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28-9-2020, 22:19 UTC
[08.04.2020 10:16 UTC] Tom McEnchroe
Nearly three-quarters of businesses see government coronavirus support measures as insufficient, survey shows

Government packages and support measures aimed at helping the Czech economy during the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus crisis are seen as insufficient by 72 percent of businesses, a survey conducted by the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic revealed on Wednesday. Since the crisis began, nearly a third of Czech businesses have been forced to decrease production by more than 20 percent, while one in ten have had to end production completely. Despite the difficult situation, close to a half of all respondents said that they do not plan to lay off a single employee, fearing the prospect of lacking skilled labour once the crisis dissipates.

However, they need government emergency schemes such as salary contributions to be paid out in as short a time as possible, says Confederation of Industry President Jaroslav Hanák.