2015   Zeman honours 35 “for bravery and work” at Prague Castle ceremony
 29.10.2015   Czech world famous crooner undergoes emergency surgery
 27.10.2015   Czech meat industry denounces UN report on cancer risks
 27.10.2015   Czech women’s tennis in great shape, says legend Navrátilová
 26.10.2015   Czech PM promises increased aid to Jordan during visit
 23.10.2015   Majority of Czech politicians close ranks behind government in wake of UN criticism
 22.10.2015   Consternation after Czech delegation held up for four hours at Moscow airport
 22.10.2015   Documentary film festival offers “new perspective on everyday reality”
 21.10.2015   Living conditions in detention centre for migrants under close scrutiny
 21.10.2015   Construction of new shopping and office complex in Prague 7 appears set to resume
 20.10.2015   Labour Ministry proposes measures to tackle long-term unemployment
 20.10.2015   Freedom the main subject of this year’s Designblok
 19.10.2015   Government’s decision to lift brown coal mining limits at Bílina gets mixed reactions
 16.10.2015   Mass drumming event marks first Jewish transports from Prague
 15.10.2015   Police charge governor of Olomouc region and high-ranking police officers in latest corruption scandal
 15.10.2015   Over Head conference aims to highlight broad potential of drones
 14.10.2015   Ombudswoman: Conditions in detention centre for refugees unacceptable
 14.10.2015   Wild boar cull planned as population swells
 13.10.2015   Migrant crisis dominant theme of this years’ Czech Press Photo
 12.10.2015   Group of Syrian refugees, whose children will receive medical attention, to arrive in Prague
 9.10.2015   Czech prime minister’s reputation on line in privatisation court case
 8.10.2015   Czech unemployment falls to lowest rate since March 2009
 8.10.2015   Conservationist project provides pears for heirs
 7.10.2015   Five missing Czechs said to be alive and still in Lebanon
 7.10.2015   Hockey legend Jágr to bring back beloved mullet
 6.10.2015   Norwegian authorities take final step to take children from Czech mother
 6.10.2015   Digital dependence claims one in four at addiction centre
 5.10.2015   Bar Association asks its members to provide legal aid pro bono to migrants detained in Czech Republic
 2.10.2015   Has the Czech Republic’s stance on refugee quotas damaged the country’s image abroad?
 1.10.2015   Czech government prepares for tight-border security scenario
 1.10.2015   Surging Czech growth seen based on solid foundations
 30.9.2015   Coordinated elimination of terror leaders needed, Zeman tells UN
 30.9.2015   Cars survived but are in poor shape, says Trabant expedition leader Dan Přibáň
 29.9.2015   Czech PM says that Europe will not put boots on the ground in Iraq or Syria
 29.9.2015   Václav Havel Human Rights Prize 2015 awarded to Russian activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva
 25.9.2015   Czech MSF head says Luhansk ban will have huge impact on civilian population
 24.9.2015   Czech president’s chief of staff under pressure to quit
 24.9.2015   Prague Castle ponders increased security after Ztohoven stunt
 23.9.2015   Czechs accept quota vote but call for practical steps to deal with crisis
 23.9.2015   Political analyst: The Czech Republic had no Plan B at meeting of interior ministers
 22.9.2015   Czech Republic determined to fight mandatory quotas all the way
 22.9.2015   Debut film ‘Home Care’ is Czech hope for 2016 Academy Awards
 21.9.2015   Guerrilla art group replaces presidential flag with giant underpants
 18.9.2015   Long-delayed Blanka tunnel complex finally opening to traffic
 17.9.2015   Staropramen brew hit by scandal in Sweden
 17.9.2015   Pilsen honours world acclaimed graphic artist
 16.9.2015   Zaorálek concedes Prague may be outvoted soon on quota issue
 16.9.2015   Immigrant crisis sparks some rifts within Czech political parties
 15.9.2015   Višegrad group blocks EU agreement on redistribution of migrants
 15.9.2015   Prague gallery offers up a Brave New World
 14.9.2015   Czechs beef up border security after German move
 11.9.2015   One state can’t handle refugee crisis alone, German minister tells V4 counterparts
 10.9.2015   NATO Secretary General: Our role is to address cause of migrant crisis, not deal with consequences
 10.9.2015   Czech political spectrum united in opposition to EU migrant quotas
 9.9.2015   Economist: strong Czech GDP growth likely to continue
 9.9.2015   Yo-Yo Ma: In our dreams we can have a world that is perfect and that sometimes happens in music
 8.9.2015   Czech foreign minister urges Iran to help find solution to Syrian crisis
 8.9.2015   Segregated Roma classes at Czech school spark criticism
 7.9.2015   Syrian refugees on Prague-Berlin train accuse Slovakia of ten week imprisonment
 7.9.2015   Conditions in Czech detention centers for migrants under fire
 4.9.2015   Analyst: Visegrad 4 will come under increasing pressure over refugee quotas
 3.9.2015   NGOs and charities say growing number of Czechs offering to help refugees
 3.9.2015   Syrian-born senator praises wave of solidarity with refugees despite fear-mongering
 2.9.2015   Minister signals possibility of allowing refugees to cross Czech territory to Germany
 2.9.2015   Plans to exploit Czech uranium mine slag heap sparks furore
 1.9.2015   Czech officials initiate Višegrad Group meeting on migrant crisis
 1.9.2015   Ministry promotes more sport for schoolkids, better pay for teachers
 31.8.2015   American murder suspect extradited to Czech Republic
 28.8.2015   ANO leader Andrej Babiš faces problems on many fronts
 27.8.2015   Czech teachers willing to take disadvantaged children but say back-up still lacking
 27.8.2015   Hejnová caps return from injury with historic defence of world title
 26.8.2015   Zeman to attend military parade on second visit to China in year
 26.8.2015   Power battle at Prague city hall reflects poorly on ANO
 25.8.2015   Czech prime minister calling for joint protection of EU’s outer borders
 25.8.2015   Charles University opens doors to asylum seekers
 24.8.2015   New Czech research ministry sought to achieve ambitious goals
 21.8.2015   Czechs mark 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia
 20.8.2015   Czech arms exporters doing good business
 20.8.2015   New Jan Lukas exhibition reflects huge breadth of great photographer’s work
 19.8.2015   Hate Free Culture project working to combat Czech xenophobia
 19.8.2015   Will Finland’s deep geological repository serve as a model for Czechs’ own spent nuclear fuel site?
 18.8.2015   Czech scientists launch petition calling for tolerance towards refugees
 18.8.2015   Animal rights activists call for ban on fur farming in Czech Republic
 17.8.2015   Could anti-immigrant sentiments radicalize Czech society?
 14.8.2015   Commemorative events pay tribute to Czechoslovak RAF pilots
 13.8.2015   Major reconstruction planned for St Wenceslas pilgrimage town
 13.8.2015   Finance minister flags up danger for 2016 budget deficit target
 12.8.2015   Czech Amnesty branch backs call for decriminalising prostitution
 12.8.2015   New hybrid footwear gets toe-hold in market
 11.8.2015   Medicinal marihuana still unaffordable for most of those who need it
 11.8.2015   Study: Two-thirds of Czechs take their work with them on vacation
 10.8.2015   Heat wave continues unabated
 7.8.2015   Plzeň 2015 brings cultural revival, visitors influx
 6.8.2015   Digital radio switched on in Czech Republic
 6.8.2015   Prague houses first exhibition of oligarch trial outside Russia
 5.8.2015   Ministry proposes subsidized transport costs for jobless in bid to boost mobility
 5.8.2015   2015 Prague Pride hoping for increased participation of broader community
 4.8.2015   Greasing machine makes many friends in Prague
 4.8.2015   Czech Republic breaks EU ranks on proposed boycott of end-of-war celebrations in China
 3.8.2015   Unrest at asylum facility sparks fresh concerns over migrant crisis
 31.7.2015   Figure skating legend Ája Vrzáňová-Steindler dies at 84
 30.7.2015   Wall inscriptions by Terezín prisoners had been forgotten for decades, says researcher
 30.7.2015   Government moves to tighten rules on party financing
 29.7.2015   Prelate’s reaction to church hosting of Pride events shows discrimination is real, says organiser
 29.7.2015   Rare Northern white rhino dies at Czech zoo, leaving just four in the world
 28.7.2015   Czech interior minister calls for closer regional cooperation to tackle migrant crisis
 28.7.2015   Cycle streets proposed by ministry in bid to boost town and city cyclists
 27.7.2015   Amendment will not push for registration of airsoft guns
 24.7.2015   Czech government seeks ways of getting to grips with drought conditions
 23.7.2015   Former high ranking politician found guilty of corruption
 23.7.2015   Truck driver charged after misconduct at level crossing causes fatal traincrash
 22.7.2015   Czech Senator seeks scrapping of zero drink driving limit
 22.7.2015   Why is Schwarzenberg, 77, hanging on as leader of TOP 09?
 21.7.2015   Foreign Ministry in dark about whereabouts of missing Czechs
 21.7.2015   Brno marks anniversary of founder of modern genetics
 20.7.2015   Manhunt for five Czechs missing in Lebanon
 17.7.2015   Czech Republic faces drought conditions but crisis still distant
 16.7.2015   Czech government highlights foreign investment turnaround
 16.7.2015   Morricone to record score of Tarantino’s Hateful Eight in Prague this weekend
 15.7.2015   Prague station closed after train smashes through buffers and lands 25 metres inside main building
 15.7.2015   Auto*Mat’s Filler: Reported 25 percent jump in city cycling more a “return to normal” than marked increase
 14.7.2015   Country to open new facilities and hire hundreds of additional personnel to handle influx of illegal migrants
