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27-11-2020, 00:14 UTC
[10.03.2020 13:36 UTC] Brian Kenety
Prague, regional city housing prices up 6.9 pct on average in 3Q19

Average housing prices in Prague and large regional cities grew by 6.9 percent year on year in the third quarter of 2019, to CZK 60,700 per square metre, a study by the consultancy Deloitte shows.

The biggest price increases were in Zlín (+18.9 percent), Ústí nad Labem (+15.7 percent) and Hradec Králové (+13.3 percent). Prices dropped most in Olomouc (-6.2 percent), Brno (-4.3 percent) and Pardubice (-1.8 percent).

Prague housing prices stood at CZK 85,400 per square metre on average in the third quarter. The average price of a new apartment in Prague has risen by 90 percent since mid-2015, Deloitte says.

The most expensive apartments were sold in Prague 1 (CZK 141,000 per sqm) and Prague 2 (CZK 116,100 per sqm). The cheapest were in Prague 9 (CZK 75,300 per sqm) and Prague 4 (CZK 76,000 per sqm).