Sunday Music Show

Singer Ida Kelarová finds inspiration in her Romany roots

23-11-2014 02:01 | Daniela Lazarová

Ida Kelarová, photo: archive of Radio Prague Singer Ida Kelarová is a singer, musician and choirmaster who performs some of the best Romany music to come out of the Czech Republic. But, ironically it was many years before she learnt of her Romany origin and was able to fully connect with her legacy.  More

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22-11-2014 02:01 | Daniela Lazarová

Dominik Feri, photo: archive of TOP 09 In Magazine: a newly-elected councilor says his political success has resulted in a lot of bad hair days, Czechs like flirting in the workplace, curvy girls strip off in support of the fight against teenage anorexia and the country’s second richest man enjoys a communist-era “retro” lunch on the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution.  More

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Letter from Prague

Becoming Richard

22-11-2014 02:01 | Ian Willoughby

Illustrative photo: archive of Czech Radio My freshly acquired driving license gives my name as Ian Richard Willoughby. That is indeed what appears on my birth certificate. But strangely my middle name Richard, having played virtually no role in the first half of my life, has come to the fore in the second half, spent here in the Czech Republic.  More

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Czech Books

Irena Eliášová: a song to raise your spirits

22-11-2014 02:01 | David Vaughan

Irena Eliášová, photo: David Vaughan The poet, playwright and novelist Irena Eliášová spent her early childhood in a Romany village in south-western Slovakia. The memory of this time has become the defining experience in her writing. But Irena does not write just about the lost world of her childhood in the 1950s and 60s. She has also written powerfully and poignantly about the life of Roma in the Czech Republic today. Yet even when she writes about the present, her work is permeated with a sense of family and community that also draws us back to an older world of Roma tradition. David Vaughan meets one of the Czech Republic’s foremost Romany writers.  More

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Former Prague slaughterhouse turned into new theatre and centre for experimental art

21-11-2014 15:58 | Jan Velinger

Photo: archive of Jatka 78 Earlier this month, Cirk La Putyka (one of the Czech Republic’s most acclaimed New Circus companies) and project manager Štepan Kubišta launched Jatka 78, a new theatre and experimental multi-media centre expected to bring new possibilities and new work to the Czech theatre and art scenes.  More

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The revolutionary year 1989 and life under communism – in games

19-11-2014 15:52 | Jan Velinger

Photo: GMT games Máme holé ruce (Our hands are empty) and Havel na Hrad (Havel to the Castle): those are just two of many slogans to be forever associated with the Velvet Revolution, which began 25 years ago this week in Czechoslovakia, eventually toppling the communist regime. Those slogans also feature on the box of a highly-acclaimed board game based on those turbulent days called 1989: Dawn of Freedom. Created by Chicago-based designer Ted Torgerson the title, aptly enough, saw its Czech release earlier this year. More

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Czech Life

Michael Žantovský on his new book “Havel”

15-11-2014 02:01 | Dominik Jůn

Michael Žantovský, photo: CTK Michael Žantovský is the author of a newly published book on the former Czech president simply entitled “Havel” available in both Czech and English. He is one of a few members of the former Civic Forum movement still active in public life, currently serving as the Czech Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Back in 1990, he became a press spokesperson for the new president Václav Havel. From 1992-97, he served as ambassador to the United States. He has also served as Czech Ambassador to Israel, been elected to the Czech Senate, and worked as a translator of both fiction and non-fiction English works. More

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Business News

21-11-2014 15:23 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Barbora Kmentová In Business News this week: finance ministry to commission multi-billion crown deal on electronic sales register without open competition, number of companies on taxpayers blacklist growing, CEZ eyes Slovakia’s leading power company and Czech Airlines...  More

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Czech central bank preparing to tighten its policy on mortgage loans

21-11-2014 14:34 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: archive of Radio Prague The central bank is preparing to tighten its policy on mortgage loans as of next year, the daily Hospodarské Noviny reports. Although it is not yet clear what form the restrictions may take Czech banks will no longer be prepared to cover the full cost...  More


Current Affairs

Kiev, unhappy with recent pro-Russian statements by president, summons Czech ambassador

21-11-2014 15:07 | Jan Velinger

Miloš Zeman, photo: CTK Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry summoned Czech Ambassador to Kiev on Thursday to ask for an explanation regarding unspecified statements by Czech President Miloš Zeman. In a recent interview for Russian television, the head-of-state described the situation...  More

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Tackling the Czech Republic's poor air quality

20-11-2014 15:19 | Dominik Jůn

Photo: František Tichý November saw the release of an annual government-commissioned report on the state of the environment in the Czech Republic. While the gist of the report maintained that a number of factors continued to improve, including water quality and canalisation,...  More

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In Focus

Website spotlights Prague’s hidden treasures

18-11-2014 16:25 | Ruth Fraňková

Na Slatinách, photo: ŠJů, CC BY-SA 3.0 If you think you know pretty much everything there is to see in Prague, you should definitely visit the website Praha neznámá or Prague Unknown. As the title suggests, it focuses on the lesser known historical, architectural and natural sights in the...  More

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A tale of two towns and their post-communist transformation

17-11-2014 02:01 | Jan Richter

Mikulov, photo: archive of Radio Prague The Czech Republic is marking 25 years since the start of the Velvet Revolution which toppled the communist regime. The country has since undergone a dramatic transformation from totalitarianism to a free-market democracy, affecting virtually all areas...  More

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