 14.7.2015   Prague streets showcase acrobatic talent
 13.7.2015   Turning farmers into businessmen
 10.7.2015   “Anthropoid” filmmakers promote project in Karlovy Vary
 9.7.2015   Czech Republic to take in 1,500 migrants in “one-off” gesture of solidarity
 9.7.2015   Tensions mount ahead of Karlovy Vary award ceremony
 8.7.2015   Study reveals stark differences in same food and drink sold on Czech and German markets
 8.7.2015   Czechs embracing recycling culture says environmental analyst
 7.7.2015   Czech leaders say "Grexit" now looms large
 7.7.2015   OECD: Czech Republic has worst record in Europe with underage drinking
 3.7.2015   Karlovy Vary "Geres up'' for 50th film festival
 2.7.2015   Tributes flood in for Sir Nicholas Winton, the modest man who saved hundreds
 2.7.2015   Better times in sight for Czech filmmakers
 1.7.2015   Analyst: Visegrad presidency should push for constructive approach to migrant crisis
 1.7.2015   Launch of RFE broadcasts from Prague recalled on 20th anniversary
 30.6.2015   Petr Čech completes move to Arsenal
 30.6.2015   Czech branch of Transparency International pushing for law to regulate lobbying
 29.6.2015   Czech Republic steps up security in connection with terrorist attacks and migrant crisis
 26.6.2015   Czech brewery produces beer marking 40th anniversary of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
 25.6.2015   Czech prime minister calls for media ownership ceilings
 25.6.2015   Tests prove remains in mass grave belonged to “miracle” priest tortured to death in 1950s
 24.6.2015   Czech Republic ready to accept refugees on a voluntary basis, says prime minister
 24.6.2015   Filmmakers’ “carte blanche” section to enhance cinephilia of 50th Karlovy Vary, says artistic director Och
 23.6.2015   Czech political leaders seeks to read off same foreign policy page
 23.6.2015   Čech signing could be game-changer for Arsenal
 22.6.2015   Czech police intensify checks on illegal migrants
 19.6.2015   Environmentalists fighting to prevent felling of tree alleys for road safety
 18.6.2015   Immigration recriminations open up as special parliamentary session convened
 18.6.2015   Conference explores better use of public space
 17.6.2015   City makes good on promise to lower price of transit pass
 17.6.2015   Team play and luck seen necessary for Czechs to win first ever home U21 Euros
 16.6.2015   Finance Minister Babiš ramps up coalition tensions with budget proposal
 16.6.2015   Prague zoo shares flood experience with Tbilisi
 15.6.2015   Pope Francis takes significant step forward with Jan Hus comments
 12.6.2015   Albright unveils plaque to family members who perished in Holocaust on Terezín visit
 11.6.2015   Brdy transformation from military exercise area advancing as ordered
 11.6.2015   Questions over point of promotion as club prove “too poor” for Czech soccer’s top flight
 10.6.2015   National hockey team coach resigns in face of growing corruption scandal
 10.6.2015   Will Prague see new ’Marshmallow building’?
 9.6.2015   In radical foreign policy shift, Czech foreign minister accuses Israel of torpedoing Middle East peace talks
 9.6.2015   Political positions most likely reason for petrol bomb attack on home, says defence minister
 8.6.2015   Ludvík Vaculík, acclaimed writer, journalist and anti-communist dissident dies at 88
 5.6.2015   Lucie Šafářová faces match of career at French Open final
 4.6.2015   Chemicals clean-up clears way for Holocaust memorial at Oskar Schindler site
 4.6.2015   Gambrinus stunt aimed at reassuring consumers not converting snobs, says beer blogger
 3.6.2015   Afghanistan more dangerous but total pull-out could be harmful, says NGO official after staff killings
 3.6.2015   Jan Hus fit to face centuries to come after restoration comeback
 2.6.2015   Foreign minister summons Russian ambassador over “revisionist” documentary
 2.6.2015   Czech LGBT community shares its past
 1.6.2015   Finance minister calls for referendum on euro adoption
 29.5.2015   Education minister on the way out after paper accuses him of bullying subordinates
 28.5.2015   Could CR cope with 1,800-plus refugees allocated under EU proposals?
 28.5.2015   Baťa’s Lockheed Electra plane returns after more than 75 years
 27.5.2015   Opposition slams government, finance minister, in no confidence vote proceedings
 27.5.2015   Mental health care under spotlight after stabbings
 26.5.2015   Anger after slow announcement of water contamination leaves scores sick in Prague
 26.5.2015   Pneumatic Tube Transport makes comeback at Czech hospitals
 25.5.2015   Political analyst Jiří Pehe: The Czech Christian Democrats should look abroad for inspiration
 22.5.2015   Celebrities protest Pilsen’s Days of Jerusalem Festival
 21.5.2015   Czech economic policy mix gets IMF seal of approval
 21.5.2015   Prague House of Photography showing Auschwitz Album collection
 20.5.2015   Czech foreign minister pledges support for Ukraine and EU association agreement
 20.5.2015   Brno makes historic apology for ‘death march’
 19.5.2015   Czech Republic ready to back EU naval mission but opposed to mandatory migrant quotas
 19.5.2015   Czech energy strategy boosting nuclear gets go ahead
 18.5.2015   Doctors Without Borders struggle to reach quake victims in remote areas of Nepal
 15.5.2015   Government clears increased access to natural parks
 14.5.2015   Prague firmly opposed to EU refugee quota plan
 14.5.2015   Can the Czechs edge the Finns at the Ice Hockey Worlds?
 13.5.2015   Air Force exercise Lion Effort gets underway
 13.5.2015   First performance by German orchestra at Prague Spring opening a success
 12.5.2015   Lifting of administrative barriers should help Czech firms gain a better foothold in Vietnam
 12.5.2015   ‘Open House’ in Prague as city landmarks join movement
 11.5.2015   Czech president sparks fresh controversy in Moscow with sanctions suggestion
 7.5.2015   Czech police thwart plan by left wing radicals to blow up a train
 7.5.2015   Czech ambassador stresses need to counter anti-immigrant arguments in Britain
 6.5.2015   Czech agency for combating social exclusion in crisis
 6.5.2015   Pilsen comeback for famous New Zealand artist
 5.5.2015   Sometimes one just has to act, says defence minister at Prague Uprising memorial
 5.5.2015   Plzeň and its liberators mark 70 years since end of WWII
 4.5.2015   Czech Radio holding series of events to mark 70th anniversary of Prague Uprising
 30.4.2015   Czech national team readies for Ice Hockey Worlds
 30.4.2015   Modular pavilion part of Czech contribution to Expo 2015
 29.4.2015   Why does Prague have Europe’s lowest jobless rate?
 29.4.2015   Experts on helpline field questions about contemporary art
 28.4.2015   Czech trauma team to help survivors in Nepal
 28.4.2015   Fighter jet flyby over Prague Castle heralds events marking 70th anniversary of end of WW II
 27.4.2015   Czech Republic sending rescue team and aid workers to Nepal
 24.4.2015   Hockey club Litvínov clinch first Extraliga title in club’s history
 23.4.2015   Czech PM backs EU plan to curb migrants in wake of Mediterranean disaster
 23.4.2015   Two Czech reporters to document plight of refugees in war-stricken Iraq and Syria
 22.4.2015   Future of almost 500 children unclear after charity crisis
 22.4.2015   Trabant expedition likely to set out from Perth at weekend
 21.4.2015   Czech president seeks to ignite euro adoption debate
 21.4.2015   PM: Planned Night Wolves’ ride is Russia’s answer to US convoy journey
 20.4.2015   Czech ministries haggle over readiness to pump EU funds
 17.4.2015   Czech Roma police officer to receive OBE from Queen Elizabeth II
 16.4.2015   Former prime minister Stanislav Gross dead at 45
 16.4.2015   New bylaw sinks ban on boats
 15.4.2015   Police investigate bribe allegation against national hockey team coach
 15.4.2015   Main task was not messing up “big story” of poet Blatný, says Magnesia litera winner Martin Reiner
 14.4.2015   Police president indicates lion’s share of work remains at damaged munitions site
 14.4.2015   Cyclists get unique opportunity to ride through Blanka tunnel
 13.4.2015   Draft foreign policy puts accent on human rights
 10.4.2015   Czech brides increasingly sought for EU entry
 9.4.2015   “Conscription” bill to create register of volunteers willing to serve country
 9.4.2015   Czech doctors test breakthrough heart treatment
 8.4.2015   Guilty verdicts delivered in corruption case linked to ex-minister Rath
 8.4.2015   Fans, coach, hopeful Jágr will play at Worlds
 7.4.2015   President “closes door” in response to US ambassador, deepening diplomatic row
 7.4.2015   Human rights advocates up in arms over proposal to make HIV testing compulsory for high-risk groups
 3.4.2015   Homeless seek to get back on track with engineering giant
 2.4.2015   MP hopeful fresh attempt to make Good Friday state holiday will succeed
 2.4.2015   Cardinal Vlk tells Czech officials not to mentor the Catholic Church
 1.4.2015   Porters planned after failure to install escalators at new Metro station serving airport
 1.4.2015   Czech firm receives prestigious award for developing technology to turn used cooking oil into bioplastic
 31.3.2015   Czech police cleared of serious faults over Uherský Brod shooting
 31.3.2015   Visitors invited to Václav Havel office
 30.3.2015   Debate ahead of US troop convoy seen as boosting public support
 27.3.2015   US convoy to begin closely-watched journey through Czech Republic at weekend
 26.3.2015   The downside of Schengen: illegal migrants and drug trafficking
 26.3.2015   President backs continued uranium mining but economic argument looks weak
 25.3.2015   Czech-UK conference tackles scourge of human trafficking
 25.3.2015   Czech Republic has potential to become world leader in nanotechnology, says deputy PM
 24.3.2015   Defence minister downplays NATO convoy protests
 24.3.2015   Czech food exporters seek firmer foothold on US market
 23.3.2015   Ski hill operators say this year’s season an improvement over dismal winter of 2014
 20.3.2015   Plzeň doubles weekend rates to attract doctors to emergency healthcare black spot
 19.3.2015   Czech diplomats report human rights violations in annexed Crimea
 19.3.2015   Czech coffee houses join celebrations of World Poetry Day
 18.3.2015   Politicians put spotlight on public service broadcaster Czech Television
 18.3.2015   Pressure mounts on Czech president over planned Russia visit
 17.3.2015   US military convoy to travel across Czech territory
 17.3.2015   Prague’s 19th century Těšnov station remembered on 30th anniversary of demolition
 16.3.2015   Political analyst: Social Democrats should be more vocal in pointing out potential risks for democracy
 13.3.2015   Social Democrats’ election conference overshadowed by rivalry within the governing coalition
 12.3.2015   Political analyst: The Czech president is a lone player
 12.3.2015   Czech crown weakens to near 11 year low against US dollar
 11.3.2015   As President Zeman celebrates two years in office, lawmakers debate proposal to curb his powers
 11.3.2015   Febiofest takes up cause of jailed Ukrainian director
 10.3.2015   Czech foreign minister says hostages from Libyan oil field most likely in the hands of militants responsible for mass execution of Egyptian Copts
 10.3.2015   Prague takes first step towards Holocaust memorial
 9.3.2015   Missing Czech could be in group being held by Islamic State, say Austrians
 6.3.2015   Czechs ready to join operation Atlantic Resolve
 5.3.2015   Prague hosts European Athletics Indoor Championships
 5.3.2015   Questions remain over police operation as Czechs honour victims of pub shooting spree
 4.3.2015   First contingent of Czech Ukrainians arrive in “homeland”
 4.3.2015   Locals told to watch out following bear sighting in Brečlav
 3.3.2015   Czech president expresses uncompromising pro-Israeli stance at AIPAC gathering
 3.3.2015   Polish daily targets alleged Czech sanctions busting arms exports
 2.3.2015   Andrej Babiš adopts combative tone following re-election as ANO leader
 27.2.2015   Czech and German authorities announce joint investigation into mysterious noxious fumes
 26.2.2015   Hundred European rabbis attend Prague self-defence course
 26.2.2015   National Museum launches volunteer program
 25.2.2015   Czech town in shock following mass shooting
 25.2.2015   Snowden doc and Act of Killing follow-up among highlights of 2015 One World
 24.2.2015   Government approves debt brake
 24.2.2015   Czech scientists discover emotion-sensing neurons
 23.2.2015   New Czech-based civil society centre to help cultivate post-Soviet democracy
 20.2.2015   Ukrainian expatriates to begin arriving in Czech Republic in March
 19.2.2015   Prague inspired by Vienna to slash price of annual travel pass, says councillor
 19.2.2015   “Once upon a time there lived a thief …” bedtime stories as told by a judge
 18.2.2015   Czech president and government fine-tune foreign policy priorities
 18.2.2015   Škoda Auto drums up attention for new generation Superb
 17.2.2015   Weapons inspectors discover another potentially dangerous munitions storage site on Czech territory
 17.2.2015   Polish-Czech expedition sets naval record off Antarctica
 16.2.2015   Czech Republic sends more aid to eastern Ukraine as humanitarian crisis deepens
 13.2.2015   Used to US planes overhead, Praguers ignored sirens during tragic air raid of February 1945
 12.2.2015   Report paints grim picture on Czech social exclusion, education reform seen as main hope
 12.2.2015   Bars and other venues can declare themselves minority-friendly under new project
 11.2.2015   Czech authorities prepare for return of Ukrainian expatriates
 11.2.2015   Dawn movement MPs rebel against populist leader Okamura
 10.2.2015   British ambassador to perform in upcoming English-language production of Twelfth Night
 10.2.2015   Cross border medical care beginning to thrive in border regions
 9.2.2015   Ombudswoman uncovers serious failings in old age homes operating outside of the law
 6.2.2015   Police get new spike strips capable of stopping vehicles in their tracks
 5.2.2015   Czech Republic on brink of nationwide flu epidemic as vaccine proves largely ineffective
 5.2.2015   Unwanted Czech bikes helping African children – and elephants
 4.2.2015   Endangered diver in the spotlight as numbers plunge
 4.2.2015   Government aiming to avoid retroactive payday for judges
 3.2.2015   Czech airspace growing increasingly crowded in reaction to conflict in Ukraine
 3.2.2015   Czech cinema company wins European films promotion award
 2.2.2015   “Super civil servant” expected to transform country’s ailing public administration
 30.1.2015   Environment ministry joins forces with NGOs to combat wildlife poaching
 29.1.2015   Analyst: Timing of “alternative” Visegrad Group not ideal
 29.1.2015   Czech exhibition showcases controversial Charlie Hebdo cartoons
 28.1.2015   Czech foreign minister dismisses president's anti-terrorism policy
 28.1.2015   Future of historic Werich Villa decided after years of speculation
 27.1.2015   President Zeman warns of “appeasement” of Islamic radicals
 27.1.2015   Berdych stuns Nadal at Australian Open
 26.1.2015   Prague Castle defends decision to host Auschwitz liberation events
 23.1.2015   Ledecká wins gold at Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships
 22.1.2015   Unions call for mining expansion that could spell destruction of communities
 22.1.2015   Reformed Pionýr children’s movement marks 25th anniversary
 21.1.2015   Embassy says there were urgent reasons children in Norway were taken from Czech parents
 21.1.2015   Czech dog to play key role in combating ivory trade
 20.1.2015   Government approves more powers for country’s intelligence, tighter security at Prague’s international airport
 20.1.2015   Popular children’s game Pexeso marks 50 years
 19.1.2015   Doctors warn of growing incidence of babies born with drug withdrawal symptoms
 16.1.2015   President comes under fire for words on inclusive education, handicapped children
 15.1.2015   Czech government agrees to take in Syrian refugee children for medical treatment
 15.1.2015   Central bank governor steadies crown but doesn’t draw line under turbulence
 14.1.2015   Lawmakers to discuss legislation to curb presidential powers
 14.1.2015   Could Czech Republic finally get smoking ban?
 13.1.2015   Czech Republic looks into ways to improve security following Paris attacks
 13.1.2015   Authorities need to re-think law on civil aviation as drones gain increasing popularity
 12.1.2015   Minister: Czech Muslim community non-radical for historical reasons
 9.1.2015   Prague Castle says commemorative events in Czech Republic marking liberation of Auschwitz will not ‘compete’ with Poland’s
