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27-11-2020, 00:20 UTC
[01.03.2020 16:04 UTC] Daniela Lazarová
First three cases of coronavirus infection reported in Czech Republic

The Czech health minister has confirmed the first three cases of coronavirus infection in the Czech Republic. All three are in Prague’s Bulovka hospital, one was transported there from Usti nad Labem, north of Prague.

One of the infected is a 67-year-old Czech man who recently returned from a conference in Udine, Italy. The other is a 34-year-old Czech man who holidayed at a ski resort in Italy with his family. He travelled back by car together with his wife and four children. The whole family has been quarantined. The third infected is a 21-year-old American studying in Milan. She came to the Czech Republic together with her friend from Ecuador, who also has health problems. Her first test has come out negative.

It is not yet clear how many other people that the three came into contact with will be quarantined. None of the patients are reported to be in serious condition.