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28-9-2020, 20:58 UTC
[30.04.2020 16:56 UTC] Daniela Lazarová
Russian foreign minister: The idea of Russia assassinating Czech politicians “inconceivable”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said the idea of Russia sending an agent to assassinate Czech politicians is “inconceivable”.

Speaking at a press briefing in Moscow on Thursday, Mr. Lavrov said that if the authorities had information that a given passenger was carrying a deadly poison in his luggage they should have prevented the given individual entering the country.

The Russian foreign minister made the announcement in reference to an article in the weekly Respekt which wrote last week that according to unnamed security sources a Russian agent had allegedly travelled to Prague a few weeks ago with a suitcase containing the highly potent toxin called ricin, possibly to be used against Czech politicians who have angered the Kremlin.

The weekly linked the story to earlier reports that the mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hrib and the mayor of Prague 6 Ondřej Kolář, who ordered the removal of Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev from the district’s premises, had been given police protection.

Minister Lavrov said Moscow was waiting to enter into a dialogue with Prague on the statue’s removal, which they considered a gross violation of the 1993 treaty between the two countries.