 8.1.2015   Czech leaders say senseless killings in Paris “attack on fundamental European values”
 8.1.2015   We didn’t know them but feel our friends were killed, says founder of Czech satirical cartoon
 7.1.2015   President’s chancellor in hot water over suspicious property purchase
 7.1.2015   Škoda Auto confirms pole position in 2014 for local car sales
 6.1.2015   Muslim community weighs charges against Okamura over anti-Muslim statements
 6.1.2015   Prague Castle prepares for significant renovation
 5.1.2015   Czech archeologists discover tomb of previously unknown queen in Egypt
 2.1.2015   Prime Minister Sobotka on his cabinet’s first year in office
 30.12.2014   Firearms amnesty to wrap up
 30.12.2014   2014 one of the warmest Czech years on record
 29.12.2014   Prague providing more beds for homeless as cold weather continues
 29.12.2014   25 years since Václav Havel elected Czechoslovak president
 23.12.2014   Interviews with president likely to end as Czech Radio rejects live format
 23.12.2014   Homeless man waiting for return of stolen millions
 22.12.2014   Clearing work begins at damaged munitions site
 19.12.2014   Czech government under public pressure to accept Syrian refugees
 18.12.2014   Czechs mark third anniversary of Vaclav Havel’s death with mixed feelings
 18.12.2014   Václav Havel to get unique honour of bust at Irish Parliament
 17.12.2014   How could rouble’s troubles impact Czech economy?
 17.12.2014   Berdych names Vallverdu as new coach
 16.12.2014   Czech government reaffirms support for EU sanctions
 16.12.2014   Astronomical Institute asks public for help in locating piece of crashed meteor
 15.12.2014   Defense minister pays morale-boosting visit to Czech troops in Afghanistan
 12.12.2014   Czech women to appeal European court home births verdict
 11.12.2014   Study: Czechs must do more to prepare for rise in dementia cases
 11.12.2014   Annual “supermarket” highlights contemporary design
 10.12.2014   Police say munitions store explosion likely not accidental
 10.12.2014   Students in Ostrava cooperate with charity to raise money for children in western Ukraine
 9.12.2014   Report: alcohol abuse considered major problem in Czech Republic, number of pervetin users goes up
 9.12.2014   Foreign ambassadors say Czech Republic is not doing enough against corruption
 8.12.2014   Locals up in arms over repeated evacuations near munitions depot
 5.12.2014   Police shelve case against communist MP
 4.12.2014   Poles cry foul over Czech mobile ad
 4.12.2014   Debate on regulating shopping hours back in the lower house
 3.12.2014   Villages evacuated after hundreds of blasts at “cleared” site of October explosion
 3.12.2014   Police begin using advanced radar system in East Bohemia
 2.12.2014   Ice, frozen rain paralyze Czech public transport
 2.12.2014   Czech government comes out against refugee quotas
 1.12.2014   Czech Republic to repatriate ethnic Czechs from eastern Ukraine
 28.11.2014   Czech foreign minister assures Iraqi, Kurdish officials of Czech support in the fight against IS militants
 27.11.2014   Prague gets its first female mayor
 27.11.2014   Nurse charged with murder of several patients at small-town hospital
 26.11.2014   President Zeman proposes “Finlandization” of Ukraine
 26.11.2014   Popular composer and singer Petr Hapka dies at 70
 25.11.2014   Social Democrat leadership up in arms over local government coalition with ultra-right party
 25.11.2014   Political commentator Jiří Pehe: Duchcov coalition could seriously damage the Social Democrats
 24.11.2014   Czech ministers set for joint meeting with Israeli counterparts in Jerusalem
 21.11.2014   Kiev, unhappy with recent pro-Russian statements by president, summons Czech ambassador
 20.11.2014   Václav Havel gets space amongst greats in US Congress
 20.11.2014   Ex-PM Nečas’s wife goes on trial over abuse of power
 19.11.2014   Prime Minister Sobotka endorses Havel legacy on US visit
 19.11.2014   Czech Philharmonic receives standing ovation at Carnegie Hall
 18.11.2014   Anti-Zeman protests dominate revolution anniversary celebrations
 18.11.2014   Do Prague protests signal genuine fall in support for President Zeman?
 14.11.2014   Busy schedule of events in Prague and beyond on Velvet Revolution anniversary
 13.11.2014   Government report gives Czech Republic low marks for air quality
 13.11.2014   Czech brewer Budvar launches super strong beer
 12.11.2014   Prachař quits as transport minister after criticism from all sides
 12.11.2014   New survey finds Velvet Revolution viewed favourably by most Czechs
 11.11.2014   For many, welfare pays more than work, study finds
 11.11.2014   25 years on from the environmental protests that preceded the Velvet Revolution
 10.11.2014   Police reject new “1950s sounding” anthem
 7.11.2014   Velvet Carnival blends activism with satire on 25th anniversary of revolution
 6.11.2014   Czech parliament declares opposition to Vojtěch Filip Russia trip
 6.11.2014   Czechs seek to net third Fed Cup in five years
 5.11.2014   World media takes note of Zeman profanities scandal
 5.11.2014   OECD study: skills in Czech Republic not translating into better salaries
 4.11.2014   Foreign ministry highlights more than 100 global events to mark Velvet Revolution anniversary
 4.11.2014   Mezipatra film festival to highlight films about gay marriage, as well as plight of gays in Russia
 3.11.2014   President Zeman shocks nation with vulgar language on radio
 31.10.2014   Military intelligence report warns of heightened presence of Chinese and Russian spies, and of Al-Qaeda recruitment efforts on net
 30.10.2014   Sobotka joins criticism of Zeman’s use of plane owned by richest Czech
 30.10.2014   Czech Republic still struggling with gender equality issues
 29.10.2014   Growing public anger against munitions storage facility in wake of blast
 29.10.2014   President Zeman awards state decorations on Czechoslovakia Independence Day
 27.10.2014   President Zeman tells Chinese officials Prague will not question China’s stance on Tibet, Taiwan
 24.10.2014   Strike at Czech Airlines narrowly averted
 23.10.2014   New European Commission, including Czech Republic's Věra Jourová, faces tough tasks ahead
 23.10.2014   World-renowned author Yan Lianke awarded Franz Kafka Prize
 22.10.2014   Pyrotechnics team reaches epicentre of munitions site blast
 22.10.2014   Defence minister slammed over remarks made by his TV show character
 21.10.2014   Screening to counter Ebola threat now in force at all international airports in the Czech Republic
 21.10.2014   Childhood one of main themes at this year’s Bollywood film festival
 20.10.2014   Ruling coalition preserves majority in Parliament’s upper chamber
 17.10.2014   Diplomatic row flares up over treatment of Ghanian student in Prague Ebola scare
 16.10.2014   Hard questions remain over Žďár attack
 16.10.2014   Second Signal light festival aiming for even bigger impact on viewers
 15.10.2014   Politicians address security concerns in wake of brutal attack on students
 15.10.2014   Lendl vs McEnroe: icy rivalry replaced by mutual respect
 14.10.2014   Moravian town in shock after intruder stabs student to death
 14.10.2014   Czech Army’s Biological Protection Centre to be put on alert for Ebola emergency
 13.10.2014   Established parties take back seat in local elections
 10.10.2014   Czech Air Force takes over surveillance of Icelandic airspace
 9.10.2014   Record number of candidates taking part in elections
 9.10.2014   New bill to introduce strict gambling regulation
 8.10.2014   Jourová approved for European commissioner post
 8.10.2014   Zlín company plays key role in Ebola battle
 7.10.2014   Gambling addiction on rise
 7.10.2014   Libraries organize week–long series of events to attract new readers
 6.10.2014   Zeman intervention steps up pressure for return of Ukrainian Czechs
 3.10.2014   New rules to protect Czech producers from cheap foods dumped due to Russian sanctions
 2.10.2014   Czech nominee for EU commissioner fails to convince two committees at EP hearing
 2.10.2014   Priest tortured to death over “miracle” could get decent burial 65 years later
 1.10.2014   Massive Blanka tunnel completed after years of delays
 1.10.2014   New venue doubles capacity for Václav Havel Library events
 30.9.2014   Transit of East German refugees through Prague remembered 25 years later
 30.9.2014   Czech hospital audit sparks ministerial row
 29.9.2014   President Zeman calls for lifting of Russia sanctions at event organized by Putin associate
 26.9.2014   MP insult row illustrates difficulties with addressing communist past
 25.9.2014   Czech NGO names ambassadors to combat age discrimination
 25.9.2014   Business news site pioneers paywall on Czech internet
 24.9.2014   Czech Airlines announces massive layoffs
 24.9.2014   Wednesday centenary of birth of Jiří Kolář, unique figure equally at home in literary and visual art spheres
 23.9.2014   Court ruling opens the way for all EU nationals residing in the Czech Republic to vote in municipal elections
 23.9.2014   Women boost battle for Czech council seats
 22.9.2014   Czech Army’s chief of staff to head NATO’s military committee
 19.9.2014   Festival offers different perspective on Czech cities
 18.9.2014   Scottish expats in Prague frustrated to be missing out on independence vote
 18.9.2014   President receives delegation of WW II veterans
 17.9.2014   No mass repatriation planned, Zaorálek tells Czechs in Ukraine
 17.9.2014   Czechs seek action over food waste
 16.9.2014   Foreign Minister pledges Czech support for Iraq
 16.9.2014   The UMPRUM arts academy exhibits at London Design Festival for the first time
 15.9.2014   Spirits producers see slow recovery and mark changes in drinking habits two years on from methanol scandal
 12.9.2014   School hand-book on Islamic history and culture hits the rocks
 11.9.2014   Disappointment in Prague over EC justice portfolio for Czech nominee
 11.9.2014   Czech court clears publishers of Hitler speeches
 10.9.2014   Paris visit first in 11 years by Czech head-of-state
 10.9.2014   Czechs stun Netherlands in Euro 2016 qualification
 9.9.2014   Ombudsman issues sobering report on ad-hoc procedures at Czech “drunk tanks”
 9.9.2014   Czech Medical Chamber wants doctors to have greater freedom when it comes to problem patients
 8.9.2014   Five-year-old British cancer patient Ashya King to undergo proton beam therapy in Prague
 5.9.2014   Four dead after collapse of bridge during renovation
 4.9.2014   Czechs to announce defence spending increase at NATO summit
 4.9.2014   Proton centre official hoping little Ashya will not become part of media circus in Prague
 3.9.2014   President warns MPs he will file constitutional complaint over civil service bill
 3.9.2014   National Museum acquires largest collection in fifty years
 2.9.2014   Campaigning starts for Senate and local elections
 2.9.2014   Linka bezpečí marks 20 years of helping children
 1.9.2014   PM comes under fire for ‘weak’ stance on Russia
 29.8.2014   Ombudswoman’s defence of hijab sparks heated debate in the Czech Republic
 28.8.2014   Attendance of top Chinese official at Prague forum reflects reset in relations
 28.8.2014   New site offers unusual tours of Prague
 27.8.2014   EC adopts partnership agreement with Czech Republic
 27.8.2014   Alternative way of teaching maths increasingly popular in Czech schools
 26.8.2014   Wage increase at National Theatre a compromise, director says
 26.8.2014   Czech firm develops technique to turn water hyacinths into paper in Kenya
 25.8.2014   Health minister reacts to suspected mercy killing, ruling out any legalization of euthanasia
 22.8.2014   Radical plan for crumbling Czech monuments draws criticism
 21.8.2014   Parallels exist between Soviet invasion and Russian actions today, says minister at 1968 memorial
 21.8.2014   Newly discovered Vyšehrad church could shed light on early mediaeval Bohemia
 20.8.2014   Speculation over Czechs in Ukraine conflict rises after Slovak separatist fighter captured
 20.8.2014   Communist’s admiration for Plastic People angers party faithful
 19.8.2014   Petr Čech seen fighting for Chelsea place
 19.8.2014   Government group calls for jobs saving framework for crisis hit companies
 18.8.2014   Public piano propagator makes chess move
 15.8.2014   Javelin-thrower Špotáková triumphs in Zurich but expresses dismay over overall performance
 14.8.2014   Zeman comes out against sanctions on Russia
 14.8.2014   Prague Zoo gets new “German-speaking” Indian elephant
 13.8.2014   Špilberk castle offers the brave a night in its infamous dungeons
 13.8.2014   Ministers of interior, justice, in favour of tougher sanctions against reckless drivers
 12.8.2014   Exhibition aims to raise funds for destroyed heritage site
 12.8.2014   Finance Minister begins negotiations with fellow cabinet members on 2015 state budget
 11.8.2014   Czechs considering direct arms supplies to Iraqi Kurds
 8.8.2014   Parties take breather to mull final civil service reform package
 7.8.2014   Zeman invitation to Israeli president puts spotlight on Czech attitude to Gaza conflict
 7.8.2014   Czech National Museum exhibits three of the country's most renowned archaeological objects
 6.8.2014   Government prepares legislation to assist excluded social groups
 6.8.2014   Prague Pride 2014 to support LGBT rights in repressive states
 5.8.2014   Talks on new civil service law remain deadlocked over “top bureaucrat”
 5.8.2014   Prague’s FAMU ranked fourth best international film school
 4.8.2014   Czech Radio: increasing number of parents opposed to ‘hexa vaccine’
 1.8.2014   Compensation for victims of forced sterilisation planned
 31.7.2014   Czech Republic seeks to reset relations with Austria at higher level
 31.7.2014   Czech plastic bottle crew “abandons ship” in face of German red tape
 30.7.2014   Tough new sanctions against Russia likely to also negatively impact Czech firms
 30.7.2014   MPs vote to raise cigarette prices in order to meet EU directive
 29.7.2014   Czech and Slovak banks to support joint business ventures on foreign markets
 29.7.2014   Scientists unlock secret of Pravčice Arch
 28.7.2014   One hundredth anniversary of the start of the Great War marked
 25.7.2014   Test finds foreigners charged more in central Prague restaurants
 24.7.2014   Social Democrats embarrassed in fuel tax vote
 24.7.2014   Next US ambassador Schapiro expected to be more "organised" than departing Eisen
 23.7.2014   Ministry presents strategy to improve Czech public health
 23.7.2014   Plan to make national parks more accessible to public unveiled
 22.7.2014   Prime minister reviews Foreign Ministry, outlines stance on Russia and tragedy in Ukraine
 22.7.2014   Government report on human rights says country needs children’s Ombudsman
 21.7.2014   Minister Věra Jourová nominated for Czech EU commissioner
 18.7.2014   Czech defence minister pays morale-boosting visit to Czech troops in Afghanistan
 17.7.2014   Czech finance minister makes about turn on nuclear expansion
 17.7.2014   Czech pop singer fights for life after Ostrava pub brawl
 16.7.2014   Czech PM seeks Brussels input over European Commissioner selection stalemate
 16.7.2014   Fourth edition of Prague USE.IT map launched
 15.7.2014   Centre-right opposition: broader consensus needed on civil service bill
 15.7.2014   Czech national anthem serves to highlight the plight of the homeless
 14.7.2014   Czech military reassessing defense tactics at Bagram base amidst growing terrorist attacks
 11.7.2014   Wimbledon champion Kvitová faces storm over Monaco tax haven
 10.7.2014   Czech Republic pays tribute to four soldiers killed in Afghanistan
 10.7.2014   Slovak president rejects return of “Made in Czechoslovakia” label
 9.7.2014   Commission to probe Prague hospitals who turn away patients
 9.7.2014   Top Czech football clubs given yellow card over stadium security
 8.7.2014   Four Czech soldiers killed in Afghan suicide bomb attack
 8.7.2014   Czech Republic and Vietnam to cooperate in fighting drug crime
 7.7.2014   KGB defector document release promises to shed new light on 1968 Prague Spring
 4.7.2014   West Bohemian spa town hosts 49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
 3.7.2014   Government tackles social housing profiteering
 3.7.2014   Czech government announces infusion for film rebate fund
 2.7.2014   Czech economy records fastest growth since 2008
 2.7.2014   Czech ladies march on at Wimbledon with finalist guaranteed
 1.7.2014   Single guilty verdict in spying and graft scandal that felled government puts State Attorney’s Office under fire
 1.7.2014   Prague transport system celebrates a hundred years of fines on ticketless passengers
 30.6.2014   Babiš’ intervention in ČEZ upsets coalition parties
 27.6.2014   Slovak court clears Czech top official of collaborating with communist-era secret police
 26.6.2014   State heritage institute decides UNESCO listed landmark should be returned to Catholic Church
 26.6.2014   Lev Praha to quit KHL over financial problems
 25.6.2014   Jewish industrialist Emil Kolben commemorated in Prague
 25.6.2014   Administrative Court sides with Greens on question of five-percent threshold
 24.6.2014   Motorways agency says will look again at costly and lengthy D1 modernisation
 24.6.2014   49th Karlovy Vary promises Mel Gibson and strong Eastern flavour
 23.6.2014   Analyst: At this point Juncker is the only name on the table as next EC head
 20.6.2014   Unified school-leaving exams yield worst results ever
 19.6.2014   Police investigate tragic death of expectant mother after hospital drink mix-up
 19.6.2014   Giant salamanders become major attraction at Prague Zoo
 18.6.2014   Winged lion statue honours Czech RAF pilots
 18.6.2014   Czech scientists develop Lyme disease vaccine
 17.6.2014   Prague takes over administration of Opencard
 17.6.2014   Czech schools offering bilingual lessons face legal hurdle
 16.6.2014   Controversial abortion pill goes on sale in Czech pharmacies
 13.6.2014   Geocaching not far removed from Czech mushroom picking, says co-creator of acclaimed Stratocaching project
 12.6.2014   German embassy marks anniversary of 1989 East German exodus
 12.6.2014   Wine Producers Association says a fifth of wines sold on Czech market are illegal imports
 11.6.2014   Study: Czechs world leaders in tolerating use of gifts and entertainment to win contracts
 11.6.2014   Ministry plans to regulate Segway traffic in Prague
 10.6.2014   Debt brake revived but support lukewarm from opposition parties
 10.6.2014   New legislation to require all municipalities to provide option of organic waste recycling
 9.6.2014   Former Czech intelligence chief "wouldn't be surprised" at Ukraine mercenary claim
 6.6.2014   Human rights minister wants voting rights for foreigners
 5.6.2014   Financial audit at six ministries reveals poor management and squandering of public funds
 5.6.2014   Czech foreign ministry mulls creation of Russian language tv broadcaster to Eastern Ukraine
 4.6.2014   PM draws fire for saying Czech Republic will not call for NATO troop increase
 4.6.2014   Courageous opposition in Poland bigger inspiration for Czechs than semi-free 1989 elections, says former dissident
