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29-5-2020, 03:40 UTC
Current Affairs
 29.5.2020   Maria Theresa
 28.5.2020   Czech government moves to granting medical marijuana production licences to multiple growers
 28.5.2020   Czech state to provide loan for nuclear unit due to launch in 2037
 28.5.2020   Polyxena of Pernstein and Lobkowitz
 27.5.2020   Czech experts recognised for water project aimed at returning landscape to mid-19th century
 27.5.2020   Official: Covid-19 not primary cause of death in 60 percent of those who have died with disease
 27.5.2020   Finance Ministry plans to hike cigarette taxes, revamp popular meal vouchers (stravenky) benefit scheme
 27.5.2020   Agnes of Bohemia
 26.5.2020   Czech government reopens borders sooner than planned, special regime with Slovakia
 26.5.2020   Exhibition of facemasks at Prague’s National Museum
 26.5.2020   Abbess Mlada
 25.5.2020   Princess Ludmila
 25.5.2020   In memoriam: Charter 77 spokeswoman, novelist and ‘enemy of the state’ Zdena Tominová
 25.5.2020   “Having 10 percent of guests does not even cover running costs” – Czech hotels face year of low demand
 24.5.2020   Czech heroines: prominent Czech women past and present
 22.5.2020   People in Need providing help amid coronavirus crisis
 22.5.2020   Darkov coal mine in spotlight amid sudden coronavirus outbreak
 21.5.2020   Božena Němcová’s home restored for bicentennial of “Babička” author’s birth
 21.5.2020   Website puts spotlight on waves of Czechoslovaks interned in notorious Soviet Gulag
 20.5.2020   Czech musicians among cultural sectors most affected by coronavirus measures, DAMU/VŠE says
 20.5.2020   Prague’s Loreto gets new bell chime for first time in more than century
 19.5.2020   First ever Indo-European settlement discovered on Czech Territory
 19.5.2020   Holiday destinations slowly taking shape as coronavirus epidemic declines in Europe
 18.5.2020   How can foreigners travel to Czech Republic at present – and what may future hold?
 18.5.2020   Czech Roma returning from Britain due to Covid-19 fears, bureaucratic delays
 15.5.2020   Czech women might finally be allowed to drop the suffix -ová
 15.5.2020   First ever fully virtual festival Animayo to feature leading Czech game developers
 15.5.2020   What is EU’s strategy for the Eastern Partnership and how will it be affected by coronavirus?
 14.5.2020   In Memoriam: Miloslav Stingl – Czech traveller, ethnographer and chief of Indian tribe
 14.5.2020   Czech medical students say giving a helping hand in COVID 19 crisis was“valuable experience”

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