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26-11-2020, 23:51 UTC
[09.03.2020 6:30 UTC] Ian Willoughby
New coronavirus measures now in place in Czech Republic

New measures aimed at combating the spread of the new coronavirus were introduced in the Czech Republic on Monday morning. Police, fire and customs officer have begun carrying out random temperature tests of drivers at 10 border crossings. Information leaflets in Czech, German English are being handed out to motorists entering the country.

The Czech News Agency reported that general practitioners could expect full waiting rooms on Monday as people following government guidelines returned after the weekend from holidays in Italy.

The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the Czech Republic stands at 32. The minister of health, Adam Vojtech, said 141 people had been tested for the infection on Sunday out of a total of nearly 1,000. The country’s first three coronavirus cases were announced eight days ago.