 3.6.2014   Controversial Opencard scheme potentially facing disastrous end
 3.6.2014   Location for Winged Lion memorial not suitable, say conservationists
 2.6.2014   Number of HIV cases in Czech Republic rises sharply
 30.5.2014   Military spending must rise in wake of Ukraine crisis, says defence minister
 29.5.2014   Squad tasked with tax evasion clampdown up and running
 29.5.2014   1.5 million Czechs threatened by poverty
 28.5.2014   Pervetin remains major problem in Czech Republic
 28.5.2014   Mánes reopens after major renovation but can gallery reach former heights?
 27.5.2014   Political pundit: most Czechs believe they have no real influence on EU decision-making
 27.5.2014   Can an endangered salamander alter plans for a nuclear waste facility?
 26.5.2014   ANO edge TOP 09, Social Democrats, in European elections
 23.5.2014   Czechs start voting in elections to the European Parliament
 22.5.2014   Life sentences handed out in Czech methanol scandal verdicts
 22.5.2014   Show inspired by Havel’s Vaněk among likely highlights at 13th Prague Fringe
 21.5.2014   Czechs down French at Worlds but Růžička warns team will have to improve significantly
 21.5.2014   Pages from manuscript of The Trial highlight of concurrent Kafka exhibitions in Prague
 20.5.2014   EU funds helping to educate experts in historic reconstruction
 20.5.2014   Renowned Czech artist Adriena Šimotová dies at 87
 19.5.2014   Sir Nicholas Winton, who saved hundreds of children from Nazis, turns 105
 16.5.2014   Coalition partners at loggerheads over candidate for European commissioner
 15.5.2014   If you’ve found religion, give your fortune to poor, Zeman tells protégé turned foe Gross
 15.5.2014   SIAL studio wins top prize for conversion of early 20th century spa
 14.5.2014   Defence Minister backtracks on NATO presence
 14.5.2014   Plzeň unveils cultural offering for year in European spotlight
 13.5.2014   Czech defense company Era wins NATO order against tough competition
 13.5.2014   New National Security Centre launched in Brno
 12.5.2014   Labour ministry unveils poverty reduction plan
 9.5.2014   TV pundit: Jágr should shine in latter stages of hockey Worlds
 7.5.2014   German president recalls tragic past on Czech visit
 7.5.2014   Friday 40th anniversary of day first, three-carriage metros entered service in Prague
 6.5.2014   Hard-hitting ‘hockey ad’ takes aim at Lukashenko regime
 6.5.2014   Policewoman’s death sparks debate on stricter sanctions for repeat traffic offenders
 5.5.2014   Released military observer: several moments for hostages were ‘critical’
 2.5.2014   Education Ministry ringing the alarm as Czech students turn their backs on maths
 30.4.2014   Prague court sentences infamous political fixer to three years in prison
 30.4.2014   Death of troubled star raises questions over role of tabloids
 29.4.2014   Campaigning in European elections: lackluster and low-cost
 29.4.2014   Space under one-time Stalin monument opening to public after two decades
 28.4.2014   Czech Muslims complain about police raid
 25.4.2014   Situation in Ukraine tops Eastern Partnership’ Prague summit agenda
 24.4.2014   Czech government aims to reset relations with China
 24.4.2014   Relics of Bohemia’s Patron Saint Adalbert find new resting place
 23.4.2014   Small general goods & grocery stores hard hit by hyper- and supermarket chains
 23.4.2014   Authorities pledge clampdown on car clocking
 22.4.2014   Czech scientists denounce Environment Ministry’s plans for Šumava
 22.4.2014   Nymburk pair to pedal 850km down Elbe to North Sea in plastic bottle boat
 18.4.2014   PM connects with French socialists, sets tone for improved Czech-French ties
 17.4.2014   Will Czech Republic end restrictions on foreigners’ political rights?
 17.4.2014   Education minister says it is time to take radical action against growing aggression in schools
 16.4.2014   TOP 09 seeks Czech backing for Europe-wide media ownership rules
 16.4.2014   Architecture critic: Plan to make freight station cultural hub could work at least in part
 15.4.2014   New guidelines to help courts calculate bodily harm compensations
 15.4.2014   Constitutional Court issues precedent ruling on bank fees
 14.4.2014   Mystery amnesiac – found in Norway – regains slivers of memory
 11.4.2014   Future metropolitan plan to try and counter urban sprawl
 10.4.2014   Pull troops back, NATO chief tells Russians on Prague visit
 10.4.2014   ČEZ cancels Temelín tender after government says no to guarantees
 9.4.2014   Prague ranks fifth in popular Travelers’ Choice survey
 9.4.2014   Guide to wartime Prague wins top literary award
 8.4.2014   Photo confirms return of wolves to Bohemia after over century
 8.4.2014   Prague rabbi pens literary hit of season
 7.4.2014   Analyst: Skirmishes between finance minister and PM not serious but combative tone won't help
 4.4.2014   UN Secretary General debates security issues, climate change and human rights in Prague
 3.4.2014   Coal mine rescue plan opens up political rift, puts spotlight on prime minister’s past
 3.4.2014   MPs push for regulation of foreign-language ads
 2.4.2014   Association launches drive for VAT-free books
 2.4.2014   Amazon rejection could cost future investments, says industry leader
 1.4.2014   Patients still waiting to see benefits of 2013 law on medical marihuana
 1.4.2014   Acclaimed author and essayist Milan Kundera turns 85
 31.3.2014   Czech politicians react to results of Slovak presidential election
 28.3.2014   Acclaimed 20th century author Bohumil Hrabal remembered on 100th anniversary of his birth
 27.3.2014   Ruling ANO party forges ahead in voter preference survey
 27.3.2014   Karel Zeman’s work inspirational, says director Tim Burton on eve of Prague art show
 26.3.2014   Vietnamese stores take sizable bite out of Czech food market
 26.3.2014   Talks on changes to restitution bill hit wall
 25.3.2014   Stadium security in spotlight after violence erupts at Ostrava football match
 25.3.2014   Prague says no help for now for ethnic Czechs in Ukraine
 24.3.2014   Former Communist hardliner Miroslav Štěpán dies, unrepentant
 21.3.2014   Czech population declines as strong 1970s generation ages
 20.3.2014   Restorers to bone up on skills for Kutná Hora ossuary makeover
 20.3.2014   Monument to “Russian peacekeepers” at Prague cemetery stirs controversy
 19.3.2014   Almost half a million Czechs in early retirement
 19.3.2014   Prague condemns Russia’s annexation of Crimea
 18.3.2014   OECD report says poor administration, regulation are short changing Czechs of higher growth
 18.3.2014   Seventy-five years of driving on the right
 17.3.2014   Czech expats in Ukraine want to repatriate to old country
 14.3.2014   Tomáš Halík: Templeton Prize tribute to Czech spiritual culture
 13.3.2014   A Winged Lion for Prague
 13.3.2014   Minister pushes guaranteed right to preschool
 12.3.2014   First victim of crisis is democracy, says maker of doc on shutdown of Greek public broadcaster
 12.3.2014   Czechs mark 15 years in NATO
 11.3.2014   Anti-gay law mandates mob violence, says maker of God Loves Uganda
 11.3.2014   Czechs’ trust in EU institutions slumps to all-time low
 10.3.2014   Communist-era public art to receive better protection
 7.3.2014   Political analyst: Europe would feel the backlash from stiffer sanctions against Russia
 6.3.2014   Somali pirates – and purported ones – focus of Czech-produced doc set for OW premiere
 6.3.2014   Key StB agent who masterminded 'fake' border posts dies aged 92
 5.3.2014   OW doc reveals tough conditions at one of China’s 400 internet addiction centres
 5.3.2014   Britain aims to significantly boost exports to the Czech Republic
 4.3.2014   Marikana massacre “worse emotionally” than those of apartheid era, says maker of OW curtain raiser Miners Shot Dead
 4.3.2014   Government dispute over Ukrainian crisis: economic pragmatism winning out over sanctions
 3.3.2014   Czech government condemns Russia’s intrusion into Ukraine
 28.2.2014   Elbe-Oder-Danube canal – logistic dream or megalomanic nightmare?
 27.2.2014   Theme of work universal, says One World director Kulhánková
 27.2.2014   Czech totalitarian studies institute quits European association
 26.2.2014   Political parties divided over final format of Czech civil service framework
 26.2.2014   President Zeman addresses European Parliament
 25.2.2014   Hadamczik steps down as national hockey team coach
 25.2.2014   Civic Democrats pledge euro adoption opt out, referendum, as they launch European Parliament campaign
 24.2.2014   MEP Libor Rouček in Ukraine: what is at stake is the country’s unity and economic survival
 21.2.2014   Czech NGOs consider humanitarian aid for embattled Ukraine
 20.2.2014   Gold for Sáblíková helps Czechs achieve record Winter Olympic medals tally
 20.2.2014   Analysis: Czech Republic can only benefit from return to EU ‘mother ship’
 19.2.2014   Czech hockey team holds off Slovakia to advance to quarter-finals in Sochi
 19.2.2014   Prague calls on Ukraine’s government to halt bloodshed
 18.2.2014   President says new government should draw lessons from Scandinavian countries
 18.2.2014   Czech snowboarding seeks to escape Cinderella status
 17.2.2014   Prime minister unveils plans to fight tax fraud
 14.2.2014   ‘Godfather’ Rittig arrested as police probe Prague transport ticket scam
 13.2.2014   Czech designers’ premiere at the International Fashion Showcase in London
 13.2.2014   Czech government approves ambitious policy programe
 12.2.2014   Satirical group now aiming to change Brno council from within
 12.2.2014   Former PM Petr Nečas charged with corruption
 11.2.2014   Czech-Polish relations sour over food export suspicions
 11.2.2014   Czechs respecting Schengen open space but keeping tight rein on non-EU migrants
 10.2.2014   International pro-democracy think tank planned for Prague
 7.2.2014   Dvořák goes global as Czech opera gets ‘Live from Met’ premiere
 6.2.2014   Notorious Czechoslovak Communist party hardliner Vasil Bil’ak dies at 96
 6.2.2014   Czech team for Sochi “very ambitious”, says chair of Olympic Committee
 5.2.2014   Czech botanists discover new “bearded” vanilla species in southern Vietnam
 5.2.2014   President Zeman’s choice of guests raises questions about foreign policy shift
 4.2.2014   Czech politicians mobilize to save Amazon investment plans
 4.2.2014   Czech Republic still struggling to deal with corruption
 3.2.2014   Older people face gloomy prospects on job market
 31.1.2014   Pospíšil leaves sinking Civic Democrats after deputy leader snub
 30.1.2014   Czech Olympic Committee embroiled in political battle, human rights debate
 30.1.2014   New center-left coalition government gets down to business
 29.1.2014   How has Seznam remained most popular Czech website?
 29.1.2014   New Czech centre-left government sworn in
 28.1.2014   Iron Curtain continues in minds of Czech deer
 28.1.2014   On eve of appointment, coalition still at loggerheads over deputy ministers
 27.1.2014   Czech president visits Afghanistan
 24.1.2014   Czech Foreign Ministry calls for end to violence in Ukraine
 23.1.2014   Agency administering secret police files threatens to quit international network
 23.1.2014   Zeman to appoint new government next Wednesday after final obstacles overcome
 22.1.2014   Tomáš Berdych’s Grand Slam success paves way for Davis Cup rethink
 22.1.2014   Czech MPs clash over civil service bill
 21.1.2014   Milan Schulz, exiled author, RFE broadcaster dies in Munich
 21.1.2014   PM Sobotka: path is clear for new centre-left government
 20.1.2014   Can fresh faces save Civic Democrats?
 17.1.2014   Sobotka becomes 11th Czech PM since 93…but how long will he last?
 16.1.2014   Prague visit “inspirational” says Da Vinci Code writer Dan Brown
 16.1.2014   'Palach Week' - a prelude to the 1989 fall of communism
 15.1.2014   Washington tram operations seen as calling card for Czech firm
 15.1.2014   Don’t mix sport and politics says Zeman ahead of Sochi, while Čáslavská boycotts him
 14.1.2014   Czech drivers increasingly saving on petrol and switching to cheaper bio-fuels
 14.1.2014   Authorities take action to curb excesses of Danish school groups in Prague
 13.1.2014   European Commission freezes 100 billion in funds for Czech Republic
 10.1.2014   Zeman to appoint Sobotka PM Jan 17th, but hints at cabinet minister veto
 9.1.2014   Political battle possible if president rejects cabinet nominees
 9.1.2014   Czech NGO in Syria mourns three humanitarian workers, but remains committed to providing aid
 8.1.2014   Škoda Auto challenged by Hyundai for Czech new car sales
 8.1.2014   Removal of “second police chief” fails to stabilise situation at top of force
 7.1.2014   Czech government faces Brussels targets to keep cash flowing
 7.1.2014   Czech Foreign Ministry asked to address growing public safety concerns in wake of Palestinian embassy incident
