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28-9-2020, 23:13 UTC
[01.02.2020 12:43 UTC] Brian Kenety
Czechs begin eighth annual alcohol-free ‘Dry February’

The group Liga otevřených mužů (League of Open Men) on Saturday launched its eight “Dry February” campaign to encourage Czechs to abstain from alcohol for the month. Potential benefits include higher energy levels, and better sleep and sex, the group says.

The “Dry February” campaign initially focused on Czech men, who drink on average at least three times as much as women. In has become more focused on education so that people also realise the risks associated with regular alcohol use.

Czechia has among the highest rates of alcohol consumption per capita worldwide. Health statistics show almost 1 million Czechs are at risk of alcohol abuse, while associated costs exceed CZK 59 billion annually.

According to Liga otevřených mužů, last year about 6 percent of adults accepted the call to refrain from drinking during February.