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28-9-2020, 23:20 UTC
[18.02.2020 12:48 UTC] Brian Kenety
Median poll: Civic Dems now polling ahead of Pirates

The Civic Democrats are now polling ahead of the Pirate Party and would finish second if parliamentary elections were held in January, according to the Median agency.

The ANO party of PM Andrej Babiš retains a commanding lead in the polls, and would capture 30 percent of the vote, the agency says. The Civic Democrats would gain 14 percent of the vote and the Pirates 11.5 percent.

That represents a 1.5 percentage point rise in support for the Civic Democrats since November and a 1 pp drop for the Pirates, according to Median’s projections.

The Communists would place fourth (at 8 percent), the Freedom and Direct Democracy fifth (at 7.5 percent), the Social Democrats sixth (at 7 percent), the Independents and Mayors seventh (at 6 percent), and the Christian Democrats eighth (at 5 percent).

TOP 09 (at 4.5 percent) would fall 0.5 pp shy of the threshold to enter parliament. The Greens and new Tricolour party are both polling at 2 percent.