 6.1.2014   Czech parties seal deal on centre-left coalition government
 3.1.2014   Artist fined over designs of “Czech-Romany” flags
 2.1.2014   Czech government approves deal to offload excess fighter jets
 2.1.2014   Police ruling out terrorism in Palestinian ambassador’s violent death in Prague
 30.12.2013   Czechs gearing up for boisterous end-of-year celebrations
 27.12.2013   President treats nation to uncritical reflection on his first year in office
 23.12.2013   New centre-left cabinet taking shape
 20.12.2013   Czech TV to make local version of The Office
 19.12.2013   Environment Ministry ends year with bird and beaver underwear
 19.12.2013   Coalition talks in danger as Christian Democrats insist on agriculture ministry
 18.12.2013   Vilém Prečan on how Czechs see Václav Havel
 18.12.2013   Czech media reflects ambivalence over Havel legacy
 17.12.2013   Lou Reed tribute highlights links between Velvet Underground and Velvet Revolution
 17.12.2013   Czech president advocating for huge canal project
 16.12.2013   Ex-foreign minister Schwarzenberg sees echoes of Velvet Revolution in Ukraine
 13.12.2013   Will Christian Democrats scupper coalition deal?
 12.12.2013   Prague Castle buildings sought by Church to remain in hands of state
 12.12.2013   Ministry introduces changes to improve health care during and after birth
 11.12.2013   Plzeň’s last-gasp qualification for Europa League dream send-off for Vrba
 11.12.2013   Parties reach deal on centre-left coalition government
 10.12.2013   Should Czech stores close at Christmas?
 10.12.2013   Great affinity between Václav Havel and Dublin, says city’s lord mayor after unveiling of memorial
 9.12.2013   President wants final say on cabinet line-up
 6.12.2013   Academic Fiala set to stand for chairman of floundering Civic Democrats
 5.12.2013   Ten renovated Czech synagogues to reopen next year
 5.12.2013   Is administrative anomaly or political power struggle behind police chief controversy?
 4.12.2013   Report: president would refuse to appoint Zaorálek as foreign minister
 4.12.2013   Mediaeval Bohemian coin found in Israel identified as denier of Ottokar II
 3.12.2013   Football’s Ujfaluši hangs up his boots
 3.12.2013   Poorer perception of corruption may be a positive signal, says TI director
 2.12.2013   Russian activist and poet Natalya Gorbanevskaya remembered
 29.11.2013   Czech military close to selling surplus combat planes
 28.11.2013   New doc lifts lid on Czech pop bizz via story of manufactured teen group
 28.11.2013   Government’s agency for social inclusion issues grim report on the situation of the Roma minority
 27.11.2013   Czech group launches “virtual museum” of Siberian Gulag camps
 27.11.2013   Social Democrats’ Hamáček elected speaker of lower house
 26.11.2013   Ondřejov observatory records nine billion-year-old gamma-ray burst
 26.11.2013   Political leader’s communist past revives debate on abolition of screening law
 25.11.2013   New Czech Chamber of Deputies convenes for opening session
 22.11.2013   Social Democrat leader gets go-ahead to try and form next government
 21.11.2013   Prague mayor charges Blanka contract was never valid
 21.11.2013   Concerns over influence grow as ANO boss Babiš eyes broadcast media outlets
 20.11.2013   Czechs launch first geocaches into the stratosphere
 20.11.2013   Ministry aims to employ 1,000 new officers in troubled areas
 19.11.2013   Vrba to become national soccer coach after huge success with Plzeň
 19.11.2013   Police file charges in Prague Proton Therapy Centre dispute
 18.11.2013   Jiří Stránský and others receive awards for perseverance under dictatorial regimes
 15.11.2013   Czech shoppers asked to help feed people in need
 14.11.2013   New figures suggest return to slowdown, but economy on path to recovery, says analyst
 14.11.2013   Locals launch petition to throw Czech fugitive out of South Africa
 13.11.2013   Czech researchers uncover new plant species in Borneo
 13.11.2013   Cosmonaut and Communist MEP Remek returning to Moscow as Czech ambassador
 12.11.2013   National Disability Council calls on Zeman to apologise for discriminatory remark
 12.11.2013   Czechs join Philippine typhoon relief efforts
 11.11.2013   Bohuslav Sobotka begins government negotiations with party backing
 8.11.2013   Social Democrat rebels “lay down arms”
 7.11.2013   Czech scientists reveal origin of Chelyabinsk meteor
 7.11.2013   Intelligence service report: corruption and economic problems are fuelling extremism
 6.11.2013   Police stage mass raid on shops suspected of promoting cannabis
 6.11.2013   Czech Republic sees steep rise in whooping cough cases
 5.11.2013   Czechs still making big contribution to Europe’s plastic bag waste pile
 5.11.2013   PPF group is set to buy the largest Czech mobile phone operator
 4.11.2013   Alleged StB links could keep Babiš out of cabinet
 1.11.2013   Social Democrats try to get back on track
 31.10.2013   New video emerges of Czech backpackers kidnapped in Pakistan
 31.10.2013   Social Democrats’ “putsch” fizzles out as rebels climb down
 30.10.2013   Czech mayor gets Council of Europe prize for assisting Romany integration
 30.10.2013   Hašek admits to lying about secret meeting with president
 29.10.2013   Analysis: blame for Social Democrats’ election result should not be laid solely at Sobotka’s door
 29.10.2013   Social Democrats’ dramatic infighting complicates coalition talks
 26.10.2013   Czech general elections yield no obvious coalition
 25.10.2013   Czechs vote in elections that could see new parties change political map
 24.10.2013   Pilsner Urquell announces slight price increase of bottled beer
 24.10.2013   Paternity leave viewed positively by most Czechs, poll suggests
 23.10.2013   Speculation about this year’s awarding of state honours stirs controversy
 23.10.2013   Castle row puts divisive church restitution back in news
 22.10.2013   Ostrava’s legal battle for cleaner air is not over
 22.10.2013   Police charge six in historic drug bust
 21.10.2013   Analysis: projected election winners Social Democrats might have trouble forming coalition
 18.10.2013   Activist: ‘patriarchal’ government has emasculated human rights agenda
 17.10.2013   Czech president makes unlikely recommendation: smoking safe if you start late
 17.10.2013   Canada confirms lifting of visas for Czechs 'imminent'
 16.10.2013   Stained glass graffiti installed at Lucerna
 16.10.2013   Likely next finance minister warns criticising Russia and China could cost jobs
 15.10.2013   John Kerry’s brother visits their grandfather’s birthplace in northern Moravia
 15.10.2013   US anti-Communist award sparks debate over Klaus’s pre-89 role
 14.10.2013   Close to a million Czechs threatened by poverty
 11.10.2013   Swiss court sentences five Czechs over massive 'wild privatisation' fraud
 10.10.2013   President Zeman revives debate on one-word name for the Czech Republic
 10.10.2013   Dream start just the beginning for Czech teen in NHL, says agent
 9.10.2013   Critics incensed as panned Menzel film becomes Czech Oscar nomination
 9.10.2013   Prague plans new metro line to serve southern suburbs
 8.10.2013   Primátor Weizenbier wins world’s best beer award
 8.10.2013   Transparency International claims some Czech offshore companies have close ties to public officials
 7.10.2013   President Zeman visits Israel after controversial embassy move proposal
 4.10.2013   TOP 09, Pirates, far-right dominate in mock ‘secondary school elections’
 3.10.2013   Chemist Wichterle “wasn’t bitter” over not profiting from invention of contact lens
 3.10.2013   Ex-president Klaus calls on Czechs to leave EU
 2.10.2013   Legendary lyricist and songwriter Zdeněk Rytíř dies at 69
 2.10.2013   President’s popularity fails to translate into major boost for his party
 1.10.2013   Installation makes actors of passers-by at Prague’s New Stage
 1.10.2013   NGOs launch campaign to improve quality of life for the elderly
 30.9.2013   Jailed Belarusian activist receives first Václav Havel Human Rights Prize
 27.9.2013   Shortage of child psychiatrists becoming serious problem
 26.9.2013   Next Wave performing arts festival heads into its 20th year
 26.9.2013   Fighting fear of science key to stopping sci-tech brain drain
 25.9.2013   Legendary footballer Pepi Bican inducted in Czech FA’s Hall of Fame
 25.9.2013   New missing children hotline may help with cross-border cases
 24.9.2013   Prague 10 district set to buy Karel Čapek’s villa
 24.9.2013   Councillors double number of alcohol-free zones
 23.9.2013   Political analyst on Merkel victory: continuity in Germany is good news for the Czech Republic
 20.9.2013   Students launch campaign to end dubbing of foreign TV programmes
 19.9.2013   New study shows Czech MEPs are generally not as active as their colleagues
 19.9.2013   Zeman: Barroso promises EU help in resolving Canada visa issue
 18.9.2013   Spirited Plzeň eventually overwhelmed by megastars of Man City
 18.9.2013   Twenty-four parties register to run in October's general elections
 17.9.2013   Spirit of Havel informs 2013 Forum
 17.9.2013   Miners draw attention to their plight as company managers debate cost-cutting measures
 16.9.2013   Burma’s Suu Kyi pays homage to Václav Havel at Forum 2000
 13.9.2013   Political analyst: president’s active role in campaigning may mobilize right-wing voters
 12.9.2013   Twelve footballers charged in match-fixing scandal
 12.9.2013   Web of intrigue – confusion over Šlouf nomination as SPOZ candidate in Prague
 11.9.2013   Czechs’ outside chance of reaching World Cup dashed in Turin
 11.9.2013   Government unveils national strategy to tackle homelessness in the Czech Republic
 10.9.2013   Prague centre free lunch event draws attention to food waste
 10.9.2013   Smiggels-Kavková: parties still fielding too few female candidates
 9.9.2013   Klaus manifesto may signal plans for future EU run
 6.9.2013   Klaus comeback - what are the odds?
 5.9.2013   As racial tensions simmer, new Romany party to contest elections
 5.9.2013   Why is the Czech Republic losing its competitiveness?
 4.9.2013   Coffee to go: Brno cafés offering free use of bikes
 4.9.2013   Martin Bursík’s new party will attract ‘politically homeless’ voters, says Jiří Pehe
 3.9.2013   Czech women over 50 have the most powerful handshake in Europe
 3.9.2013   Former Ukrainian porn star and her kids finally allowed to settle in the Czech Republic
 2.9.2013   Public kindergartens are still unable to meet demand
 30.8.2013   Czech Republic calls for a political solution to crisis in Syria
 29.8.2013   Viktoria Plzeň reach Champions League
 29.8.2013   Former president turns down chance to launch political comeback
 28.8.2013   Constitutional Court decision encourages further discussion on home births
 27.8.2013   At National Theatre, a new season begins
 27.8.2013   State attorney unveils fresh evidence in high-profile corruption case
 26.8.2013   Arrest of Russian activists marking 1968 anniversary evokes concern in Prague
 23.8.2013   Extremists relying increasingly on internet to whip up anti-Roma sentiments
 22.8.2013   Unknown artists apologise for Bulgaria’s role in 1968
 22.8.2013   Parties gearing up for early elections
 21.8.2013   1968 invasion remembered outside Czech Radio
 21.8.2013   Dissolution of Chamber of Deputies paves way for early elections
 20.8.2013   Travel agencies speed up return of clients from Egypt
 20.8.2013   Dissolution of lower house would open the door to provisional legislation
 19.8.2013   Flash poll indicates Czechs want early elections as soon as possible
 16.8.2013   Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to visit Prague in September
 15.8.2013   Free pianos helping enliven Prague’s public spaces
 15.8.2013   NGOs plan to monitor parties’ campaign spending
 14.8.2013   U.S. Congressman Cicilline in support of gay pride: being honest about who you are is an empowering process
 14.8.2013   Longest Czech recession comes to an end
 13.8.2013   Political analyst Šídlo: in next election Civic Democrats face certain defeat
 13.8.2013   Czech interim government steps down
 12.8.2013   Powers of the president likely to become hot election campaign issue
 9.8.2013   Analyst Petr Just: early elections in play but not a sure thing
 8.8.2013   Erik Best: Zeman real winner in Wednesday’s vote
 8.8.2013   Czech Republic evidently heading for early elections
 7.8.2013   Political analyst: Sobotka turnaround delivers Social Democrats to Zeman
 6.8.2013   Once divisive Dancing House goes on market
 6.8.2013   National Theatre managers call for culture minister’s dismissal
 5.8.2013   Highly anticipated corruption trial of MP David Rath to begin on Wednesday
 2.8.2013   Rusnok cabinet forced to backtrack on latest high-profile dismissal
 1.8.2013   Czech senator launches EU-wide petition to end daylight saving time
 1.8.2013   Embattled Rusnok cabinet to face vote of confidence next Wednesday
 31.7.2013   Report: Employees' online idling costing Czech firms billions
 31.7.2013   Mainstream antipathy to Roma bigger threat than far right, warns Czech intelligence
 30.7.2013   End of an era as Prague Post goes online only
 30.7.2013   Blood-stained shorts could link Dahlgren to murders
 29.7.2013   Czechs hit pools and swimming holes on hottest day of year
 26.7.2013   Offensive pig farm likely to remain on Romany Holocaust memorial site
 25.7.2013   President Zeman hints former centre-right coalition could return to power
 25.7.2013   Friday to mark 30th anniversary of Kratochvílová’s 800m world record
 24.7.2013   Czech population projected to fall by almost third within 90 years
 24.7.2013   Change of government triggers shake-up in civil service
 23.7.2013   Czech scientists use new materials for blast-resistant litter bins
 23.7.2013   Czech authorities seize record amount of rhino horns
 22.7.2013   Magazine: final decision on Temelín to be delayed by at least one year
 19.7.2013   Reconstruction of D1 highway hits snag
 18.7.2013   Prosecutor pushing to keep bribery case alive
 18.7.2013   ‘Stumbling stone’ laid into Prague pavement to remember Milena Jesenská
 17.7.2013   Supreme Court decision will weaken trust in democratic politics, says analyst Jiří Pehe
 17.7.2013   Court rules ex-MPs' alleged bribe taking covered by immunity
 16.7.2013   Czech public is desensitized to xenophobic statements by politicians, says analyst
 16.7.2013   Czech politicians mulling the possibility to limit the powers of the president
 15.7.2013   Finance minister under fire over suspicious debt settlement
 12.7.2013   President likely to play greater role in “coordinated” foreign policy
 11.7.2013   Remembering Olga Havlová, a woman of humour and good will
 11.7.2013   Interim cabinet’s survival chances appear to grow
 10.7.2013   Communist-era Hotel Praha set for demolition
 10.7.2013   Rusnok government sworn in
 9.7.2013   Authorities test imported poultry for antibiotics
 9.7.2013   State Attorney’s office asks for outgoing PM to be stripped of immunity
 8.7.2013   Nominations complete for Czech caretaker government
 4.7.2013   Berdych defeated in Wimbledon quarter-finals
 4.7.2013   České Budějovice braces for more violence as new anti-Roma demo called
