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27-11-2020, 00:03 UTC
[29.01.2020 15:37 UTC] Tom McEnchroe
Czech company Respilon claims to have developed facemask that can catch and destroy coronavirus particles

Respilon, a facemask developer based in the Moravian city of Brno says it will start producing facemasks capable of not just capturing, but also destroying coronavirus particles. The latter is apparently possible due to special nanoparticles of copper oxide in the mask, Respilon director Roman Zima said at a press announcement on Wednesday.

The masks should start being produced in two weeks’ time in cooperation with an Israeli company and could be available for purchase in six to eight weeks for a price ranging in tens of crowns.

In cooperation with universities and other companies, Respilon develops nanofibers which are then sent to China, where they are assembled into facemasks and respirators. These are then distributed to countries in Asia, America and Europe. However, due to the situation surrounding the coronavirus in China, the company director says it is apparently impossible to access its mask supplies there.