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26-1-2021, 15:38 UTC
[24.01.2020 15:19 UTC] Daniela Lazarová
IT specialists organize hackathon to produce online sales system for electronic vignettes

IT specialists from around the country will be taking part in a hackathon to produce an online sales system for electronic vignettes over the weekend, following the scrapping of an overpriced deal negotiated by the former transport minister.

Hundreds of IT specialists are said to have volunteered to take part in the endeavour to produce a functional online sales system which they will offer the government free of charge.

The hackathon is due to start at 6pm on Friday and according to its organizer ,IT specialist and entrepreneur Tomáš Vondráček, they should produce and online system by Monday morning.

The government's IT commissioner Vladimír Dzurilla has said the government appreciates the assistance and will put it to the best possible use.