 3.7.2013   NGOs voice strong disapproval of new immigration bill draft
 3.7.2013   Ministers clear their desks as Nečas government bows out
 2.7.2013   Berdych, Kvitová reach Wimbledon quarter-finals
 2.7.2013   Economic expert: second pillar of government’s pension system can be made viable
 1.7.2013   Anti-Roma riots in České Budějovice point to extremist trend
 28.6.2013   Stars and fans gather for the 48th Karlovy Vary Film Festival
 27.6.2013   Restored version of All My Good Countrymen set for Karlovy Vary premiere
 27.6.2013   Babisconi? Hardly, say observers
 26.6.2013   Remembering the victims - including infants - of 1950s Stalinist terror
 26.6.2013   New prime minister faces opposition from day one
 25.6.2013   Blackhawks Rozsíval and Frolík lift Stanley Cup
 25.6.2013   Czech president tests the limits of his powers
 24.6.2013   President favours interim government, parties want snap elections
 21.6.2013   Poll suggests majority of Czechs would prefer early elections as way out of crisis
 20.6.2013   United Islands festival moves to Prague’s Ladronka on 10th birthday
 20.6.2013   Civic Democrats propose Miroslava Němcová for PM
 19.6.2013   Substation fire causes blackout in almost half of Prague
 19.6.2013   Nečas to face bribery charge?
 18.6.2013   TOP 09 and Soc Dems reach agreement on Prague City Hall leadership
 18.6.2013   Coalition parties begin search for new prime minister
 17.6.2013   Analyst Jiří Pehe says it is unlikely the president will call early elections
 17.6.2013   Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas quits amid corruption scandal
 14.6.2013   PM refusing to go despite serious accusations against aide
 13.6.2013   Culture Minister quits after months of criticism
 13.6.2013   Police raid at Office of Czech Government sends shockwaves across political spectrum
 12.6.2013   Police pushing for ban on online alcohol sales
 12.6.2013   Analyst: President Zeman was very active in his first 100 days in office, but may become less effective
 11.6.2013   After the flood: droves of mosquitoes, mudslides
 11.6.2013   Many academics unhappy with the outcome of “Putnagate”
 10.6.2013   Persisting rain causing flash floods and complicating clean-up work
 7.6.2013   Czechs face powerhouse Italy in key World Cup qualifier
 6.6.2013   Stark choice for mankind - move off floodplain or get used to floods
 6.6.2013   Floods receding in northern Bohemia, other Czech regions
 5.6.2013   Climatologist: Czechs can expect more frequent flooding in future
 5.6.2013   Village that symbolised 2002 floods inundated again
 4.6.2013   Prague Zoo suffers flood damage in the millions
 4.6.2013   Prague spared worst of flooding as north Bohemia remains on high alert
 3.6.2013   Czech Republic hit by major flooding
 3.6.2013   Prague puts on a brave face despite worst flood in a decade
 31.5.2013   Incentives in film industry help draw major foreign productions
 30.5.2013   Writer Karel Čapek’s Prague villa goes on sale
 30.5.2013   Demonstration in Duchcov sparks fears of renewed violence
 29.5.2013   Brno activists subvert slogan to challenge City Hall
 29.5.2013   Survey indicates strong anti-Roma sentiment among Czech children
 28.5.2013   Zlín Film Festival kicks off 53rd edition
 28.5.2013   Drama at Vaclav Havel Airport as Czech top officials try to hold extradition of Russian businessman
 27.5.2013   Business interests dominate PM Nečas’s Russian visit
 24.5.2013   California man wanted over Brno murders detained after fleeing to US
 23.5.2013   Brewery sues consumer magazine over mycotoxin tests
 23.5.2013   Prague mayor, other Civ Dem councillors, dismissed
 22.5.2013   Analyst: TOP 09 in high-stakes game to secure dominant position on political right
 22.5.2013   President, education minister settle “Putnagate”
 21.5.2013   Baník back from brink, but what does future hold for club?
 21.5.2013   Police uncover almost one million litres of illegal alcohol
 20.5.2013   Zeman’s refusal to appoint professor sparks outrage
 17.5.2013   Swiss oust Czechs at Worlds
 16.5.2013   Join us on Saturday in celebrating our 90th birthday
 16.5.2013   ‘Neo-Nazi‘ fighter pulled from martial arts show as media, sponsors protest
 15.5.2013   Report claims number of anti-Semitic internet posts is on the rise
 15.5.2013   Czechs secure quarterfinal berth at Worlds
 14.5.2013   68th annual Prague Spring International Music Festival underway
 14.5.2013   Czech towns increasingly banning door-to-door sales
 13.5.2013   Swiss court begins hearing major Czech privatization case
 10.5.2013   Czechs get rare chance to view crown jewels
 9.5.2013   Prague school renamed in honour of Chicago’s Czech mayor
 9.5.2013   End in sight for ‘bearer shares’ – common currency for corrupt businessmen, officials
 7.5.2013   Czechs fail to stop Switzerland at Ice Hockey World Championships
 7.5.2013   Public indignation causes Regional Exhibition to remove Hitler’s statues
 6.5.2013   Czechs and Poles to boost food safety links
 3.5.2013   Campaign challenges city dwellers to cycle to work
 2.5.2013   Iconic Slavia cafe reopens three days after powerful blast
 2.5.2013   Authorship of presidential amnesty still unclear
 30.4.2013   Lendl: Mucha is only artist that interests me
 30.4.2013   Poll: majority of Czechs blame foreigners for loss of jobs
 29.4.2013   Powerful blast in central Prague leaves dozens injured
 26.4.2013   Senate approves Zeman’s nominations for Constitutional Court
 25.4.2013   Regional Exhibition reaches across Czech-Austrian border
 25.4.2013   Nečas urges caution, referendum on euro in wake of Zeman comments
 24.4.2013   Church starts process of beatifying “miracle” priest killed by Communists
 24.4.2013   Clash between Czech president and foreign minister revived in neighbouring Austria
 23.4.2013   Authorities lose patience with Wenceslas Sq. kiosk owners
 23.4.2013   Top anti-graft cop quits over spat with state attorney
 22.4.2013   Former health ministry top official implicated in new corruption scandal
 19.4.2013   Czech Republic to provide aid to devastated Texan town
 18.4.2013   Revolution underway on Czech mobile market
 18.4.2013   Many dead as fertiliser explosion devastates ‘Czech’ farming town in Texas
 17.4.2013   Writers’ fest “downsized” but bringing Pamuk to Prague
 17.4.2013   Czech Republic assesses security situation following Boston attack
 16.4.2013   Czech ensemble performs Jan Dismas Zelenka’s forgotten Easter Mass
 16.4.2013   Analyst: Ambassadorial dispute tests limits of new president
 15.4.2013   Ex-CEO of bankrupt lottery firm faces lawsuit by former shareholders
 12.4.2013   Top court gives municipalities right to curb gambling
 11.4.2013   More turmoil for body overseeing secret police archives as director sacked
 11.4.2013   Fashion designer heads to Zambia to create new brand with local talent
 10.4.2013   Lendl’s unique Mucha collection goes on show in Prague
 10.4.2013   Korean Air gets minority stake in Czech Airlines
 9.4.2013   Publisher Alexander Tomsky: Margaret Thatcher had an avid interest in East European affairs
 9.4.2013   Margaret Thatcher remembered
 8.4.2013   AI launches Europe-wide campaign to end discrimination against Roma
 5.4.2013   No let up in Zeman-Schwarzenberg spat over embassy posts
 4.4.2013   Native speakers in school system way down on ‘90s numbers
 4.4.2013   Carsharing is growing in popularity in Czech cities
 3.4.2013   Jágr moves to Stanley Cup aspirants Boston
 3.4.2013   President Zeman hoists EU flag at Prague Castle
 2.4.2013   Planned psychiatry reforms promise more tailored approach to mental health
 2.4.2013   Parties begin outlining tax plans ahead of election year
 29.3.2013   Klausová to be ambassador to Slovakia?
 28.3.2013   Government’s anti-drug policy switches focus to underage drinking
 28.3.2013   Constitutional Court throws out treason charges against ex-president Klaus
 27.3.2013   Controversial Marian column to return to Old Town Square after almost 100 years
 27.3.2013   New twist in murky smart card saga
 26.3.2013   Dukovany power plant holds emergency drill
 26.3.2013   Václav Havel award for human rights founded in Prague
 25.3.2013   Civic Democrats issue new policy document in bid to stem loss of support
 22.3.2013   Valuable hoard of silver coins found and lost
 21.3.2013   Contaminated products and false labeling fuel concerns over food in Czech supermarkets
 21.3.2013   Czech cabinet and president in accord over foreign policy priorities
 20.3.2013   Linda Štucbartová talks to leading Czech personalities about the key to a successful career
 20.3.2013   Škoda hopes for another year of record sales in 2013
 19.3.2013   Children’s book King & King to see Czech edition
 19.3.2013   The search continues for two Czech women abducted in south-west Pakistan
 18.3.2013   Charmed by Zeman, Social Democrats drop Dienstbier from leadership
 15.3.2013   Three months after sacking of Karolína Peake, General Vlastimil Picek to be named Czech defence minister
 14.3.2013   Czech and Slovak FAs propose joint league – but would it work?
 14.3.2013   Catholic leaders welcome the new Pope
 13.3.2013   Whites only South African town focus of fascinating One World film
 13.3.2013   Analyst: president’s ‘declaration of war’ against part of media unfortunate
 12.3.2013   OW doc Beyond Wriezen delivers gripping portrait of post-prison lives of three young Germans
 12.3.2013   Cyber attacks taunt experts and raise security concerns
 11.3.2013   Change of guard at Prague Castle signals end to animosities between Prague Castle and Brussels
 8.3.2013   Miloš Zeman sworn in as Czech president
 7.3.2013   Plight of gay Palestinians hiding out in Israel subject of OW film The Invisible Men
 7.3.2013   President Václav Klaus makes his exit
 6.3.2013   OW doc Sofia’s Last Ambulance captures dedication of medics in face of failing system
 6.3.2013   Heavy metal singer Blythe cleared of manslaughter
 5.3.2013   Political analyst: Treason charges against Klaus should have been filed much earlier
 5.3.2013   One World opener Bravehearts maps year in life of Norwegian students shaken by Breivik attacks
 4.3.2013   Senate to decide whether to press treason charges against outgoing president
 1.3.2013   Alcohol testing uncovers lethal levels of methanol in purchased spirits
 28.2.2013   Third time lucky for legalisation of prostitution?
 28.2.2013   Dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez urges Czechs to keep up pressure on Cuban government
 27.2.2013   Smartphone app helps fare dodgers avoid inspectors
 27.2.2013   Motion calling for treason charges against Klaus to be discussed by Senate
 26.2.2013   15th One World to deliver over 100 documentaries on huge range of topics
 26.2.2013   Civic Democrat chairman on regional tour to drum up support from local leaders
 25.2.2013   Czechs protest on anniversary of 1948 communist coup as party gains ground
 22.2.2013   Government moves to cement church restitution deal
 21.2.2013   Minister's advice is buy Czech, not imported foods as horse DNA confirmed
 21.2.2013   Will President Klaus face high treason charges over controversial amnesty?
 20.2.2013   Fatal explosion in Moravian town likely not due to tragic accident but shocking crime
 20.2.2013   ČEZ could lose Bulgarian distribution licence
 19.2.2013   Another 18 people awarded recognition for anti-communist resistance
 19.2.2013   Social Democrats lodge constitutional complaint against church restitution law
 18.2.2013   Jail terms could cost lawmakers seats and salaries in future
 15.2.2013   Czechs and Germans intensify the fight against rampant cross-border drug trafficking
 14.2.2013   Rap video exhorts Roma parents not to send children to special school
 14.2.2013   Bill curbing anonymous shares faces legislative hurdle
 13.2.2013   Agriculture Ministry sanctions on-farm slaughter of crocodiles
 13.2.2013   Lower house makes umpteenth attempt to abolish lawmakers’ life-long immunity from prosecution
 12.2.2013   Prague's Žižkov district celebrates twenty years of Masopust
 12.2.2013   Czech Catholics praise Pope’s “courageous” decision to resign
 11.2.2013   New presidential portrait veers from tradition
 8.2.2013   Czech unemployment reaches record high
 7.2.2013   Survey: roughly half of Czech firms turn down applicants with criminal records
 7.2.2013   PM announces deployment of Czech military instructors to Mali
 6.2.2013   Barbies and barbarity: exhibition takes novel approach to post-war massacres of Germans
 6.2.2013   President-elect gets down to business
 5.2.2013   Prague endorses Turkey’s EU candidacy
 5.2.2013   National Museum’s archaeological expedition uncovers more of Ancient Nubia’s secrets
 4.2.2013   London’s Czech community centre Velehrad to close down
 1.2.2013   New bill to introduce dual citizenship
 31.1.2013   Bike to Heaven monument to honour cyclists’ rights activist and others killed on Prague streets
 31.1.2013   Study suggests broader ban would help reduce the number of underage smokers
 30.1.2013   Nerve-wracking weeks ahead for Pardubice as decontamination work starts
 30.1.2013   TOP 09 demand opens fresh fissure in weak coalition
 29.1.2013   Versatile graphic artist Oldřich Kulhánek dies aged 72
 29.1.2013   'Atmospheric disturbance' possible but no storms ahead for Czech-German relations
 28.1.2013   President-elect Zeman wastes no time in wading into party politics
 26.1.2013   Analyst discusses campaigns, turning points and outcome of presidential election
 26.1.2013   Miloš Zeman becomes first directly elected Czech president
 25.1.2013   Construction of supercomputer facility launched in Ostrava
 24.1.2013   Colts instead of rifles: NGO to introduce wild horses at former army bases
 24.1.2013   Campaigns focus on last-minute interviews, debates, in run up to election
 23.1.2013   Czech FA suspends investigation of alleged corruption in Plzeň game
 23.1.2013   Prague court calls on Constitutional Court to throw out entire presidential amnesty
 22.1.2013   Berdych loses to Djokovic at Australian Open
 22.1.2013   ČEZ packing its bags in Albania after months of controversy
 21.1.2013   Beneš decrees re-surface in Czech presidential race
 18.1.2013   Presidential candidates remain deferential in TV debate
 17.1.2013   New website offers wealth of material on Jan Palach
 17.1.2013   Václav Klaus insinuates Czechs should not vote for “foreign” Schwarzenberg
 16.1.2013   Exhibition highlights work of 20th century photographer Gerti Deutsch
 16.1.2013   Czechs charged with spying in Greece freed after four months
 15.1.2013   Prague district referendum - an exercise in direct democracy
 15.1.2013   Two top parties consider steps after first round of presidential election
 14.1.2013   Political heavyweights Zeman and Schwarzenberg set for presidency face-off
 12.1.2013   Zeman-Schwarzenberg showdown scenario few had predicted
 11.1.2013   Czechs join NATO defense mission in Turkey
 10.1.2013   Government plans to ban smoking, curb drinking in restaurants
 10.1.2013   Presidential campaign winds down with concerts, cakes and War with the Newts
 9.1.2013   Split gave Slovaks needed confidence, says former PM Dzurinda at exhibition opening
 9.1.2013   President accuses media of smear campaign
 8.1.2013   Prolific actress Jiřina Jirásková dies aged 81
 8.1.2013   Czechs and Poles to join forces against illegal pervitin production
 7.1.2013   Senators to file complaint with Constitutional Court over amnesty
 4.1.2013   Low-key election campaign enters final phase
 3.1.2013   New publication presents early years of Czech animation
 3.1.2013   Presidential amnesty slammed for letting big fish off the hook
 2.1.2013   New laws to impact household budgets
 2.1.2013   President’s final New Year’s address includes amnesty releasing prisoners and halting long-running cases
 28.12.2012   Jana Bobošíková – a fiery Eurosceptic determined to defend “national interests”
 28.12.2012   Number of Czechs investing in gold on rise
 27.12.2012   Salvation Army: Czechs do not give less to charity, but state cuts are excessive
 27.12.2012   Rejected presidential candidate lodges complaint against election law
 21.12.2012   Přemysl Sobotka – Senate stalwart angling for eurosceptic vote
 21.12.2012   Peake firing escalates new government crisis
 20.12.2012   Táňa Fischerová – an idealist offering a vision of a better world
 20.12.2012   Confusion surrounding VAT rate change vexing Czech firms
 19.12.2012   Parliament deputy refuses to give up mandate despite jail sentence
 19.12.2012   Miloš Zeman – political veteran seeking to crown his career
 18.12.2012   Václav Havel Library actively promoting late president's legacy
 18.12.2012   Havel’s contribution to Czech-US relations recalled at plaque unveiling
 17.12.2012   Jan Fischer – popular technocrat with blot on his past
 17.12.2012   President Klaus gives more hints about life after Prague Castle
 14.12.2012   Jiří Dienstbier – left-wing candidate with clean record and strong social values
 14.12.2012   10 Stars - new museum to remember Jewish life in Czech towns
 13.12.2012   Karel Schwarzenberg – a prince with his eye on the Castle
 13.12.2012   Supreme Administrative Court gives presidential elections green light, but doubts remain
 12.12.2012   Zuzana Roithová - seeking consensus and transparency in politics
 12.12.2012   Cabinet reshuffle complete
 11.12.2012   Vladimír Franz – the artist who would be president
 11.12.2012   Notorious Communist prosecutor Vaš dies innocent in eyes of law
 10.12.2012   Artwork tribute funded by international rock stars unveiled at Václav Havel Airport
 7.12.2012   Government makes significant concessions on S-Card system
 6.12.2012   Journalist: Czech success in Europe reflects improvement in domestic league
 6.12.2012   1950s forced labour conscripts set to receive compensation
 5.12.2012   Czech children (and adults) eagerly await Mikuláš
 5.12.2012   Controversial UN vote prompts Netanyahu visit
 4.12.2012   Alois Nebel wins European Film Award for animation
 4.12.2012   Analyst: Project to expand Temelín should be put on hold
 3.12.2012   Westinghouse win would enhance your energy security, Clinton tells Prague
 30.11.2012   Education ministry planning effective action against discrimination of Romanies in the education system
 29.11.2012   Record number of new HIV cases registered this year
 29.11.2012   Turnover of ministers in Nečas cabinet unprecedented
 28.11.2012   NGOs campaign for wider access to public health insurance to foreigners
 28.11.2012   Defence Minister Vondra announces decision to step down
 27.11.2012   Former police chief pleads guilty to bribery charge
 27.11.2012   Court rejects opposition debate complaint but throws out community service for jobless
 26.11.2012   First direct presidential election hits math snag
 23.11.2012   Plane crash sees fleet of L-159 fighter jets grounded
 22.11.2012   Czech government moves to protect whistleblowers
 22.11.2012   President Klaus appeals to Greek counterpart over two Czechs jailed on espionage charges
 21.11.2012   Millionth internet site with Czech .cz domain name registered
 21.11.2012   S-Card system to be revised
 20.11.2012   No windfall likely for Czech tennis despite historic team successes
 20.11.2012   Analyst: current government has decayed trust in system, helping the Communists
 19.11.2012   Anti-government protests held on Velvet Revolution anniversary
 16.11.2012   Czechs hoping to clinch historic first Fed and Davis Cup double
 15.11.2012   Ricky Gervais on world’s first stage version of cult TV series The Office
 15.11.2012   Czech president reiterates positions on nuclear power, Beneš decrees during Austrian visit
 14.11.2012   Veto of film incentives ignores economic benefits, says producer Matthew Stillman
 14.11.2012   EU criticizes Czech Republic for inefficiently drawing funds
 13.11.2012   Students highlight segregation in education during Roma Week
 13.11.2012   NATO Secretary General: in times of austerity, allies need to pool resources
 12.11.2012   Czech rally ends in tragedy
 9.11.2012   Government announces second attempt to sell off Czech Airlines
 8.11.2012   2012 Mezipatra queer film fest focuses on power, madness and manipulation
 8.11.2012   Reforms back on track as Czech ruling coalition regains strength
 7.11.2012   Requiem for Auschwitz – fighting prejudice, with choir and violin
 7.11.2012   Lower house approves government’s crucial tax hikes
 6.11.2012   Prague reassures Serbian foreign minister of continued support
 6.11.2012   Minister: revised budget worse option than VAT hike
 5.11.2012   Civic Democrat leader wins re-election but crucial battle still to come
 2.11.2012   PM faces party showdown in Brno as crucial tax vote looms
 1.11.2012   Construction supplier paves way for corruption-free business
 1.11.2012   ‘Jack of all trades’ Radek John stuns politicians, journalists with new job
 31.10.2012   Cutting-edge biomedical research center to open near Prague
 31.10.2012   Lower house postpones crucial decision on tax package
 30.10.2012   Marta Kubišová, the voice of Prague Spring, receives France’s Legion d’Honneur
 30.10.2012   Members of Czech gang arrested in Dominican Republic
 29.10.2012   Václav Klaus awards state honors for the last time as president
 26.10.2012   Greenpeace: consumers conned, renewables discredited in solar power scam
 25.10.2012   Government crisis impacts 2013 state budget
 25.10.2012   Plzeň citizens campaign for referendum against 'gigantic' city centre mall
 24.10.2012   Spa treatment becoming less affordable for Czechs
 24.10.2012   PM, finance minister, scramble to reach deal or find alternative to tax package
 23.10.2012   Memorial plaque to dissident Zdeněk Urbánek unveiled on his Prague home
 23.10.2012   Czech Army to lay off 1,500 personnel in 2013
 22.10.2012   Social Democrats triumph in senate elections, deepening government crisis
 19.10.2012   Sceptical Czechs threaten to veto EU ‘banking union’
 18.10.2012   'Bionic man' defies nature after living six months with no heart
 18.10.2012   Czechs lose the butter battle to the EU
 17.10.2012   Sham Czech brides face prison sentences in UK
 17.10.2012   Social Democrat MP Jan Hamáček: Communist Party’s strong showing in regional elections should be a lesson to us
 16.10.2012   Composer Geraldine Mucha dies aged 95 in Prague
 16.10.2012   Embattled PM backtracks on tax-reforms in the wake of election defeat
 15.10.2012   Czech government parties take severe beating in regional and Senate elections
 12.10.2012   Weary voters go to polls for regional, Senate elections
 11.10.2012   Burly pensioner becomes internet hero after intervening in Prague arrest
 11.10.2012   Czech ex-prime minister’s aide, charged with corruption, released from custody
 10.10.2012   NGOs criticize draft bill on Czech citizenship as too harsh on immigrants
 10.10.2012   German President Joachim Gauck visits Czech Republic
 9.10.2012   Hockey legend Dominik Hašek announces retirement
 9.10.2012   Former Topolánek aide charged with attempted fraud
 8.10.2012   Areva excluded from multi-billion dollar Temelín contract
 5.10.2012   “Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ll shortly be landing at Václav Havel Airport…”
 4.10.2012   Study maps makeup of Czech household waste
 4.10.2012   Government’s anti-corruption drive comes too close to home for comfort
 3.10.2012   Domestic violence costs state budget 1.3 billion crowns, new study finds
 3.10.2012   End of the line for methadone bus
 2.10.2012   First direct presidential election set for January 11, 2013
 2.10.2012   Fresh corruption scandal shakes ruling TOP 09 party ahead of elections
 1.10.2012   President Klaus in shooting scare
 27.9.2012   Jakub Polák, doyen of the Czech anarchist scene, dies aged 60
 27.9.2012   Czech government eases ban on liquor sales
 26.9.2012   Czech cartoon characters conquer the cyber world
 26.9.2012   Václav Klaus addresses the UN for the last time as president
 25.9.2012   President vetoes pension reform bill
 25.9.2012   Police charge two top distributors of methanol-laced liquor
 24.9.2012   This year’s St.Wenceslas Day dedicated to Czech expats
 21.9.2012   Under pressure from Brussels, Czechs ban export of hard alcohol
 20.9.2012   We're surviving...for now, says manager of 'Prohibition' themed cocktail bar
 20.9.2012   Czech government plans to ease liquor ban
 19.9.2012   Despite repeated warnings bootleg alcohol claims more victims daily
 19.9.2012   Campaign allows drivers to choose between monetary fine and crash test
 18.9.2012   Documentary shows hard work behind legendary jockey’s success
 18.9.2012   A fraction of the homeless make it into census
 17.9.2012   Alcohol prohibition seeks to stem methanol threat
 14.9.2012   Norwegian doctor brings hope - and antidote - to methanol poison victims
 13.9.2012   Legendary actor Radoslav Brzobohatý dies aged 79
 13.9.2012   Czech police race to find source of methanol poisoning outbreak
 12.9.2012   New CzechTourism campaign invites visitors to create their own stories
 12.9.2012   Government takes extraordinary measures as death toll from methanol poisonings rises
 11.9.2012   Human rights at the center of a new government controversy
 11.9.2012   New KHL club Lev Praha takes root in Czech capital
 10.9.2012   Growing concern over public safety as police investigate bootleg liquor deaths
 7.9.2012   Mock elections show students’ aversion to political establishment
 6.9.2012   Tomáš Berdych stuns Roger Federer to reach US Open semi-final
 6.9.2012   Embattled prime minister fighting to keep fiscal reforms on track
 5.9.2012   Galileo central navigation centre to open in Prague
 5.9.2012   Czech government threatened by tax row in lower house
 4.9.2012   Explosives ordnance team to clear mortar bombs in Sava River in Bosnia
 4.9.2012   Rising consumer goods prices bring down real wages
 3.9.2012   New school year starts with budget cuts
 31.8.2012   Czech paralymic athletes start their medal campaign in the London 2012 games
 30.8.2012   Patient survives six months without heart
 30.8.2012   Former police president says he will be vindicated
 29.8.2012   Fresh Film Fest kicks off in Prague with Manipulation as its main theme
 29.8.2012   Police president Lessy sacked for alleged libel, misconduct
 28.8.2012   World War II veteran General Tomáš Sedláček dies aged 94
 28.8.2012   Ombudsman takes Czech visa issues to European Commission
 27.8.2012   Czech MEP: European conservatives would prefer Romney at White House
 24.8.2012   No release in sight for imprisoned Rath
 23.8.2012   Festival invites visitors to “travel around the world in a day”
 23.8.2012   Analyst says security report reveals serious faults in the system
 22.8.2012   Tatra CEO arrest raises questions about his accuser
 22.8.2012   Nation’s health deteriorating due to sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits
 21.8.2012   Heat wave breaks all-time Czech temperature record
 21.8.2012   Czech Radio commemorates 1968 invasion
 20.8.2012   Second Prague Pride festival draws thousands in Czech capital
 17.8.2012   Senate rejects further tax hikes
 16.8.2012   Spy games turn real as eavesdropping technology spreads
 16.8.2012   Senate torpedoes church restitution bill
 15.8.2012   Integration centre in Prague to help immigrants and support NGOs
 15.8.2012   City Hall defends controversial September reworking of Prague transit system.
 14.8.2012   Czech economy contracts for third consecutive quarter
 14.8.2012   One of the Czech Republic’s most successful Olympic teams back home
 13.8.2012   Czech Olympic success measured not only in gold
 10.8.2012   Catholics call Social Democrat campaign against church property restitution Third Reich propaganda
 9.8.2012   New Ice Hockey club HC Lev Praha will bring the KHL to Prague
 9.8.2012   Police raid CzechInvest agency on suspicion of corruption
 8.8.2012   New owner promises bright future for world’s largest pneumatic post system
 8.8.2012   Candidates prepare for regional and Senate elections
 7.8.2012   Number of cyclist deaths drops in Czech Republic
 7.8.2012   Romani residents determined to stay in their homes despite eviction notice
 6.8.2012   Czech Olympic Wellies stride to success
 3.8.2012   Political pundit: Cleansing within Social Democratic Party was long overdue
 2.8.2012   The e-cigarette phenomenon - study finds a third of Czech smokers have tried the new "safe" cigarettes
 2.8.2012   Czech embassy stays in Damascus as violence escalates
 1.8.2012   The 38th annual Summer Film School pulls crowds to Uherské Hradiště
 1.8.2012   Snappy campaign challenges prejudice that Roma have little 'desire' to work
 31.7.2012   New Šumava National Park head raises eyebrows with plans to downgrade conservation status
 31.7.2012   Bradáčová appointed high state attorney
 30.7.2012   Czech House in Islington pulls in the crowds
 27.7.2012   President Klaus opens Czech Olympic House in London
 26.7.2012   Czech pop group Charlie Straight heads to London on eve of Olympics
 26.7.2012   Czech House in London ready to receive Olympic visitors
 25.7.2012   Transport minister faces ultimatum over registration system
 25.7.2012   Petr Koukal: a symbol of survival at the London Olympics
 24.7.2012   Černý’s ‘London Booster’ a major attraction at Czech House
 24.7.2012   High hopes as Czech athletes leave for London
 23.7.2012   New vehicle registration system wreaking havoc
 20.7.2012   Madeleine Albright christens new Aspen Institute in Prague
 19.7.2012   US metal singer arrested in Prague on manslaughter charges “awaiting release” on bail
 19.7.2012   David Rath corruption scandal takes fresh turn
 18.7.2012   Klaus backs embattled police president
 18.7.2012   New website seeks to name and shame stores caught by the Czech food safety inspectorate
 17.7.2012   Funny City Hall campaign aims to attract Londoners during Olympics
 17.7.2012   Groundbreaking chemist Antonín Holý dies at 75
 16.7.2012   Lower house approves restitution of church property
 13.7.2012   Were Kalousek calls an attempt to intimidate the police president?
 12.7.2012   Czech ambassador to UK: all is ready for visitors to London Olympics
 12.7.2012   Parliamentary immunity comes under renewed scrutiny
 11.7.2012   Fireman’s Ball re-release highlights lag in Czech film restoration
 11.7.2012   Kidnapped newborn found in Germany
 10.7.2012   Czech scientists present unique trilobite specimens, attacked by an unknown predator
 10.7.2012   Parliamentary committee recommends for MP and former defence minister to be stripped of immunity
 9.7.2012   Commemoration of Romany Holocaust victims sparks controversy
 4.7.2012   Prague hosts 15th Sokol festival
 4.7.2012   Believers go on pilgrimage to Velehrad for Cyril and Methodius celebrations
 3.7.2012   CzechTourism adopts a new, controversial logo
 3.7.2012   “Invisible man” sworn is as new justice minister
 2.7.2012   47th Karlovy Vary Film Festival gets underway
 29.6.2012   Czechs content with EU banking, pro-growth deals
 28.6.2012   President Klaus looks back on US-Czech relations ahead of 4th of July
 28.6.2012   Speculation rife about real reason behind justice minister’s fall
 27.6.2012   Prague tortoise was thought to be “twin” of Pinta tortoise Lonesome George
 27.6.2012   PM unexpectedly fires popular justice minister
 26.6.2012   European Commission weighs in on Šumava logging
 26.6.2012   Legal assessment on Parkanová case sparks fresh political controversy
 25.6.2012   Eight Czechs killed in bus crash in Croatia
 22.6.2012   Czechs end EURO 2012 campaign after quarter-final loss to Portugal
 21.6.2012   Czech police bust massive marihuana grow op with sealed-in gardener
 21.6.2012   Prague’s Week of Freedom dominated by support for Pussy Riot
 20.6.2012   “Czechs abroad” project to award prize to greatest Czech living abroad
 20.6.2012   Middleman denies enormous profits on controversial CASA deal
 19.6.2012   Scrapped electronic health records projects could result in international arbitration case
 19.6.2012   President vetoes controversial banishment bill
 18.6.2012   Czechs welcome outcome of Greek elections, but remain cautious on fiscal compact
 15.6.2012   Czech anti-corruption drive finally gaining momentum
 14.6.2012   Tapes of infamous communist show trial with AP correspondent William Oatis unearthed in Czech National Archives
 14.6.2012   Police seeks to prosecute former defence minister for overpriced army deal
 13.6.2012   Czech football team stuns Greece at EURO 2012
 13.6.2012   Court orders Prague High Prosecutor Rampula to leave post
 12.6.2012   Broadway musical Once, featuring score by Hansard/Irglová, wins eight Tony Awards
 12.6.2012   Roma request government representative
 11.6.2012   Czechs mark 70th anniversary of the destruction of Lidice
 8.6.2012   Czech soccer star upbeat about national squad’s EURO 2012 chances
 7.6.2012   Czech Foreign Ministry warns against all travel to Sinai
 7.6.2012   Ombudsman says discrimination of Romany children in Czech education system persists
 6.6.2012   Exhibition shows diverse work and fortunes of Josef Čapek
 6.6.2012   MP David Rath fails to convince lower house of his innocence
 5.6.2012   Students in survey perceive Roma to be biggest ‘problem’
 5.6.2012   Protesters call on Czech government to sever diplomatic ties with Syria
 4.6.2012   Selecting one’s surgeon is now possible for a set price
 1.6.2012   Foreign Ministry honours 12 people for promoting good name of Czech Republic
 31.5.2012   David Skilling: growing up with all things Czech was natural
 31.5.2012   Exhibition on Heydrich assassination opens in Israeli Parliament
 30.5.2012   Government approves bill banning bearer shares
 30.5.2012   Head of government energy commission: Share of nuclear power in Czech Republic’s energy mix should grow to about 50 percent
 29.5.2012   World Roma festival begins in Prague
 29.5.2012   Demonstrators hold protest happenings in front of Education and Culture ministries
 28.5.2012   Czechs mark 70th anniversary of Heydrich assassination
 25.5.2012   Billboard vandal temporarily released from prison
 24.5.2012   Prague Food Festival to inspire Czechs to think global, eat local
 24.5.2012   Roma attack on teen, which brought thousands into the streets, never happened
 23.5.2012   Prague & Lima mark 90 years of diplomatic relations with donation of historic tank
 23.5.2012   Immunity Committee votes unanimously to strip Rath of immunity
 22.5.2012   Prague district yields up evidence of 5500 BC settlement
 22.5.2012   Farmers to protest slashing of biofuel subsidies using tractors to slow traffic on country’s roads
 21.5.2012   Czech communists re-elect Vojtěch Filip as party chair
 18.5.2012   Czech Republic beats Sweden to advance to semi-finals in Ice Hockey World Championship
 17.5.2012   Brno centre for childcare launches “rent-a-granny” scheme
 17.5.2012   Constitutional Court upholds solar tax
 16.5.2012   International meeting of experts on Czech language and literature kicks off in Prague
 16.5.2012   Defiant David Rath remains in police custody
 15.5.2012   Czech shareholders ripped off by Kožený could gain from sale of Aspen chalet
 15.5.2012   Prominent Social Democrat MP charged with corruption
 14.5.2012   Health insurer counting its losses as government moves to scrap costly and inefficient electronic health records project
 11.5.2012   Woman gets life sentence for murder of her four children
 10.5.2012   Bikes for Africa project attracts hundreds of donors in first four months
 10.5.2012   Israeli author Tom Segev launches Czech translation of his Simon Wiesenthal biography
 9.5.2012   Hockey specialist: Czech team at worlds has been underwhelming, will have to dig deep
 9.5.2012   Mucha family voices concerns as Slav Epic goes on display in Prague
 7.5.2012   French voters in Czech Republic favor conservative Sarkozy over winner Hollande
 4.5.2012   Czech parties struggle with first ever presidential primaries
 3.5.2012   Czechs top global addictions index, says Bloomberg - nonsense, say health workers
 3.5.2012   Farmers announce protests over plans to slash diesel tax rebates and new wine tax
 2.5.2012   National Museum’s mystery boxes not to be subjected to CT-scan
 2.5.2012   New education minister inherits a difficult situation
 30.4.2012   Government wins confidence but its position weakens
 27.4.2012   Political analyst: corruption is like a cancer that destroys the working of the state
 26.4.2012   Learning Czech at UC Berkeley
 26.4.2012   Karolína Peake says her new political force is here to stay
 25.4.2012   Legendary Pražský výběr returns
 25.4.2012   Unions promise a protest that's going to hurt
 24.4.2012   Political analyst: centre-right parties may self-destruct
 24.4.2012   Centre-right coalition faces confidence vote following departure of Public Affairs
 23.4.2012   Thousands call on government to step down
 20.4.2012   Czech government’s future remains uncertain after party split
 19.4.2012   Prague conference explores role of culture in diplomacy
 19.4.2012   Kupka’s Shape of Blue sets new Czech art auction record
 18.4.2012   Domestic vintners outraged over planned introduction of wine tax
 18.4.2012   Peake quits Public Affairs
 17.4.2012   Pirate Parties in Prague set sails for Europe-wide political success
 17.4.2012   Pundit: Public Affairs has no future with or without Vít Bárta
 16.4.2012   Government vows no cuts in this year’s foreign aid budget
 13.4.2012   Czech MPs Bárta, Škárka sentenced in bribery case
 12.4.2012   22nd edition of Prague Writers’ Festival brings international literature greats like Hanif Kureishi to Czech capital
 12.4.2012   Business analyst: government’s austerity plans should not undercut growth
 11.4.2012   Government reaffirms commitment to extensive fiscal reforms
 11.4.2012   Exhibitions & street art a part of Czech cultural season in London
 10.4.2012   Berdych puts Czechs through to Davis Cup semi-final
 10.4.2012   Coalition leaders likely to reach deal on government’s future
 6.4.2012   Political pundit: Abolishing three ministries merely attempt at distracting attention from government’s real problems
 5.4.2012   New initiative calls for probe into links between politics and organized crime
 5.4.2012   Latest storm in coalition government leaves junior party weakened and divided
 4.4.2012   Analyst: early elections not to advantage of any of the coalition parties
 4.4.2012   Public Affairs put themselves and the government on the edge of collapse
 3.4.2012   Merkel’s former academic boss: “Angela is what we call a constant of motion”
 3.4.2012   German chancellor non-confrontational on EU fiscal compact during visit to Czech capital
 2.4.2012   Major health care reforms take effect
 30.3.2012   Czech top court caps lucrative debt collecting business
 29.3.2012   In hockey league playoffs, Kometa Brno shine bright
 29.3.2012   Public Affairs: new education minister will need manoeuvring room in face of difficult tasks
 28.3.2012   Survey: Nearly one in two Czech women have experienced domestic abuse
 28.3.2012   Czech government pays lip service to referendum calls
 27.3.2012   Czech Mint issues commemorative medal in honor of late president Václav Havel
 27.3.2012   Embattled former mayor suspends party membership
 26.3.2012   Controversial Prague lobbyist charged with bodily harm; may face further charges connected to wire tap scandal
 23.3.2012   Fresh wiretap scandal shows lobbyist’s influence over Prague City Hall
 22.3.2012   Education Minister Josef Dobeš resigns “over budget cuts”
 22.3.2012   Government renames airport after Havel, but botches translation
 21.3.2012   Concert, screening at Prague’s Lucerna to mark day against racism
 21.3.2012   End of an era for Czech Constitutional Court?
 20.3.2012   Eggs in short supply following new EU directive on laying hen welfare
 20.3.2012   Police warn investigations will suffer if next year’s budget cuts go through
 19.3.2012   Pundit: Citizens’ initiative calling for resignation of government indicates a new level of public frustration
 16.3.2012   New slat armour to be used on additional Czech military vehicles in Afghanistan
 15.3.2012   Recording of Nico’s 1985 illegal Brno concert comes out on vinyl
 15.3.2012   Olympic House in London to highlight Czech arts, culture & sport
 14.3.2012   Party game challenges players to change lousy lifestyles
 14.3.2012   Week of Charter 77 marks 35-year-anniversary of the anti-communist human rights manifesto
 13.3.2012   Facebook opens up new ways of communication to senior citizens
 13.3.2012   Government officials at odds over country’s export strategy
 12.3.2012   Czech politicians offer different interpretations of left-wing landslide in Slovakia
 9.3.2012   Bárta trial adjourns after an ugly week
 8.3.2012   “Radioactivists” – a documentary at the One World festival explores Japanese protests in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster
 8.3.2012   The Czech Republic investigates the impact of Poland's "saltgate"
 7.3.2012   Protest, rebellion, revolt – Arab Spring takes center stage at the One World International Human Rights Film Festival 2012
 7.3.2012   Study warns of possible new attacks against Roma as neo-Nazi movement gains traction
 6.3.2012   Daily Telegraph: Prague fourth best city for young expat life
 6.3.2012   Trade union group fears that government cuts will weaken stagnant Czech economy
 5.3.2012   De-facto leader of Public Affairs stands trial for corruption
 2.3.2012   Czech Republic and Britain alone withhold signatures from EU treaty
 1.3.2012   Brno's Villa Tugendhat reopens after two year renovation
 1.3.2012   Fate of education reforms unclear after week of student protests
 29.2.2012   Study: Obesity, smoking and drug abuse on the rise among Czech adolescents
 29.2.2012   Leading economist on austerity package: public sector still squandering money
 28.2.2012   Analysis Results – new Krištof Kintera exhibit perplexes and provokes
 28.2.2012   Students continue protests over university reform proposals
 27.2.2012   Finance minister tells Czechs to brace for succession of lean years
 24.2.2012   Cakes for freedom – tongue-in-cheek happening to support artist facing controversial prison sentence kicks off in Prague
 23.2.2012   Pundit: battle over control of High State Attorney’s Office in Prague decisive for country’s democratic development
 23.2.2012   Change of guard at High State Attorney’s Office in Prague in drawn-out battle for control of decisive post
 23.2.2012   Scattered oversight: the gaping loopholes in Czech public servant conflict of interest laws
 22.2.2012   Ambitious exhibition project “Other Air” brings surrealist art to Prague
 22.2.2012   Czech MEP intervenes on Tymoshenko’s behalf
 21.2.2012   Radioactive Waste Depository Authority launches multi-million-crown incentive to win over municipalities for possible nuclear waste sites
 21.2.2012   Survey shows drinking among 16-year-olds on rise
 20.2.2012   Prague and London launch initiative to deepen common European market
 17.2.2012   Director Miloš Forman turns 80
 16.2.2012   Corruption joins Czech landmarks in satirical tourist campaign
 16.2.2012   Government moves to give crime victims more support and greater protection
 15.2.2012   Constitutional Court defies EU with ruling on Czech-Slovak pensions
 15.2.2012   Czech soldier in Afghanistan decorated for bravery
 14.2.2012   Baroque Bohemian Carnevale recreating centuries-old tradition long lost
 14.2.2012   Police crack down on women’s branch of Czech neo-Nazi movement
 13.2.2012   Roma kids from special schools put Czech education system to shame in Great Britain
 10.2.2012   EU human rights court rules Czech state denied Kinský fair trial in property restitution case
 9.2.2012   Czech lighting producer Preciosa aims to expand on US, Russian markets
 9.2.2012   Czech Parliament passes direct presidential elections
 8.2.2012   Nuclear Faith: Documentary explores Czechs’ trust in nuclear energy
 8.2.2012   Legislators approve changes covering denial of fatherhood
 7.2.2012   American hockey players discuss tenure with Sparta Prague
 7.2.2012   PM tells European-bound Czech exporters to look further afield